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Most people as they age become forgetful. Our medical science has accepted that fact as something normal, something to be expected as a part of our aging process. Our science takes in the consideration of statistics as the norm and any deviation from this norm is considered an extraordinary circumstance. So if you happen to be 100 years old and you still have a good memory and clarity of thoughts you are considered to be lucky or a miracle.
The question is are those old and sane people lucky or miracles of nature, or are the rest of us having a health issue expressed in dementia?
If in doubt, we can always look to nature and observe wild animals.
What do we notice when observing animals in their natural environment?
First, we cannot distinguish the old animal from the younger one. As the herd goes, all the animals look to be healthy. They are alert and respond to their environment the same way. They all run with the same speed. There are no differences in their agility and endurance. They have no problem in determining what their food is, where to find their water and how to sense danger.  They do not get lost. The old birds just the same as the young ones will follow magnetic impulses during their migration and will get to the same place regardless of their age. It seems that the only animal that has a problem with memory, orientation and recognition as they age are are humans.
This is why we have to reject the “scientifically established medical norm” we are labelled with by our health “experts”. Losing our marbles is not a normal thing that happens as we age.
Dementia cartoons, Dementia cartoon, funny, Dementia picture, Dementia pictures, Dementia image, Dementia images, Dementia illustration, Dementia illustrations
Immediately the question springs to mind – so why are the great majority of people suffering from deteriorating mental health as they age?
The answer is very simple for everyone who is following this blog site. It all comes down to the wrong food and toxicity.
We must not forget that neurons are nerve cells. Since they are cells of our body, they will be affected with the environment of our body in the same way as our muscles, blood vessels or cells of our organs will. The same things that dehydrate and acidify those cells will dehydrate and acidify neurons as well.  So why are we even surprised when we become forgetful or lose concentration? Our eyesight has deteriorated, our joints ache, we have indigestion and hypertension, so why are we surprised that we cannot remember what we ate yesterday?
Many alternative medicine sites have just the thing you need to help your brain to remember and stay alert and focused. Just drink this juice, or take this supplement and you will be fine. That is a crock of s##t if you ask me!  If we do not change our diet and detoxify our blood, we cannot achieve any improvement as far as brain health is concerned.
For the brain to function normally, energy has to be readily available since the brain uses a lot of it to be able to transmit thoughts. In addition to this, the brain supplies energy to other organs and in this way coordinates their action.  Any lack of energy will have a wide range of consequences and the way that we are told to eat makes a steady energy supply to the brain an impossibility.
Yes, most of the energy the brain uses comes from the heart but because of the program we must obey we still need 30 % of the energy to be supplied through the food we eat. If this food is saturated fat and protein there is no problem. Neurons will maintain great numbers of mitochondria active and the supply of energy will not be interrupted no matter if we had the time to eat or not.  Our fat will provide the necessary triglyceride the mitochondria need to produce the required energy.
The same as in the cells of other organs and tissues, the problem starts when the body is flooded with glucose. 
When neurons are exposed to glucose they will do the same as the cells in the rest of the body. They will start to deactivate mitochondria to protect neurons from overcharging. The more we are glucose dependent, the less active the mitochondria remains within each neuron.
A neuron with a small amount of active mitochondria will produce an adequate amount of energy when glucose is supplied, but this only happens during and immediately after we eat since our body cannot store glucose and release it when glucose is needed.  This also means that our brain will have plenty of energy during our meal and about one hour from the time we ate.
If we do not eat again after an hour and a half, the neuron has depleted the energy and the only fuel the body can send is triglyceride.  Since there is a small amount of active mitochondria remaining in the neurones they cannot produce a sufficient amount of energy and the brain starts starving for energy.  We lose concentration, we become tired, exhausted and headaches may occur. Everybody has experienced those symptoms as we all eat the wrong foods.
Now if you add to this a low fat diet and statin drugs that prevent cholesterol formation, the neurons cannot repair their membranes and their myelin so their electrical insulation gets thin causing the electric leaks that express themselves in some people as the tremors we call Parkinson’s disease.
Under the influence of constant insulin irritation and inability to reinforce their membranes, or simply by making their membranes too dense , neurones become deprived of insulin  and now they cannot even produce energy from glucose. This can result in Alzheimer’s disease, but there are many other aspects that contribute to this disease.  In any case, glucose creates tremendous problems to proper functioning of the brain.
Dementia cartoons, Dementia cartoon, funny, Dementia picture, Dementia pictures, Dementia image, Dementia images, Dementia illustration, Dementia illustrations
This constant lack of energy in the brain makes us moody, irritable and unstable on the one hand and drowsy and depressed on the other.  Lately the scientists are pointing to the small active mitochondria within the neurons and agree that there lies the answer for many problems related to the brain activity and they are trying to figure out how to stimulate mitochondrial activation. Scientists  simply cannot believe that dietary glucose is connected to this problem. I have proven this on many clients and there is no doubt that dietary glucose is the culprit.
Since animals in the wild do not have the access to dietary carbohydrates, they do not show any problems related to dementia.
So if you have been told that you have age related dementia problems just read my book and follow the Self Healer’s Protocol and you will heal yourself. If you are presently on some medical poisons (medication) then contact me first before you start the protocol because there is no health recovery if medicaments are being used.
Love and light to us all.

