Open Wide and say HUH???????!!

 The Owners’ Manual for the Human Body–HEALTH SOLUTIONS: Displacing Dental Dogma

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The question is “are our dentists truly working towards ACTUAL dental health and healing our mouths and our teeth?
If you happen to be under the impression that drilling the tooth and filing it with toxic materials is curing or even helping anything, you are greatly mistaken.

We are being told that brushing our teeth with toxic fluoridated toothpaste is the only way to keep our mouth healthy yet we all suffer from tooth decay; yet wild animals that never clean their teeth have perfect teeth and healthy gums.

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What causes tooth de-key and inflammation of gums. How do we prevent it? And what are the mistakes our dentists make that endanger our health?

We take a bite out of the dental dogma today!


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India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados),, Clive de Carle,  as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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Recap, after the show.

There is more and more evidence that the procedures practiced by dentists are detrimental to our health. This is the result of our schooling system that is oriented towards corporatism that serves few on the expense of many.  Same as general medicine the procedures are concentrating on dealing with symptom and suppressing it.

Inflamed gums, food that is stuck between the teeth and lack of dental hygiene are not the cause of carries. All oral problems are caused by dehydration and cause of the dehydration is toxic environment in our body. Sounds familiar?

As our body gets polluted it requires more water and salt to be able to cleanse. If that is not available our blood becomes toxic. Toxic blood prevents cellular hydration and the whole body becomes polluted.

As far as teeth goes they are bones. Bones are exposed to high pressures and occasionally develop fractures. Those are being dealt with by bone cells dissolving and rebuilding week spots. For this they need alkaline buffer. If we eat starchy foods we acidify our blood. Since our blood has to maintain alkalinity buffers are being taken from bones (teeth included) to keep the blood alkaline. The bones loose the ability to sediment calcium to rebuild themselves because their alkaline buffer is missing and problems occur.

This shows that problems appear in our body in many places simultaneously but we tend to pay attention only to those that are bothering us and cause discomfort and pain.  Focusing on our gums will not help our teeth unless we realize that symptomatic treatment is not the answer. At the same time drilling our teeth and filling them with toxic fillings makes things worst.

Prevention is the right way to go. Do not eat starches and sugars. Soft drinks are the worst especially Coca Cola. It is abrasive and loaded with sugar.

Inflamed and sensitive gums, receding gums and caries itself are signs of dehydration and instead numbing them down or drilling the teeth we should change diet and hydrate our body. Infection caused by inability of our cells to protect themselves (because of their acidity caused by dehydration) can be helped with colloidal silver and hydrogen peroxide. Oil pulling can also be beneficial.

Root canal is the worst thing that dentist can do. By killing the nerve the self healing and regenerating ability of your tooth is gone. Such tooth cannot fix cracks and slowly disintegrates. As a dead tissue it is prone to infections causing inflammations and pain.

Next time instead of drilling the tooth, look for awakened dentist that will heal it.

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  1. Hello dear Darko

    Im curious that when pulp of tooth(root canal) is infected the pain is extremely high and we directly go to dentist and as such they just kills our nerve teeth and over.

    But my question is when we have root canals tooth in ours mouth, which is best method to keeps those teeth clears from infections and healthy(so they cannot cause harm in ours body) ?

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