The germ theory deception & vaccinations – Weapons of mass destruction

Is this really necessary?


“If you want to win a war, educate your enemies’ children”
Ask most people in the street what causes disease and they will utmost say germs. And yet, most of those people have never read a paper, let alone a book on what “germs” really are and where they come form and their place in the natural world. So called “medicine” have built their entire practice of cut, burn & poison on the Germ Theory promulgated by Louis Pasteur.
Antibiotics & Vaccinations have been born from this very theory but what if the Germ Theory where wrong? What if it is completely wrong and bacteria and viruses are present in a dis-eased condition but not the cause of a diseased condition? Well, EVERYTHING would change!!


This week we will sink our teeth deep into this theory and shred it in peaces exposing how the dark forces of corruption have manipulated medical science with even more nefarious agendas and how antibiotics and vaccinations are the weapons of mass destruction.

Buckle your seatbelts as we share with you the truth that has the power to literally heal the world and rebalance ourselves back in harmony with nature and actually become greater creators of light, the ordering power of the physical universe, and so change our realities. Learn how we have all been brainwashed by repetition and how we have submitted ourselves to mass poisoning by being willfully ignorant.


The truth will set us free, but it will also set us dis-ease free.


is presented by:

India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres, Cary Ellis, Dave Stewart, Clive De Carle, Paul Exall & Tony Kilvert as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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Can we trust the main stream science?

Even less than main stream news. Listen to the show and, you tell me.

Micro organisms are part of nature. They are everywhere. We cannot hide from them.

In short the show explains the relation between our cells and the micro organisms that live in our body. Most of the micro organisms originate from our body and mutate accordingly to the environment they live in.

More polluted the environment the more elaborate will be the micro organism.

This explain why do you break down with high fiver, running nose and mucous cough after you are exposed to a shock.

You do not have to be exposed to germs from the environment to catch cold.

This will explain why it is impossible to build up your micro flora in digestive tract.

Taking probiotics will help you only if you take them with every meal. Unless you change the environment in your gut, there will be no change in quality of your micro flora.

The environment in your gut depends on the water you drink, the food you eat, the health of your gut, the environment that you are in and the electromagnetic signaling of your brain.

Realizing that water, food, your environment and brain influenced emotions are creators of your health will free you from the fear of germs.

Healthier your body is, less it will be affected by them.

Fighting germs is the last thing we should do. Instead we should concentrate to live healthy.

Healthy body will suppress germs and makes infections difficult to occur.

If you have listened to the radio show and if you have read this blog than you will be able to absorb video

that follows


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