The result of my latest experiment-DO WE STILL NEED TO EAT?

Rome, Italy - September 11, 2015: Unidentified people eating traditional italian food in outdoor restaurant in Trastevere district in Rome, Italy. Stock Photo - 54013774

“Do we still need to eat?”

This question may sound ridiculous to most so first I have to explain some things.

We are in the middle of drastic change of reprogramming. The whole Universe is changing and with it our Galaxy and our Solar system with all its diversity and life is changing as well. We have been reprogrammed and now we are going slowly through the process of activation.

Our science has a name for such change and calls it the Evolution.

Huge changes are happening. What has worked for thousands of years, now is crumbling. We can see this in politics, soon we will see this in banking system and then in general business as lies and deceits will no longer be sustainable and only honest business will have chance to flourish.

Our activation has started with the weakening of our brain filters so we are becoming more aware of what is going on around us. Many things will change as the activation of our new life experience progresses. One of the things that will change is the need for food. We will gradually lose the need to eat since the necessity to eat to be able to sustain our lives is a part of the old program.

Many people have noticed that they do not eat as much as they used to. Same happened to me so as I decided to cleanse after my last experiment, I also decided to see how much food do I have to eat to maintain my body healthy.

My normal weight is between 77 and 79 kilograms. I have gained some weight in my last experiment so I started my cleansing having 82 kilograms of weight.

I stopped eating and first three days all I had was water with sea salt. My body immediately started detoxifying. The symptoms of my detox were headache, fever and sweats.

First two kilograms of weight I have lost rapidly as most of it was just accumulated waste.

Fourth day, to suppress the hunger, I had a glass of freshly made grape juice. It worked like a charm. Hunger was gone so the fifth day as my headache diminished I started with my normal daily routine which involves going to the gym. and exercising for an hour.

So daily I was drinking approximately 2-3 litres of water with sea salt, for lunch I was having a glass of freshly made grape juice and I was losing approximately 300 grams of my fat daily.

Energy wise I was feeling ok. I noticed that I have the same power but I could not do the same amount of repetitions with weights as there was a slower energy build-up in my muscles.

When I have reached 75 kilograms all of the sudden my weight loss stopped. Even with my normal routine of exercising I was not losing more weight for about 4 days. I thought,this is great, I do not have to eat no more. Well this was not exactly the reality of things.

I must have been drinking more water so I did not notice the weight loss as it was happening until the 24th day of my fast when I noticed in the mirror that my muscles have shrunk quite a bit.

Diet, Health, Fitness, and Medical Cartoons | Randy Glasbergen - Today's Cartoon

When I checked my weight it was 74 kilograms. So that was the end of my experiment. I immediately started to eat again. I still had some belly fat but since there was no energy from fat available, my muscle cells basically eat themselves up. I noticed drop of strength and I could no longer lift the same amount of weight as before.

The interesting thing I noticed later. As I was again eating my breakfast shake with 3 raw eggs, coconut oil, yogurt and bananas, and had a piece of raw meat for lunch I continue losing weight and went down to 73.4 kilograms. Also I became hungry while exercising in the gym which never happened before.

Reason for this was lack of fat in my body. My muscles could rebuilt themselves with the food I was eating but no fat was left over to support my next day workout.

The small amount of belly fat that was still in my body is actually the brown fatty tissue that keeps us warm. Normally this brown adipose tissue uses the white fat (triglyceride) as heating fuel. Since there were no deposits of triglyceride left, my muscles were not fed during the exercise and I became hungry. It took me several days to overcome this by eating more fat and depositing more triglyceride in my body.

Now, the fourth day since I have started eating again, finally I feel normal again. No more hunger in the gym and my weight started to increase.

My meals are small. I drink one litre of water with sea salt first thing in the morning. I do my morning work on the Internet and then we go to the gym. After exercising we go to shop for food and return home around 11-12 am.

This is when we have our morning shake/breakfast. The lunch is at around 3 pm. and consists of some meat and sometimes salad is added. At 6 pm I have a glass of yogurt and sometimes a bit of fresh cheese.

This is really not much of food at all and it allows me to slowly gain weight again as my muscles are starting to rebuild themselves.

We definitely do not need a lot of food to eat but as I have proven, we still need to eat unless we reprogram our brain the way Yogi in India do.


When I lost some weight and had 78 kilograms I felt much lighter and more flexible. During the whole fast my urine was darker than usually and tasted acidic and bitter. My breath was unpleasant. This was all do to the toxins being expelled from my body. After the third week of fasting this started to normalise.

Now I feel fantastic. Light, flexible and strong with a lot of energy. My weight is slowly improving but not as fat deposits but my muscles are growing back. All in all a great experiment.

I hope it will help some of you who are trying to lose weight or maintain healthy body.

During fasting, cells adjust their genetic expression and this aids to healing. Fasting for a week or longer is definitely a good thing to do periodically.

Love and light.



