Debunking the virus theory

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Recently I was asked to deliberate some more on the topic of viruses.
Since viruses are being used as the number one tool for the implementation of vaccines, I find it very important especially for the brainwashed doctors to pay attention to the information that is being provided here.

Every time when the topic of a virus is being discussed, scientists are implementing the same false knowledge that portraits the virus as a microorganism.

It cannot be an organism because there was never RNA of a virus discovered. The RNA that is being blamed as being the virus is always the RNA or the DNA of the host. It came from the cells of the person or the animal that is supposedly infected by it.

Every time a cellular cleansing occurs, inevitably some of the genetic material of the cell will be expelled from the cell into the blood. A special testing process has been devised that multiplies this genetic material so that it can be verified. This test is called the PCR test.

Another way to test for this nonexistent microorganism is by doing a blood test on antibodies that were produced by the infected body while it was battling the virus or some other pathogen.

This video nicely describes those tests.

As you can see, the scientists are clinging to the fact that there is a pathogen microorganism with its own RNA that triggers an immune reaction of the body and that tests pinpoint what organism/virus is in question but they completely ignore the fact, the truth, which is that an RNA or a DNA of any type of virus has never been isolated. It does not exist. Since scientists are missing this tiny piece of RNA, they just simply made it up.
It must be there because it makes sense to the theory about pathogens being the culprits of the diseases.

This is the typical scientific reasoning that we encounter in all types of science.
A  scientist develops a theory but the theory does not work because of missing information. So what the science does, it simply pretends that that information exists, it creates it from the thin air.

We have a name for such behavior and we call it wishful thinking or fraud.
An excellent mathematician Nassim Haramein has proved such behavior in physics, and I am proving it in the field of medicine.

What the tests on the virus are proving is that there is a hosts/patients RNA present so if you accept that the virus is kidnapping the hosts RNA so that it can replicate itself, and you can prove that there is this hosts RNA in the blood or that antibody count has risen, this person is infected.

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Imagine a drunk Joe, Friday night on his bicycle.

Something spooks him and he thinks that he had seen a black cat crossing the street so he loses his balance and falls hitting his head in the process.

When he recovers facing his angry wife he says, “a black cat has crossed the street, and it was Friday, what a bad omen. I should have never ridden my bicycle on Friday and especially if a black cat has crossed the street.

The fact that he was drunk like a skunk does not matter at all. It is all about the omen.

Doctors do exactly the same kind of reasoning when the virus is in question. The minuscule detail that RNA of a virus does not exist does not stop them from performing tests and pronouncing people infected.

If those who are tested show some symptoms of the disease, this intensifies their belief, and if the symptoms are missing, well, those people are asymptomatic silent carriers of the disease. They carry their own RNA/virus and it is just a matter of time before they become sick or, they can now infect other people so they have to be quarantined.

Every doctor uses the false indoctrinated theory. No wonder that no cure was ever found.

I have learned through the implementation of the Self Healers Protocol that once the cells are clean, no symptoms of a viral infection appear.

Here is an example.

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We feel a tingling sensation on a cheek. This tingling sensation turns into pain. Then redness appears and after that yellowish blisters pop up. The rash becomes itchy and painful at the same time. The doctor’s diagnosis is Shingles, a disease that is caused by a herpes virus. Herpes, because it appears on the skin or mucous tissue results in blistering in one area.

Another scenario:

We expose our skin to ultraviolet light for excessive time. The skin starts tingling. It becomes painful. It turns read as it swells. Then yellowish blisters pop up. The content of the liquid in blisters is exactly the same when shingles and sunburn occur but one is promoted as a viral infection and the other is a simple sunburn.

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The more toxic the skin is, the more severe the blisters will become and this is the same in both health issues. The fact that the person with shingles was exposed to a fluorescent light UV radiation is missing so the culprit to those symptoms is blamed on none existing microorganism called virus.

The source of toxic energy that has triggered the cellular cleansing of the skin or the mucous tissue does not have to be the frequency of UV light. This frequency can be transmitted through a telephone in a form of electromagnetic radiation, or its other form that vibration produces which is called the sound.

