Mi friend Chris who is a paramedic recently asked me interesting question that I feel is important because the answer explains lot about the nature and cause of headaches.

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Chris had two emergencies that involved headaches. In one case the man had elevated pressure 80/160 and in the other case the blood pressure was 85/190. His question was “why some people experience headache in lower and some people experience headache in higher blood pressure”.

This gives me the opportunity to explain the nature of a headache the way that I see it.

The brain itself does not have pain sensors so it cannot produce pain. So where does the pain come from?

Pain is caused by stimulating the pain sensory nerves. The stimulant is pressure. You can step on pointy rock or hit yourself with hard object or brake a bone. All of those things will create pressure on pain sensory receptor and they will send a signal to the brain that will interpret it as pressure, itchiness or pain depending on the strength of the signal. Since pressure causes those feelings now we can relate why there is a pain involved in most chronic diseases. It is caused by inflammation. Inflamed tissue swells creating pressure on sensory nerves.

Now going back to the question asked by Chris we have to take into consideration that the brain has no pain sensors. The pain sensors are in meninge, a membrane that covers the brain. To increase the BP enough for the arterial expansion causes pain the BP has to be really high. This explains the second case but why do some people experience headache even if the BP is just elevated? The reason for this is preexisting low grade inflammation. In this case blood vessels are partially constricted so even slight increase in BP allows higher blood accumulation and buildup of pressure that will trigger the pain. This also means that the body is in bad shape in general and such people should start with hydrating their bodies and cleanse to prevent bigger health problems in the future.

Chronic inflammation is related to toxic dark and viscous blood. Such blood is not accepted by the cells in the body and causes them to dehydrate and become acidic. This triggers the forced hydration or as we call it in medical field  the inflammation. Now it is easy to understand that organs that are working more in such condition will faster dehydrate, become acidic and inflamed. This is why sexually active men are more likely to end up with inflamed prostate than those that do not have sex.

To protect itself from polluted blood brain filters it through meninge. The more active the brain is, more blood gets to be filtered and it will cause pollution and acidity in the cellular structure of meninge. This will trigger low grade inflammation and it will become precursor for headaches.

So if you are headache sufferer cleanse your blood and reduce acidic food so that your cells can hydrate and your headaches will be past history.

If you want to know details of how to hydrate read my book or follow Self healing protocol.

Have wonderful day.

Love & light

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  1. Pudding,This article and migrane article are very close,pudding why is paramedic asking for your advise when those guys are always around the best doctors.

  2. you have doctor friends and you have a paramedic friend,you should combine them and have your own medical center or clinic.

    1. Stil, not many people believe in healing without medication. Occasionally client comes to stay with me so that I can supervise his/her health recovery. Not enough to justify having healing centre.

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