Human kidney magnification from a body as a medical diagram with a cross section of the inner organ as a health care illustration of the anatomy of the urinary system.
In medical school we learn how kidneys control water re-absorption through enzymes they create. Those enzymes are not created only by kidney cells. Every cell in the body can produce them and those enzymes are then used  to control the flexibility of the local blood vessels. By controlling the flexibility, they control blood pressure in the tissue where the enzymes were released. The more rigid the blood vessel is, the higher the blood pressure.
Somehow, doctors think that this is what happens when the kidneys do not perform well and hypertension is present. This is why the general opinion is that kidney problems increase blood pressure and create hypertension and if renal insufficiency is detected, hypertension is to be blamed for it.
Another misconception is that kidneys have difficulty removing salt from the blood, especially if they show signs of failure. We are told that ailing kidneys cannot remove salt from the body so the salt starts to accumulate. Since the body starts to adjust water to the salt, we start retaining more water in our body This increases the blood pressure and causes inflammations and water retention.
This is why low salt diets are readily recommended by our health professionals.
This is incorrect. Lack of salt actually speeds up the deterioration of kidneys. Doctors get lost in the scientific details and explanations of how the body works and lose the overall picture of what is really going on in the body. It is like not being able to see the forest because of the tree in front of you.
This is why some are blaming the kidneys  for increased blood pressure and some are blaming hypertension for kidney failure. No matter which way we look at it somehow one is influencing the other.
So is this really so? Are those two health problems related?
Yes they are but not the way doctors are made to believe. Increased amounts of salt have nothing to do with either of the two things  Actually, lack of salt contributes to both problems.
How is it so, you may ask?
Kidney cartoons, Kidney cartoon, funny, Kidney picture, Kidney pictures, Kidney image, Kidney images, Kidney illustration, Kidney illustrations
When people with hypertension or kidney failure contact me they get the surprise of their life when I tell them that they have to drink water with sea salt in it and their response is as expected, surprise and disbelief. They were all told to avoid salt.
I have explained many times how there are three organs designated to cleanse our blood but to do their job, there has to be plenty of water and electrolytes available. If one or the other are missing, the blood  will not be cleaned. So the body will be stuck with polluted, toxic blood.
Our cells refuse to hydrate with such blood which will cause their own dehydration to take the place.
So little by little the cells in the body will become dehydrated. Dehydrated cells diminish in their size, lose elasticity and increase their acidity.
All this will happen to the blood vessels and capillary system of the body as well. They dehydrate on the cellular level. This causes them to lose elasticity which will increase the blood pressure. So as people become hypertensive, internal pressure within their kidneys will rise as well.
Since the cells of the capillary system of the kidneys  are dehydrated and toxic, they cannot properly perform their filtering action  resulting in kidney failure. So as you can see  hypertension and kidney failure are related, but not by one problem influencing the other, but by them both being exposed to a toxic blood.
Allowing the blood to be cleansed we are helping the cells to hydrate and cleanse. They recover their flexibility and the whole tissue becomes elastic again resolving the problem.
By using chemical additives like beta blockers, we can relax blood vessels and lower the blood pressure but we cannot improve capillary absorption. So lowering the blood pressure artificially will not solve kidney problems. Instead it will further pollute the blood worsening the health situation of the patient. Healing and not symptom suppression is the answer to all health problems. The body knows  what to do, all we have to do is to support it by providing what it needs to do the job.
Kidney cartoons, Kidney cartoon, funny, Kidney picture, Kidney pictures, Kidney image, Kidney images, Kidney illustration, Kidney illustrations
This is the purpose of the Self Healers Protocol.
Do not be afraid of sea salt and water if you suffer from hypertension or kidney failure. They are the necessity. When starting the hydration process you may experience elevated blood pressure since your body was starving for water and your blood vessels are stiff. There is no danger there but if you are concerned give me a call an I will guide you. Soon your cells will start becoming flexible and the blood pressure will normalize. Your kidneys will start filtering again as your body heals. Sea salt cannot harm you, it can only resolve your health problems.
With love and light.




Please watch this video since as the Illuminate are getting increasingly more and more desperate, they have become careless and their actions are more and more obvious.

There is no need to panic. Refuse to be vaccinated. Refuse toxic medical treatments because they are all directly responsible for the destruction of your immune system.

Protect yourself by cleaning your body and reinforcing your immune system.

Vegan and vegetarian diets suppress the immune system of the body. Switch to the correct diet and cleanse your body deep on the cellular level. Eliminate from your body whatever can be used by the pathogens as their food.

This is easy to do just read blogs on this site or get my books and the Self Healing Protocol. This will save your lives.

Special thanks to William Mount and his reporting.

With love and light


Alternative Medicine cartoons, Alternative Medicine cartoon, funny, Alternative Medicine picture, Alternative Medicine pictures, Alternative Medicine image, Alternative Medicine images, Alternative Medicine illustration, Alternative Medicine illustrations

Everyone following alternative medicine is bombarded with information about the importance of antioxidants in the fight with free radicals in the body.
Free radicals are blamed for causing diseases and accelerating the aging process.

