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An outbreak of another virus has been reported recently that has Dr’s & Scientists dumbfounded. What could possibly be the cause? Why has it “spread” so quickly?

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Is is accidental that all the children that contracted recent sickness were previously vaccinated???

For any true natural Dr who knows the influence of the celestial bodies and the annual rhythms of the lunar year this is easy to explain.
Join us this Saturday to see what’s in the air, why people are NOT Getting SICK, how to predict upcoming behavior and what you can do to benefit yourselves and your loved ones these coming weeks of September.

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India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Clive de Carle, as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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Recap, after the show.

To be able to remove the fear of virus infection we have to understand what is virus at the first place. In previous progr4ams we have explained that virus will appear in our body  with the right circumstances. Our body is loaded with microscopic live particles that are hundred times smaller than our cells. Those particles we call somas or micro-somas. They can only be seen with sophisticated microscope. I call them the dust cleaners because they live by ingesting small amounts of organic matter that floats in the blood and it is by-product of cellular cleansing. As the environment changes and the organic matter increases in volume and its size micro-soma cannot efficiently ingest them and this triggers change in micro-soma. They start to merge and form bigger form that we call virus. If the environment changes further than micro-soma changes further into bacteria or fungi. Once when these forms occur they can be spread from one organism to another. To be able to survive in another organism they have to encounter same or similar environment as was the environment that produced them. Since we are eating improper foods we have adequate environment and they will thrive.

Medical science is concentrating on destruction of those viruses and is not capable to deal with them because they invade our cells and to destroy them we would have to destroy our cells first. This would be tragic for us.

Understanding what is required for virus formation instead of waging the war we can simply change the environment and prevent virus to inhabit it. So how do we go about it?

We can dramatically decrease the amount of organic matter in our blood and our cells by simply introducing more oxygen to them. Add few drops of hydrogen-peroxide 33% food grade solution to every glass of drinking water or drink ozonated water.

Start eating real food (non processed) and eat it in fresh and raw state as all the rest of life world is doing.

Hydrate to help flush unwanted organic matter out from your body.

We have to be aware that most of the pathogen micro organisms are produced in military laboratories. Biological war fare is forbidden so how come that US military labs experiment and stockpile these agents???

Now they are “mysteriously” appearing in public engendering lives. So that they can be controlled they are spread in attenuated (less active) form. By scaring the public natural immune system is deactivated and vaccines are promoted as the best line of defense.

Vaccines are used to further spread the disease and to further debilitate  our bodies because they are full of biological trash and poisons. All the children being affected with EV-68 have been previously vaccinated.

Recently in India over 65 000 children has been paralyzed after receiving polio vaccine that was supposed to protect them from this to happen.

No matter what, do not accept to be vaccinated. Take responsibility for your health and do not leave it in the hands of those that work for money because money comes first. Educate yourself by not trusting anything that comes from the mouth of politicians nor is politically supported. If you see it on TV or News Paper it is most likely a lie.

Take back your power.

Love and light.



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