Demystification of our present reality

Almost the whole planet is shut down because we were attacked by a deadly virus.
How do we know that we were all attacked by the deadly virus?
How many people that you know of had suffered from this deadly virus?
I know many people and not one of them had encountered this deadly enemy.
Yes, some have died but as a result of health problems they have been experiencing for many years. No virus had anything to do with their death but they were labeled as passing from the coronavirus which is a fat lie.
The only reason why we are all aware of the coronavirus is the media. 
The media is spreading the false information politicians are using to prevent us from living our normal lives.
The media is explaining the symptoms that the coronavirus creates and the difficulties our body experiences, and the death it brings.
This is how people become programmed.

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If there would be no media, everything would be as it was.

There is nothing out of the ordinary happening out there so why are we remaining in our homes, and why are we wearing those stupid masks and gloves that do not protect us from anything?

The virus is energy. No paper or cloth mask can protect you from it.

What we believe, we will manifest as our reality and the reality we are manifesting is not pretty.

People are realizing the stupidity of it all and they are protesting all around the world, except in South America.

In Peru, the restrictions are getting more stupid as time goes on.

First people were instructed to stay at home and leave their homes only for shopping for food, medicine, and go to the bank.

Then they were told not to use their motorcycles and shop by walking, (the reason unknown, and this did not last for long). Now people can use their motorcycle but only one person per motorcycle, Hwy?

Now, people over 60, those who are fat and over 30, and those with chronic health problems, are not allowed to leave their homes. No food for them I guess. Let them die of hunger, but they will be saved from the coronavirus. What a relief.

Why is the government ordering such drastic measures?

Because the politicians are proven morons ready to sell their own family for profit, not realizing they will be next in line.

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Since mostly the elderly, obese, and the sickly are experiencing coronavirus (flu) symptoms and even dying from it, those people are now prohibited to live.

What a “smart” solution to a none existing problem.

Hospitals are lying because they are promised a lot of money for every reported death from the coronavirus so they now claim every death to be caused by this none existing bogeyman.

Yes, I am not afraid to claim that the coronavirus threat is nonexistent.

The false propaganda is the real threat that allows the agenda to be executed as it was planned.

This is why the correct name for what is going on is a “plandemic”.

People in most countries are awakening to this plandemic and they are filling the streets and opening their businesses.

The plandemic is fading away.

In those countries where the population is docile, the restrictions are increasing until even those people realize that if they want to survive, they have to get out of their homes.

The sooner they do this, the faster we all go back to normal.

Not the same “normal” as before because this experience has awakened many.

Once we see, we avoid those traps that were set up for us.

The reality is what we make of it. Once we make the change, it becomes much easier to make another change in the future.

To be able to do this change, the brain has to be convinced and this is why documents are being disclosed to show everyone what is really going on behind the closed doors.

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Those documents are the new information that the brain needs to better calculate the outcome.

This is what disclosure is all about, a tool for brain reprogramming.

This is why once reprogrammed, nothing can ever be the same as it was before.

The awakening process will be slow for some and faster for others, and it is accelerating.

The new information is being hard to accept for some people. There is a lot of confusion and fear going on.

The brain has a hard time accepting things that are contrary to its programming and fear sets in.

This is where faith comes in.

Relax, take a deep breath, and slowly exhale relaxing your body and mind.

If you are in fear and do not understand what is going on, acknowledge, “I do not understand but I have faith (in God, Allah, Krishna, my higher-self…), and I am letting go putting myself in its hands”.

This will bring you peace and it will calm you down.

Have faith in the divine plane.

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We are going through a change of enormous proportions beyond our brain’s understanding and only faith can replace the fear making this transition a smooth event.

There is nothing to fear. The transition is happening and we are all benefiting from it.

Our vibration is rising and so is our awareness.

Soon we are going to be conscious beings of light.

Welcome to the future.

Love and light to us all.

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