Here is what “International Dermal Institute” has to say about free radicals:
“A free radical is an atom or group of atoms that has an unpaired electron and is therefore unstable and highly reactive.
An atom’s chemical behaviour is determined by the number of electrons in its outermost shell. When the outermost shell is full, the atom is stable and tends not to engage in chemical reactions. When, however, the outermost shell is not full, the atom is unstable. It will try and stabilize itself by either gaining or losing an electron to either fill or empty its outermost shell. Or it will share its electrons by bonding with another atom that is also looking to complete its outer shell. It is not uncommon for an atom to complete its outer shell by sharing an electron with another atom and forming a bond.
Free radicals form when one of these weak bonds between electrons is broken and an uneven number of electrons remain. This means the electron is unpaired, making it chemically reactive. It will now try and steal an electron from a neighboring molecule to stabilize itself.
Free radicals may form spontaneously or they may be the result of exposure to heat, light or something in the environment. Sometimes the body’s immune system creates them on purpose to neutralize viruses and bacteria.

In the human body, we have a vast array of molecules that are more susceptible to free radical attacks than others. These include fats, DNA, RNA, cellular membranes, proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates.”

(And now comes the punch):

“Unfortunately, oxygen is very susceptible to free radical formation, and with aerobic organisms, this can be lethal. Oxygen free radicals are implicated in the overall aging process and are responsible for photoaging, cancer and inflammation in the skin. Oxygen free radicals cause lipid peroxidation, which results in damage to cell membranes and this can cause premature aging, skin cancer and cell death.”

There you have it, be aware of sunlight, hide from it and avoid too much exposure to oxygen  because the combination may be lethal. The fact is that oxygen therapies are proven to be very positive to our health and the sunlight is shown to create vitamin D3 and prevents cancer proliferation, actually causing healing and not causing cancer, but through this nonsense of free radicals and antioxidants we are duped into thinking otherwise.

Here is what  the alternative health site DrWEB has to say about antioxidants:

“What are antioxidants?
Antioxidants protect the body from damage caused by harmful molecules called free radicals. Many experts believe this damage is a factor in the development of blood vessel disease (atherosclerosis), cancer, and other conditions.
You are exposed to free radicals:
Through by-products of normal processes that take place in your body (such as the burning of sugars for energy and the release of digestive enzymes to break down food).
When the body breaks down certain medicines.
Through pollutants.
What are antioxidants used for?
Antioxidants may play a role in the management or prevention of some medical conditions, such as some cancers, macular degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease, and some arthritis-related conditions.
Antioxidants include some vitamins (such as vitamins C and E), some minerals (such as selenium), and flavonoids, which are found in plants. The best sources of antioxidants are fruits and vegetables. You can find flavonoids in fruits, red wine, and teas. You can also buy antioxidant supplements. It is best to obtain antioxidants from a healthy diet.”

After those scientifically approved truths, alternative medical sites proceed with the advertisement of those antioxidants which they claim are so important for health.
Health conscious people that are trying to avoid pharmaceutical poisons and regain health the natural way are now trapped in the web of lies promoted by the alternative medicine. This is why there is no real alternative medicine. They are just supplement pushers.

Alternative Medicine cartoons, Alternative Medicine cartoon, funny, Alternative Medicine picture, Alternative Medicine pictures, Alternative Medicine image, Alternative Medicine images, Alternative Medicine illustration, Alternative Medicine illustrations

What are supplements?
Supplements are concentrated elements that the medical industry uses to suppress the cellular activity, but this is not what they are telling you. They are informing you of the necessity of those elements to benefit your health.
Every 6 years approximately, we have a completely new body with all the cells being replaced by new ones. So how come that from 12 to18 years of age we are still growing stronger and we keep our youth, but from 50 to 56 years  of age our power rapidly decreases and we age fast. Antioxidants or no antioxidants, this happens to be a pattern.
To add to this, my experience with numerous clients who have been using supplements throughout their lives, is they suddenly start experiencing health issues as their bodies start to crumble from a toxic overload. And then  comes the miraculous health recuperation and rejuvenation after they have dropped all the supplements and cleansed their bodies. Even erectile dysfunction goes away and the “blue pill” is a  thing of the past, whereas  it went hand in hand with supplements and antioxidants before.
Why does cleansing on the cellular level promote health and rejuvenation?
Because oxidative stress is an invention of the popular science and has nothing to do with reality.
Every change on the cellular level is directly influenced by the change of genetic expression. Genes change their expression a million times every second. What causes them to change their activity is a change in the frequency of their environment.
The question comes to mind, what is the best and appropriate environment that will keep the most desirable genes active?
The best environment is the original one created by the design of our creator. This is why we feel the best when we are in the forest or at sea, exposed to the sunlight and the natural elements, when we eat the natural food our creator gave us for nourishment and not the one we create by manipulation. This is why animals in the nature do not experience chronic diseases or premature aging. Actually wild animals do not show any age related symptoms and maintain their energy level until the day they die.

