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If the life gets boring we say “spice it up”.

This is exactly what we are doing when it comes to our diet.

For lot of people everyday living is full of problems and unhappy or plain boring experience. Eating becomes the favorite pass time so naturally we want to “spice it up” as well.

Spicing up the food does not make it just more interesting eating experience. It may ad to the digestibility of the food or reduce its toxic load. Sometimes mistakes are made because let’s face it, we are human.

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Tail of Lizard and Eye of Frog! Really? Is that  a spice or a remedy? With a little salt added or some spicy cayenne. A touch of ginger and a swirl of honey. Where does garlic fit in the lineup of natural remedies? The confusion around natural remedies is almost louder than the confusion of Big Pharma these days. Everyone has a remedy for something. Is pink salt truly better than grey salt? Or what about the browns? What makes the color anyway? Yes, all salt is sea salt. Table salt is just denatured sea salt, with most of the minerals removed and a few added ingredients where somebody had some additional waste product from another industrial process and decided to add it to salt. What role does the group of minerals called salt, play in our health and how can we use this as a remedy?

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 Then we will move on to a sparkling list of natural remedies. We’re past Big Pharma and Dr. Feelgood ”take 2 tablets and call me in the morning” style. What should be in your home alchemical pharmacy? Which spices and natural remedies keep the blood healthy and flowing and of course, healthy blood contributes to a healthy brain and a functional and energetic body – Cayenne, Cinnamon and Turmeric. We will touch on turpentine, the old remedy that eats that which may be eating you. We’ve had wonderful testimonials about turpentine for fungus, candida and weight loss. Turpentine? Yes, the tree oil. The old stand-by, Apple Cider Vinegar: When to take it, How to take it, What to take it for? How does one use honey as a healing remedy and which honey should we be using? Join us for a show that will increase your ability to be your own healer.

I hope that you will enjoy this radio show.

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India Irie, Sherri Fischer, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Cary Ellis, , Clive de Carle, l & Tony Kilvert as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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7Rbs8l1388767311Short recapitulation.

About the importance of salt in our diet we have been talking on almost every show. One cannot hydrate without it. There are still different opinions about how does the hydration mechanism work, (you can read about it in my book “The Owners Manual For The Human Body” it is less relevant to the fact that salt is crucial to proper hydration.

The question that is frequently asked is what is the best salt to be used and how much of it should we use during a day?

Since life started in the sea every creature that has left this environment has to carry it within. Our blood is very similar to sea water. It has the same salts and minerals. So when we chose salt there is no better way than drink diluted sea water. If that is not possible than use not refined natural sea salt. One of such salts goes by the name of Celtic salt.

Sea pollution brings the suspicion that sea salt may be polluted so entrepreneurs have started to sell gimmick of different “safer” alternatives of natural sea salt. They are sediment-ed salts frequently called rock salts claiming that they are even better and much safer because there was no human pollution when they were formed.

This is simply not true.

Salts are water soluble and in time lot of minerals that they contained will be washed a way. All sediment-ed salts are lo on magnesium, calcium and silica. The ratio of elements in those salts will vary depending on how much of what mineral was washed a way. So no matter what, fresh sea salt is superior.

As far as pollution goes, here they are wrong as well.

For example much promoted Himalayan salt is high on Barium and Bromine. Both of them highly toxic. Himalayan people are trading for sea salt because their salt make them sick. We are made to believe that Himalayan salt is pure. We do not feel ill effect of Himalayan salt because we get plenty of salt through processed foods but why to spend extra money on inferior mineral depleted salt that is toxic.

Beside this we are so polluted through processed foods and sickly that we cannot pinpoint the origin of toxins that make us sick.

Our civilization is less than 13 thousand years old. Before our times there were other civilizations with developed technology and who knows what kind of pollution did they cause. Also volcanic activity was much higher and that pollutes way more than human ever can.

As far as the amount of salt in daily consumption goes there is not set rule. For healthy human pinch of sea salt with glass of water is enough. If you want to hydrate well you have to increase the amount to quarter teaspoon per one liter of water. Ir you want to cleanse you have to increase the amount depending on what is the target of your cleanse.

As far as other food additives and remedies goes there was just brief mentioning on garlic and its neuro toxicity. The topic will continue next Saturday so pleas join us if this is where your interest lies.




2 thoughts on “SPICE your LIFE”

  1. I’m having trouble understanding some of this. I know you do not like most spices, and say they are toxic (like ginger). But Cinnamon, turmeric and cayenne are good spices? Most people say that turmeric is only good if its combined with black pepper because it enhances absorption of the curcumin, is that true?

    1. Chris, anything that alters the way cells behave is preventing cellular hydration. By doing so, it acidifies cells and in time creates various chronic health problems. If the cells are changing their behaviour it means that genetic expression was changed. This is never a good thing. Cinnamon accelerates the blood circulation, turmeric stops inflammation which is actually forced hydration initiated by the body when extra water is needed. Those are actions that can be used in an emergency to block a symptom that is bothering us but they should never be used as the food additives just because we like them.

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