Aging, why do we show our age so vividly?


What the cell is going on? You’re as old as you feel! In this weeks show we look at age, what it is and what it isn’t. We delve into the longevity chasm where everyone and his dog has a potion or product to keep you young. But how can you discern what will work? Is it all snake oil and exaggerated dreams? How is it that our elders are now our aged? How have they fallen from their position of nobility to one expected to lose their marbles and other bodily fluids. What is aging? Can it really be halted, slowed or even better…reversed? Tune in to explore the physical,mental, emotional & the spiritual, plus the science and the myths of growing old disgracefully. Its all here this saturday on What the Cell Is Going On? Your as Old as you Heal.

As natural progress of being aging has been accepted with a grain of salt. We were born and yes we have to die and during the process we are getting older and older but why this wrinkled skin, why those deformed joints, why the loss of flexibility, the loss of sexual desire, diseases and pain? Is this necessary? Is this normal? Is this by design or is there something we do to provoke this?
Modern medicine is telling us that this is how it has to be. It is attributed to our genetic code and to general wear and tear of our body. Our body is constructed of trillions cells that replace themselves frequently. Science found the answer, it is progressive damaging of cells and it was given a name “oxidative stress”. How brilliant, let’s blame oxygen for it. This will make it handy in explaining why not to use oxygen therapy or at least it will insert doubt in “educated” minds.
Our cells are being frequently changed as soon as their electric potential drops to certain level indicating that the cell has difficulty functioning. Scientists claim that new cell starts from the very beginning as damaged cell and this explains the cumulative expression as aging symptoms. Well if this is so, how come that 8 year old does not show signs of deterioration? He has changed his cells several times already. Mather of fact there are no signs of aging until we are 25 years old and in some individuals it happens much later than this.
Let’s stop listening to science and observe the nature. As animals in wild get older do you notice that they act differently than the young ones as far as stamina, flexibility and disease goes? The difference is hard to notice, it is almost nonexistent. So why is it that we show the signs of aging so strongly? Is it the age that is written all over us or is it dis-eased state of our body brought on us by our habits and way of living?

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Aging can be perceived from the cellular stand point or the spiritual one.

If we look at aging from the spiritual stand point than we have to take in the consideration findings of quantum mechanics as well as the messages told by gurus because our hypnotic mind is not capable to fully understand the creation in all its complexity.

From the spiritual viewpoint time does not exist. Everything is now. So if we live in now we do not age.

As humans we are paying more attention to what was and the rest of the time we spend thinking and elaborating of what could be and by doing so wa are creating time. The more we spend elaborating on what was and what will or could be the more time we are creating. This time is multi dimensional but we perceive it as linear; past, present and future.

More we elaborate on what is not now, more time we create and faster we age. This is why it is important to live in NOW and we will slow down aging by creating less time.

From a cellular aspect aging has been labeled as a consequence of oxidative stress.

As the time goes by our cells are getting progressively damaged and those damages reflect themselves in the way we look and we feel.

There is one problem with this theory an that is the fact that every 7 years we have brand new cells and the old ones are destroyed and cleansed out of our body.

If we follow the action of our cells we will realize that the secret of aging is related with genetic expression of our cells. Performance of our body depends of cellular activity and this activity has to be synchronized. Cells synchronize their action by communicating. This communication is done through genetic expression. Genes are positioned on DNA chain of chromosomes within our cells. The information is send through electromagnetic impulse pasted on photon of light created by oscillation od DNA.

Cells have to be able to receive all of the information send. They receive the information through their antennas that are positioned on the chromosome. We call them the telomeres. In young organisms the telomeres are long. Every division of the cell shortens the telomeres.

If that would be so than we would start aging as soon as we were born, but this is not what happens. Actually cells can produce hormone that will help to rebuild the telomeres in new cell. This hormone we call telomerase.

The question is why do our cells stop to produce telomerase. As everything else the reason is in our genes. Genetic activation and deactivation is caused by electromagnetic waves of the environment. It has been discovered that glucose has direct influence on the aging gene that we call the “sweet 16” gene.

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