We can dismiss biochemistry as the biggest hoax of popular science that is being used to  make believers  from non believers . It does not matter that healing is not achieved, chemically we are doing exactly what has to be done!!! What a load of crap if you ask me. Scientists have proven how oxygen creates free radicals and chemistry proves it – so beware of oxygen and protect yourself!!! 

High doses of vitamins will kill you, but just before you reach the killing point, those high doses of vitamins will first create a cellular shock and force your cells into a defensive mode. They change the genetic expression and are alert to defend themselves, so there is no cellular cleansing, we do not get sniffles and coughs  and we attribute this to increased immunity and health. The reality is completely different and when the body is left for a long time in this condition, one day it will collapse and usually the whole system goes down. I see this happening over and over again.
Promoting antioxidants is like promoting an antidote. Eat your poison but make sure you take your antidote. This is not healing, this is controlled poisoning my friends. Instead of supplementing with antioxidants, change your diet and hydrate. No hydration is possible without sea salt; keep this in mind. Salt is our best friend and not the enemy science is telling us about. Stop poisoning yourselves with supplements, hydrate, cleanse and change your diet. It is ok to have occasional flu like symptoms. They are the signs of cleansing. As we live in a toxic man made environment we have to rid ourselves from those toxins periodically. If you do not have those symptoms, you are closed on the cellular level and your cells are slowly increasing their toxic load until one day they cannot function with  this toxicity and your body collapses. So do not think  how not having flu is a sign of exceptional health. We have to encourage cleansing by consuming structured water with sea salt and consume a diet  by eating our food the way it was created by our creator. If you do this you will experience the miracle of natural healing first hand. And it is a miracle you will see.

With love and light to us all.

Low blood sugar, HYPOGLYCEMIA

Businessman desperate, depressed, headache. Isolated on background.

Many people are suffering from weakness and headaches created by lack of sugar in the blood. This state of dizziness we call hypoglycemia.

ADA (American Diabetes Association) that receives millions of dollars for research has this to say about hypoglycemia:

Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Glucose)

“Hypoglycemia is a condition characterized by abnormally low blood glucose (blood sugar) levels, usually less than 70 mg/dl. However, it is important to talk to your health care provider about your individual blood glucose targets, and what level is too low for you.
Hypoglycemia may also be referred to as an insulin reaction, or insulin shock.
Hypoglycemic symptoms are important clues that you have low blood glucose. Each person’s reaction to hypoglycemia is different, so it’s important that you learn your own signs and symptoms when your blood glucose is low.
The only sure way to know whether you are experiencing hypoglycemia is to check your blood glucose, if possible. If you are experiencing symptoms and you are unable to check your blood glucose for any reason, treat the hypoglycemia. Severe hypoglycemia has the potential to cause accidents, injuries, coma, and death.

Signs and Symptoms of Hypoglycemia (happen quickly)

  • Shakiness
  • Nervousness or anxiety
  • Sweating, chills and clamminess
  • Irritability or impatience
  • Confusion, including delirium
  • Rapid/fast heartbeat
  • Lightheadedness or dizziness
  • Hunger and nausea
  • Sleepiness
  • Blurred/impaired vision
  • Tingling or numbness in the lips or tongue
  • Headaches
  • Weakness or fatigue
  • Anger, stubbornness, or sadness
  • Lack of coordination
  • Nightmares or crying out during sleep
  • Seizures
  • Unconsciousness


  1. Consume 15-20 grams of glucose or simple carbohydrates
  2. Recheck your blood glucose after 15 minutes
  3. If hypoglycemia continues, repeat.
  4. Once blood glucose returns to normal, eat a small snack if your next planned meal or snack is more than an hour or two away.

15 grams of simple carbohydrates commonly used:

  • glucose tablets (follow package instructions)
  • gel tube (follow package instructions)
  • 2 tablespoons of raisins
  • 4 ounces (1/2 cup) of juice or regular soda (not diet)
  • 1 tablespoon sugar, honey, or corn syrup
  • 8 ounces of nonfat or 1% milk
  • hard candies, jellybeans, or gumdrops (see package to determine how many to consume)”

And as far as the cure for hypoglycemia ADA has this to say;

How Can I Prevent Low Blood Glucose?

“Your best bet is to practice good diabetes management and learn to detect hypoglycemia so you can treat it early—before it gets worse.
If you’re new to type 2 diabetes, join our free Living With Type 2 Diabetes program to get help and support during your first year.”

In few words ADA is instructing us to live with this problem and consume enough sugar to prevent hypoglycemic attack. For this, they are receiving millions of dollars in contributions and billions in medical services by promoting and perpetuating lies.
Now let us see what is really happening here.
People that eat substantial amount of animal products do not have problem with hypoglycemia.
More we are dependent on carbohydrate diet, the more chance we have to experience hypoglycemia. Almost everyone who eats carbohydrates knows that if they do not eat in time, they become weak, nervous and light headed. If the hunger persists even headache will occur. Well this are the signs of hypoglycemia. People become hypoglycemic even if they do not show signs of diabetes and are not using insulin. So here ADA is incorrectly suggesting how you may be diabetic if you experience hypoglycemia. No wonder, they are just fishing for new patients.
So what causes hypoglycemia and why some people suffer from it and some not?
When we eat correctly and our cells are properly calibrated to utilize fat (triglyceride) as source of cellular energy, glycogen is left alone as buster fuel for emergency situation. Situation changes as we start eating incorrectly and consume more and more carbohydrates (sugars).

