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In this article that was sent to me, scientists are puzzled with an observation that they had made showing a possible relation between one chronic disease to another chronic health problem. So the question has come up: “Could there be something common that causes chronic diseases in our body?”

Here is the article:

The article starts with a statement: “Alzheimer’s Could Actually Start Elsewhere in The Body And Not The Brain, Says Study “

I am used to nonsensical statements but this one is definitely on the top of my list.

Alzheimer’s disease is a chronic problem of the brain and when our brain malfunctions it presents particular symptoms like a loss of memory which is the case of the Alzheimer’s disease. This disease is created and manifests itself only in the brain. Looking for its ruts in the liver, colon or anywhere else is ridiculous, but the scientists are finally awakening and this is a revolutionary news.

What is the sign of their awakening?

The fact that they are acknowledging that when one chronic disease manifested itself, there are dramatic changes present within the whole body and not only in the organ that shows the symptoms.

This is what I am writing about past 15 years. Chronic diseases do not exist. What we call a chronic disease is a symptom our body shows when dealing with a toxic overload.

Depending on the part of the body that shows a symptom of health problem, we give it a label (name) and proclaim it to be a disease.

Then we separate those diseases and we try to suppress their symptoms. Since different organs can be suppressed in different ways we have created a variety of toxic suppressants we call the medications. Those medicaments further aggravate the health problems but because the symptoms have been suppressed by toxic remedies we are not aware of it until real damage occurs and those toxic suppressants cannot suppress the symptoms any more. In this case, we proclaim that autoimmune problem has occurred and there is nothing further that can be done.

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The backbone of every health problem is toxic, dehydrated and acidic cells in our body. To a great majority of people, the culprit to this cellular state is a toxic dehydrated blood.

When the blood is low on water and electrolytes, it cannot be cleansed because for removal of toxins, water is necessary and ionic concentration of the blood has to be maintained so that the electrical current can flow properly. Unless there is an abundance of both the water and the electrolytes, the cleansing of the blood cannot be achieved.

When the blood is toxic, our cells do not want to hydrate unless it is absolutely necessary so if there is an organ that has to perform more than others it will get polluted faster and it will start to show the symptoms of a chronic disease.

This is why people show different symptoms of health problems even if they have the same level of blood pollution, but as one organ starts to show a symptom of a chronic disease the rest of the body is dealing with the same problem of pollution and similar cellular response will be present.

This is why it is wrong to say for example, that a cellular problem that occurred in the liver is influencing malfunctioning of the brain.

This is the same wrong logic that tells us how diabetes causes circulatory problems in the body.

Both diabetes and the poor blood circulation are caused by cellular changes created under the influence of insulin irritation and the reason why the insulin is occurring in the blood is our wrong diet which allows the glucose loaded food to enter our blood.

Feeling a little humorous post-Labor Day? Caption this cartoon and win.

Blaming one disease to be the cause of another disease is pure stupidity.

Only by understanding the truth we can help the body to heal itself. Unfortunately, the mislead “scientists” cause way more problems than what they solve.

Here is another scientific “brilliance”:

In this article, our “experts” are suggesting that we load ourselves with Aspirin to prevent cancer.

The only beneficiaries of this would be the doctors and the pharmaceutical complex. Furthermore, this article shows us how little do our “experts” understand what is cancer and are using a fear of it to force people to medicate themselves unnecessarily.

I have explained through my articles that medicinal remedies are toxic and the pharmaceutical drugs are straight out lethal.

One may argue that the Aspirin is not lethal, but it is a medicinal (toxic) remedy which prevents the cellular hydration, dehydrates the body and prevents blood coagulation which will have a strong deteriorating effect on peoples health. Aspirin can be utilized as medicine to suppress the cellular activity if there is a need for it.

For example, if you have a headache due to the fever. In this case, you take Aspirin with water to induce sweating and this way you reduce the fever and eliminate a headache, but taking the Aspirin daily for extended periods of time is very unhealthy and causes premature deterioration of the body.

Cancer is not a disease, it is the symptom of a dehydrated, toxic, and energy depleted body. Cleanse the body and reestablish the proper energy level and cancer will disappear.

My friend Chris will argue by telling that he has tried everything possible to help his father to heal from cancer but he forgets that healing will not take a place if there is no will to live.

We have to be responsible for our actions and not wait blindly for a miracle to occur.

If you want to be healthy, Follow the Self Healers Protocol. If you are not willing to do your part, do not blame others for your shortcomings.

Sometimes the road is shaky but if you persist, the results will follow.

Love and light to us all.



  1. Everything boils down to the same thing. We must be fully hydrated at all times to be healthy.
    Thank you Darko for the continuous reminders!!
    Hugs, Penny

  2. People can eat well and exercise and still have health issues. In some situations it has nothing to do with doing your part but problem can also be when doctors choose to withhold diagnosis and prescribe damaging drugs off label and without conscious informed consent.

  3. Hi darko excellent article detoxification is very important now in this toxic world but i want to ask you about other way of detox like juicing and drinking water with lemon what your thought about them ?

    1. karim, those methods are very superficial and do not achieve the objective. There cannot be detox on the cellular level without the water and sea salt, and medicinal remedies have to be avoided.

  4. hi there darko,
    re: “Sometimes the road is shaky but if you persist, the results will follow.”
    QUOTE: “the path to Nirvana is never big and safe, but tricky and steep…and if you walk only on sunny days you will never reach your destination”…le ly hayslip
    love and light to you too brother….

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