Chem trail and health

chem 1


There are still people that are confusing this grid with jet trail so here is a closeup of one jet while spraying.


Among other things this toxic cloud is designed to make you sick.


It is difficult to protect yourself from this type of contamination but there is a way to cleanse all this toxins out of our body.

Remember that our body is perfectly designed self sustained organism. It will cleanse itself and all we have to do is to provide it with cleansing material.

When pollutant enters our lungs, cleansing mechanism immediately goes in action.  By squeezing droplets of water cells start washing of the surface of lungs and by wrapping the particles in mucous it starts to eliminate it from our body. Since the amount of pollution is high so is the demand for water to be used for cleansing purposes. Lack of water on cellular level will trigger water preservation response of our body. This forces pulmonary alveole to contract decreasing air flow in and out of our lungs.  This we call asthma.

By hydrating we help our body to cope with this situation. It will not only cleanse our lungs but every cell in our body and it will rid itself of all toxins simultaneously.

To hydrate Ii is crucial to mix sea salt in water. There is no hydration possible without sodium.


Have another cup of medicine on me.

Detailed instructions of how to hydrate most efficiently you can find in my book “Owners Manual for the Human Body” that you can download on this site and it is free of charge.

Join the awakened ones and free yourself of fear. Be medicine free and enjoy vibrant health.

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