I have explained many times how cells undergo genetic expression change so that they can switch from fat to glucose as energy source. More dietary carbohydrates there are in the food we eat, more drastic will this change be. Cells have to deactivate more and more mitochondria making it more and more difficult for them to produce enough energy from triglyceride. So after you had a breakfast of cereals or bread your cells will become energized for about an hour. After that they will require more energy. Since our body does not have capacity to store glucose and we cannot go and eat more carbohydrates because we are occupied, the body sends what is programmed to send as energy source and that is triglyceride. Since our cells are reprogrammed for glucose they cannot produce enough energy utilizing fat (they do not have enough mitochondria active for this process). Since we are working and cannot go and eat we ignore cellular request for energy. Cells are asking for more food so the body releases more triglyceride. This does not solve the problem. Blood level of triglyceride is rising and our cells are starving for energy. More we wait the more severe the situation becomes creating a shock. Now glycogen is being utilized as cellular energy source creating sudden drop in blood sugar, hypoglycemia, with all its symptoms.

As soon as we eat dietary carbohydrates, cells become energized and the symptoms of hypoglycemia vanishes.

Now, solution is not to eat every two hours to avoid hypoglycemia. The solution is to start eating correctly and prevent hypoglycemia from occurring.

When we eat correctly, our cells receive enough energy from triglyceride so we can work the whole day not experiencing weakness or dizziness. Huge amount of active mitochondria assure plenty of energy production from triglyceride so there is no need for cells to burn glycogen and if danger occurs, glycogen will be quickly supplied to those mitochondria producing incredible amount of energy to take us out of the tight place we found ourselves to be.Steady supply of energy from triglyceride make the whole body to perform correctly. No loss of concentration, no muscle weakness, no irritability and no stress. Above all no possibility of developing diabetes or almost any chronic disease that is debilitating our modern socially and politically correct society. As I am showing you again, we are mislead by the system into following the wrong believes that transform us into sheepishly followers and slaves.

All of you reading my blog are empowered with truth that will set you free and for most of us, the truth is stranger than fiction. This is why I applaud you to share this knowledge with those willing to listen and absorb.

Love and light

Mystery of URIC ACID debunked

Many people show elevated levels of uric acid in their blood test. Most doctors are unable to help them to lower its amount in the blood.

Why is it so?

Again I have to criticize the system that feeds us the fake knowledge. In medical school we are instructed to blame protein consumption on elevated uric acid.

doctor cartoon: cartoon male doctor with instruments

This is what Mayo clinic has to say about it:

“A high uric acid level, or hyperuricemia, is an excess of uric acid in your blood. Uric acid is produced during the breakdown of purines, which are found in certain foods and are also formed by your body.

Once produced, uric acid is carried in your blood and passes through your kidneys, where most of it is filtered out into the urine.

 About one in five people has a high uric acid level. It may be related to attacks of gout or the development of kidney stones. But most people with high uric acid levels don’t have any symptoms or related problems.”
This is a typical explanation from a school books.
Now here is where we find purines in the food: “Purines are found in high concentration in meat and meat products, especially internal organs such as liver and kidney. In general, plant-based diets are low in purines. Examples of high-purine sources include: sweetbreads, anchovies, sardines, liver, beef kidneys, brain, meat extract ,….”
In few words animal products are to  be blamed for elevated uric acid. This is a common knowledge every health professional is going to regurgitate. But is it true?
We do not have to be experts to answer this question. I have never seen somebody that loves to eat meat suffering from gout or rheumatism unless they are alcoholics. No tribal people have problem eating large quantities of meat. The only thing that gives me energy are animal products, since I do not eat any dietary carbohydrates, and my uric acid is normal.
So where lies the truth?
We know that alcoholics have problem with gout. Why?
Because alcohol has to be processed by the liver and liver converts it into uric acid and triglyceride. So alcohol creates fat and uric acid.
Another nutrient that will go to similar process in the liver is simple sugar fructose.
Now immediately question comes to mind: Do fruits create uric acid?
Yes and no.
If we eat correctly and this means no dietary glucose, sugar transporting system is slow and no matter how much fructose we eat, only small amount can be absorbed into the blood so liver has the time to convert it into glycogen.
Problems come when we regularly consume dietary glucose (starches, carbohydrates). They increase absorption of sugar so more and more fructose will end up in the blood and fruits are one of the sources of fructose as we know. Now liver’s capacity of transforming fructose into glycogen is surpassed and the quick way out is for the liver to process fructose the same way it deals with alcohol and that is to transform it into the uric acid and triglyceride.
Carbohydrates are complex sugars. They are composed of glucose and fructose. If the carbohydrate is not sweet there is minimal amount of fructose. Sweetest the carbohydrate the more fructose is in it. The real killer is high fructose corn syrup. It has about the same amount of fructose and glucose. This sweetener is the most commonly used one in the food industry and produces havoc in our body. Not only it increases sugar absorption, it also provides tremendous amount of fructose.
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Now how to get uric acid out of our body?
Uric acid our body uses as antioxidant. This is why uric acid is always present in the blood. Excess of uric acid is eliminated through kidneys. For this we have to be well hydrated. As I have mentioned many times, less water there is in the blood circulation, less cleansing of the blood will be done. To save the water, uric acid will not be eliminated but has to be pushed out of the blood not to acidify it. Body solves this by depositing uric acid into joints and kidneys. If the uric acid concentration becomes high, uric acid will crystallize producing sand and stones.
Solution is simple. Increase water content in the blood by drinking water with sea salt and body will start eliminating uric acid. Why to use sea salt?
Water has no electrolytes so body will eliminate it and keep electrolytes it has, even if they are toxic like in the uric acid. Sea salt brings electrolytes, so toxic electrolytes can be released and expelled from the blood.
Mystery is solved.
I hope this article was informative enough so you know now what to do.
With love and light for us all.


