“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

Our panel consists of very experienced researchers and practitioners in what we know to be real medicine. We have privately & publicly taken the stand to share the truths about mans dis-ease where we can, even when this has proved unpopular or even worse for ourselves or our families. We know – as many millions now do – that the level of deceit promulgated as truth in our time is simply incomprehensible for those who have yet to awaken form a well designed construct that literally has been manipulating and poisoning you from even before your birth.

Gandhi said,”a lie is a lie, even if everyone believes it to be the truth; just as the truth is the truth, even if everyone believes it to be a lie”.

We feel, think and believe it is our duty, and we certainly know it is our right to challenge the very dangerous lie currently infecting the minds of the masses known as the Ebola Virus. We know from experience that all the red flags are flying for lies, disinformation and exaggeration for ill gotten gains.

As of yesterday the FDA announced it will arrest anyone suggesting that they have natural remedies or cures for Ebola. If ever there was a time to stand stronger on these subjects and know that they fear the others who also have stood strong have reached a greater audience it is now.

Like the pig and bird flu before them, this so called Pandemic has as many holes and questions they don’t want asked as the Vatican has priests who like boys in all the wrong ways.

In this show, we will once again share what we know about all viruses and infections, what they truly are and how you can protect yourselves and your loved ones. We will also dispel the germ theory as the plagiarized farce it is and share what we believe is really going on for all to see if they open their eyes.

Above all, let’s support those who stand up and ask questions and offer facts and evidence to the contrary even if we find it hard to swallow. The question should and always has been when presented with seemingly unbelievable information “is it true”? So, as we show you the infection people are suffering from is really FEAR and FEAR controls. Lets find the remedy so we are no longer scared to death.

presented by:

India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Clive de Carle, as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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Recap after the show.

In the past we have covered vaccination and explained the origin of virus, bacteria and fungus in our bodies. For a quick reminder those pathogens are a product of organized micro-some. Smallest life form (micro-some) will under certain circumstances transmute into larger forms. As the environment in the body changes the Ph, and as oxidants accumulate the need for larger cleanup crew arises. This stimulates micro-some to work in group and to integrate forming larger body, virus. This organization is similar to sponges and their filtration. Different organic particles with combination of changing Ph usually from alkaline to neutral or acidic will stimulate the changes of forming ether virus, bacteria or fungus. Once formed they can be transferred from one body to another. As they enter new body they will undergo changes if they encounter different environment. This is why virus mutates rapidly and vaccines are obsolete.

When you want to protect yourself yo have two options. Ether to kill the virus or to change the environment so that the virus cannot survive and dies or mutates.

We have been told that there is no cure against virus. This is incorrect. Colloidal silver will destroy any pathogen including virus of any kind. Why haven’t we been told about this? Because colloidal silver cannot be patented, it is cheep and it can replace variety of pharmaceutical products from antibiotics, micotics to disinfectants and sterilizers. Other thing that eliminates virus is hydrogen peroxide 33% food grade and MMS. They are both oxidants. Maybe now you understand why is there such hype about importance of anti oxidants. It is all just a game.

Better than fighting them is preparing our body so that it can resist them. Keep it alkaline. Eat fresh raw foods and drink water with bit of sea salt in it for better hydration and cleansing effect.

The Ebola scare is promoted to steer panic and vaccine acceptance. What kills is the vaccine, do not get vaccinated.

If it so happens that you have been vaccinated forcefully, cleanse the vaccine out as fast as possible. This you can do by drinking large amounts of water with sea salt in it. Proximately one teaspoon per liter of water will do the trick. With it if you use blood electrifier all the components of vaccine will be flushed out of your body within a 3 weeks of time. Same technique will cleanse your blood from viruses, bacterias and fungus and it will improve your immune system.

Usage of therapeutic oils will change the frequency in your body and this way they will change the environment to induce changes in viruses.

As you can see there are many options that you have not been told about. Go and ask your health specialist why? Most likely they themselves have not being informed about this because how to heal is not what we are being told in medical schools. Interesting isn’t it?


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