Depending on the symptoms or the tissue that is being cleansed/affected, scientists have invented various names for this nonexisting microorganism. Adenovirus in lungs, herpes virus on the skin, retrovirus causes genetic changes, coronavirus causes symptoms of a general cellular detox/flu…

They are all lies based on the fraudulent scientific “truths” we are indoctrinated with during our educational/indoctrination process.

Every change in the environment will create a change in the genetic response which will trigger cellular changes. The affected cells will receive information from their genes about how to react. Some will vomit/cleanse themselves, some will create behavioral changes and the affected cells will start producing stress proteins/RNA of the host.

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If pain is following the “viral infection”, when the symptoms disappear, the scientists say that the virus is dormant inside of a neuron. When the symptoms of a viral disease occur and the pain reappears, their theory/invented lie becomes an obvious “truth”. The minor glitch of nonexistent viral RNA inside the supposedly infected but dormant virus is ignored.

Since what we refer to as a virus is a shift in energy, its vibration, and it does not have physicality, it cannot adapt to the changes in the environment. This means that it can only affect the same tissue of the same frequency. It does not possess genes to adapt to a different frequency.

This means that unlike bacteria or fungus, the virus cannot spread through the body and cause changes in other types of tissues. It cannot spread through the body.

This also means that viruses cannot “jump” species. It cannot be transmitted from a bat to a human, or from pig or bird to human. They have a different vibration.

.: May 2007

It is claimed that retrovirus forces an RNA of its host to reproduce the viral RNA creating genetic changes in the cell.

As I explain, the change in the environment creates the genetic changes that change the behavior of the cell. Since the virus is nothing more than the energy of a particular frequency, if this frequency is similar to a particular tissue when the immunity of the tissue drops (a drop of cellular voltage), this slightly different frequency/virus will change the vibration of the cell causing it to either vomit (expel its toxins), or it will stimulate a functional anomaly as forcing the cell to produce some enzyme. The oscillation of frequency has now changed the environment which has stimulated genetic recalibration that has influenced the change in cellular behavior.

No matter what is the result, if a blood’s cleansing is achieved and the cellular voltage rose, the virus stops manifesting its symptoms.

I have helped several AIDS patients to heal themselves from AIDS, and people who had herpes, healed from herpes, and it was all done through the implementation of the Self Healers Protocol which cleanses the body and reprograms its genome.

Dr. Mikovitz and other experts on infectious diseases cling to the false interpretation of what a virus is.

Once the virus frequency is known, it can be preserved in a crystal.

Since water is a liquid crystal, it can be used to spread the viral frequency but only through direct contact and the symptoms will manifest only if the recipient had a low cellular voltage of the tissue that this viral energy resembles/targets.

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Since a virus is a vibration, it can be sent through sound, light, and electromagnetic impulse but the correct frequency has to be established, and it will only affect the same type of tissue that it resembles.

Since it does not have a physicality, it does not have a genetic structure and this means that it cannot adapt itself to any other frequency. This means it can not affect any other tissue.

Once the cells start vibrating in the frequency of the virus, because of their voltage, the viral frequency is magnified and it can affect the cells of another body in short proximity. We say that the virus was airborne.

Again I want to emphasize the fact that the low energy cells are those that will be affected. This is why old people and those people who have some chronic health issues are those who will be affected first.

I believe that thought of a virus can have an impact on the body with low energy causing it to manifest expected symptoms of a “disease”.

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The tests for viruses are one big hoax in which doctors are the major participants because they were indoctrinated to support this system of lies and deceit.

Love and light to us all.

p.s. understanding the energetic vibrations/viruses makes it obvious that vaccination is not designed to prevent “diseases”. Instead, through the vaccines, viral frequencies are introduced into the body which will manifest as soon as the person’s voltage drops.

If the person being vaccinated has a low cellular voltage during the time the vaccine was administered, the disease shows up immediately. This is the reason why some children show a strong reaction to the vaccine and can even die from it.

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