Fatty liver disease

There is ever increasing number of people who are diagnosed with fatty liver syndrome or disease as doctors label it.

Doctors and scientists differentiate fatty liver in two categories.

1 Fatty liver induced by alcohol abuse

2 Fatty liver induced by unknown origin

This makes me laugh. Scientists agree that alcohol abuse reflects in fatty liver because liver is the organ that neutralizes alcohol by transforming it into uric acid and triglyceride (fat). So more you drink, more fat is produced and liver cannot release it into the blood fast enough so liver itself becomes fatty. Many alcoholics do not eat. The alcohol they consume provides enough of energy to sustain them so their cells are nourished by triglyceride produced from alcohol. Since alcoholics consume large quantity of alcohol, liver becomes full of triglyceride as the transformation takes place making the liver fat. So this is accepted knowledge. It is just unbelievable that scientist cannot use the same logic when discussing non alcoholic fatty liver.

Here is what scientists and doctors have to say about non alcoholic fatty liver disease;


“Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)

It’s not clear what causes this type of fatty liver disease. It tends to run in families.

It’s also more likely to happen to those who are middle-aged and overweight or obese. People like that often have high cholesterol and diabetes as well.

Other causes are:


“Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a clinicopathologic entity increasingly recognized as a major health burden in developed countries. It includes a spectrum of liver damage ranging from simple steatosis to nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), advanced fibrosis, and rarely, progression to cirrhosis. Recent studies emphasize the role of insulin resistance, oxidative stress and subsequent lipid peroxidation, proinflammatory cytokines, adipokines and mitochondrial dysfunction in the development and progression of NAFLD. Furthermore, accumulating evidence supports an association between NAFLD and metabolic syndrome. Although the data are mainly epidemiological, the pathogenesis of NAFLD and metabolic syndrome seems to have common pathophysiological mechanisms, with focus on insulin resistance as a key factor. This review summarizes the current knowledge on the epidemiology, pathophysiology and diagnosis of both NAFLD and metabolic syndrome and the findings that strongly support the association of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease as a possible component in the cluster of metabolic syndrome”.

I can go on pulling articles from Mayo clinic or medical books and everywhere you will see the same nonsense about fatty liver. Scientists are contributing many factors to this disease like insulin resistance, inflammation, genetic predisposition, auto immune syndrome, the stupidest reason I have heard is rapid weight loss being blamed for fatty liver occurrence.

For those of you reading my blogs regularly, this must be unbelievable how scientists are so out of touch unable to see what is poking them in eye. Only triglyceride (fat) can produce fatty liver. This automatically eliminates a bunch of insinuations as autoimmune response, insulin resistance, genetic origin, medication toxicity and whatever else is considered as the cause of fatty liver and does not directly involve triglyceride.

Several of my clients have reported that their doctors asked them if they can use their case of liver recovery and keep the liver scan to present to their students and colleagues. Mind you, not one had contacted me for explanation. They were just amazed how is it possible for the liver to recover in such a short period of time.

So here is a quick explanation about what creates non alcohol induced fatty liver.

People who eat dietary carbohydrates daily increase sugar absorption because dietary glucose stimulates insulin and GLUT (sugar transporting protein) production. As more glucose appear in the blood, more GLUT is produced and more glucose and fructose can be transported from intestines into the blood. As the amount of sugar in the blood is increasing so is the need of the body to deal with it. Our cell can only utilize small amount of glucose for energy so all the rest of available glucose and fructose becomes livers problem. Our body is not equipped to deal with dietary glucose so it cannot store it. All glucose that was not utilized by our cells and fructose has to be processed by the liver. The only thing liver can do with the sugars is to transform them into triglyceride and uric acid or if needed into cholesterol.

So people on carbohydrate diet if they eat large portions of carbs will produce large quantity of triglyceride (fat) and their liver will be full of it making the liver appear fatty. Liver releases fat into the blood and from there it deposits into adipose tissue making us fat. This is a slow and controlled process and as liver falls behind it becomes fatty itself.

