How scared are you?

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The level of fear you feel towards the Wu-flu “virus” you show through your behavior.

Do you wear a face mask?

Do you distance yourself from other people?

Do you embrace your friends?

Do you wipe your hands with a disinfectant after coming home from shopping or work?

How many times a day do you wash your hands?

Those are some of the indicators of your fear. Why did we change our behavior since the plandemic has started?

Because we are constantly reminded to do those things to be safe.

Safety over everything else, even over sanity.

In many people this fear borders with panic, a panic that is created from false information.

We have been indoctrinated to blindly trust officials.

In school, the official is the professor.

Professor got his knowledge from the same books we have to study and nobody can challenge the professor because he has read and memorized more so he has an advantage.

If you want to voice your opinion which may change something, you will be silenced because you are not the authority, no matter how valuable your information may be, and God forbid that you undermine the respect of the authority by proving them wrong.

This is not allowed.

Some if not most of the professors have mediocre knowledge and some of them are right out stupid so teaching/replicating messages from books, is the best that they can do.

I had such a moron teaching me biochemistry. When the old professor has resigned, this moron who was his assistant took over since there was no one else interested in this position. Often he had to check in the book if the answer you gave is correct or not.

After we graduate, we are eager to show everyone how smart we are and for many of us, the diploma we receive becomes our identity. This is especially true for medical doctors. All of a sudden Jim Johns became Dr. Johns.

When someone introduces himself or herself to me as Dr. so and so, I immediately transform this into a moron so and so.

Why am I telling you this?

People are fearful of diseases and death, and they trust their health experts will keep them healthy.

Politicians are hiding their agenda pointing to a scientific recommendation but the scientists they are referring to are the corrupt ones that they had empowered to represent the science, to be the none-disputed authority on that matter. Just look at Dr. Fauci and Dr. Briggs.

When it comes to the topic of viruses, every authority is wrong because they all follow the “scientifically” accepted theory that a virus is a single strain of RNA, but the fact that this RNA was never discovered is ignored by them all.

Every time the PCR test is used to amplify the presence of RNA in the blood, only the ARN of the host is found, but this fact is ignored by everyone.

Here is the article that was sent to me by my friend J.

In this article and the inclusive video, you can see that all of the attention is given to the fact that a 45 times amplification of RNA is being tolerated which makes the entire test one big joke on its own.

Now if the truth is added to this that viral RNA was never found (does not exist), and what was presented to us is the nucleic sequence of the human RNA and DNA, you have to be blind and deaf not to realize that you are being played.

Noe Rudy Giuliani has tested positive on COVID-19. Pure stupidity and deceit.

If you haven’t read my article on the virus, please do so:

Medical science was kidnapped by the Cabal/Illuminati and it was transformed into a science of creating diseases, suffering, and death.

Just about all World organizations like the United Nations, the World Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the World Health Organization… are created and controlled by the Cabal/Illuminati scum.

Whatever the WHO is doing or recommending always ends in disaster.

Millions of African kids were injected with toxic vaccines to create symptoms of HIV.

Hundreds of thousands of children in India came down with polio after WHO injected them with vaccines designed to “prevent” this disease.

After disobeying the WHO’s order not to examine the bodies of people that have died from the “COVID-19 virus”, Italian doctors have found that no virus was located in any of the bodies. The coagulation of their blood was attributed to bacterial infection instead.

This is a transcript in the English language of an Italian article that my friend Ph. have sent to me:


EYE ALERT Pass it on to all your family, neighborhood, acquaintances, friends, colleagues, colleagues … etc. etc. … and its environment in general …: If they contract Covid-19 … which is not a virus as they led us to believe, but a bacteria … amplified with 5G electromagnetic radiation which also produces inflammation and hypoxia. They will do the following: They will take aspirin 100 mg and Apronax or paracetamol … Why? … Because Covid-19 has been shown to clot the blood, which causes thrombosis and prevents blood from flowing and not oxygenating the heart and lungs and the person dying quickly cannot breathe.”

Although this article discredits the virus, it is falsely blaming the bacteria as the cause of the problem and death.

This is not being done intentionally. Instead, this is the result of the observation combined with the false medical science we are being indoctrinated with.

I have explained that bacteria feed on the cellular garbage, so when this garbage is excreted from cells, the bacteria show up. The more garbage there is, the more bacteria will be present.

Since doctors are indoctrinated with the false information that bacteria cause diseases, once bacteria is located, it becomes the culprit.

Why is antibiotic successful in stopping the progress of the disease?

Because the toxicity of the antibiotic will stop further cellular cleansing. This prevents additional blood poisoning by cellular toxic garbage.

This toxic garbage, since it came out of our cells, has a certain amount of genetic material which if it is found, is being blamed to be the virus.

Nobody is looking for the virus when bacteria or fungus are located, and even if the PCR test would have been implemented, there would have been too much genetic garbage (because of all of the bacterial or the fungal RNA/DNA) for anything else to be seen.

It is all smokes and mirrors my friends. The entire medical science is infected with lies and deceptions.

Get rid of the masks and resume your normal lives, but first, help to awake those who are still asleep, and let us get rid of the falsehood and the perpetrators.

To make sure to be healthy, cleanse your blood and your cells. There is no better way of doing this than following the SHP (Self Healers Protocol).

If this information helps you in any way, and if you are able, please support my work through a donation.

Love and light to us all.

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