Adipose tissue (fat tissue) also converts glucose into triglyceride making cells acidic in the process but this is not important for this discussion.

This is why all fat people have fatty liver. They simply eat to much of the wrong food.

Fatty liver has nothing to do with fat content in the food you are eating. Your intestines are processing this fat and not your liver. Same goes for the cholesterol unless you do not eat animal fats and then your liver has to produce the necessary cholesterol utilizing glucose or triglyceride for this process.

Be aware all you vegetarians and vegans. You have reprogrammed your body to utilize the sugar and it has lost the ability to correctly function. It can no longer produce enough energy utilizing their own fat and it has become dependent on glucose from diet which is not readily available because we do not eat every 2 hours. You are damaging your health and I have more and more vegetarian clients to prove it.

So how to fix the problem?

Ziggy (Jan/20/2017). Tom Wilson and Tom II.

Simple. Start eating correctly.

Reprogram your cells by eliminating dietary carbohydrates from your diet. No sugar, no fatty liver. It is as simple as that. Remember that glucose is the culprit and it is sugar that is not sweet. So when you are eating bread, pasta, potatoes,cooked bananas, yucca, breadfruit… they are not sweet but they are pure sugar.

The big mystery of fatty liver is solved. For all the health professional reading my blog please open your mind, absorb the information, think about it and start helping. No drugs are needed to solve any chronic health problem. All we need is the correct information.

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Love and light.

The times of SODOM & GOMORRAH have returned

In this time of change the perversion of humanity has reached unbelievable heights. Atrocities are committed daily and even promoted through the film, media and music industries, but nothing is more repugnant than what is happening in the field of medicine.


 I wrote about the scheme of organ transplanting before but video like this remind me of what is going on daily and  same as child trafficking rings that are being brought to  justice at this time, we have to do the same with the whole medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Some will argue how transplants save lives and how necessary they are so that some unfortunate and sick people may live. And what about those thousands of innocent people who are being killed to make those transplants possible? The only reason why some people are allowed to live and some are slaughtered is money. How just is it when seven people had to die so that one of the Worlds worst criminals, David Rockefeller, can have his seventh heart transplant.

David Rockefeller 2011 Green Auction: A Bid To Save The Earth

Why do people need more than one transplant?

Doctors know very well that they are placing healthy organ into unhealthy body and what have destroyed the original organ will destroy the newly implanted one as well. So this is the proof that doctors are not looking for solution, they are just working for money. More work, more money so do not mess with the good thing that is going on.

In the mean time diseases are promoted and nourished so that they lead to the necessity of transplants as complete deterioration of body occurs under the watchful eye of a doctor. This is another proof that doctors have no clue how to help ailing body. They became nothing more than butchers with a blood on their hands which is spilling into their bank accounts.

One of the most common organs to be used for transplant are kidneys. So let me explain the medical strategy that leads to the necessity of kidney transplant.

Female hand holding model of human kidney organ at back of body

Kidneys are one of the three organs human body uses to cleanse the blood. Million of tiny blood vessels are filtrating the blood, eliminating the water with unwanted elements body wants to eliminate. Some people develop health problem where kidneys no longer can do the filtration and because doctors are fed the incorrect information, instead of helping the body to heal, they further instigate deterioration of the body making kidney transplant the only solution for saving the life.

How do doctors destroy kidneys?

By ordering their patients to cut down or eliminate salt intake. Yes we should not eat table salt, because it is toxic but natural not refined sea salt has all the elements we find in the blood. It is absolutely necessary for proper function of kidneys. When healthy ions are missing from the blood, kidneys start to utilize toxic elements as necessary ions and refuse to clear them from the body. By their action, doctors are making it impossible for kidneys to do their job. The blood becomes more polluted and body suffers on the cellular level as I explain in my book and through the blogs weekly. Sea salt is absolutely necessary to replace toxic ions with healthy ions supplied by the sea salt. It is the only way to cleanse properly. By forbidding salt, doctors gave you a death sentence.

When blood becomes toxic all organs suffer on the cellular level and start exhibiting problems. Heart valves deform and no longer close properly. Here is another reason for another transplant. Everything is based on the wrong knowledge we receive in medical schools and professionals refuse to have second look on what they know and continue pushing the nonsense causing harm in the process.

Every doctor knows that the organ they have replaced will need replacement within approximately 5 years because the toxic body will destroy it. If doctors would wake up, open their eyes and hearts, no organ transplant would be ever necessary. If you cleanse the blood and cells, body will heal. I have proven this many times over. Many people have stopped the kidney dialysis and recovered kidney functions. Many have repaired their hearts from varieties of problem including damaged valves and hernias. There is no longer any excuse not to do the right thing other than money and greed.

All you supplements pushers are not doing humanity any favour. You are also part of the problem and not the solution. Stop being greedy and start serving the humanity. If nothing else, you will sleep better I guarantee you this.

There is only one law that counts. It is not the human made law like the Admiralty law but the natural law. Politicians make human law as it soughts them and their greedy pockets. There is only one non-changeable natural law. Live with cooperation and eager to share and serve.

With love and light for us all.