There are no supplements that can compete with fresh, naturally grown raw food

Unfortunately this type of food is not readily available. This is why I added a contact to health supplements that are as pure as possible so you can supplement the missing elements.

Before you decide to reach for supplements I highly recommend you to cleanse first. You do not want to further pollute your body with elements that you may already have in abundance

For supplements I trust you can visit ANCIENT PURITY

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  1. I also have tried to order book, can I receive instructions or an ebook, I need your help asap as I have no energy

      1. Can you please resend me the protocols and the book? I was right in the middle of the book, and lost it…..thanks!

  2. I understand that your book is sent by email? I do not wish to read a book on the computer, I need to hold it in my hand. What can be done about this?

    Grazie mille!

  3. I had stomach cancer with ovaries and pancreas metastasis and for 5 months I am doing dendritic cells vacines. But since I love a lot of weight, and read so many different opinions about food I still don’t know how to gain weight and the best diet. I stopped meat but now after realing you I start butter and eggs. What are your advice. Thank you.

    1. Since glucose is the perfect food for cancer carbohydrates should be avoided in diet. Follow Self healers protocol. To gain weight increase the consumption of saturated fats. Have more raw eggs cheese, nuts, coconut oil….

  4. Hi darkovelcek,
    May I have a copy of your ebook about cleansing and Selfhealers protocol .
    Thank you.

    1. Belly is the area where most of the fat will accumulate as fat reserves of energy. Especially women will accumulate more fat as their body is always alert so it can produce new life. So to diminish the amount of bely fat requires us to eat less, bring less energy into our body through the food. If you eat correctly than minimize the amount of fat in your diet. If you eat carbohydrates, eat them more frequently but in very small amounts so that your cells can burn it all and not require the liver to deal with the overload by changing the glucose into triglyceride and deposit as bely fat for later usage. Especially since people that eat carbohydrates do not have enough mitochondria available to properly utilize fat and their body always demands more food than necessary.

    1. By contributing on this site you can get my book and Self Healers Protocol.
      Contribution for the book or protocol is 19.5 euros and if purchased together it is 36 euros.
      Since the protocol recommendations are contrary of what we are being told by our health professionals I recommend reading the book first so hat you understand why we ave to do things this way.
      Love and light.

  5. Pauline de Groot

    dear Darko i love yr book and I believe you are right on. But i did not receive the Self Healers Protocol? is the SHP in the book itself as I believed, or is it a separate thing? If the latter, I would like to receive it, maybe it could help me… but cannot afford to make a consult with you for now. While i’am increasing water and grey salt intake hoping to slowly better my 12 year old problem, dehydrating and water retention alternating, exhausted quickly. With no noticeable effects as yet…. all seems worse (hv still been cooking vegetables broccholi, kale, fennel, eating no grains no medications, no sugar caffeine for years, but bone broth i make and some supplements vits I did take). Raw kefir, goatsmilk, eggs and raw cheese and meats also raw. water and salt and cleansing from all the old accumulations i believe – thank you for your vision 🙂

    1. Pauline from your comment I understand that you have serious and deep routed health issues. I believe that you need my guidance.
      The self healers protocol is a separate booklet that you can purchase here on my site. It tells yo what to do and how to do it but if you experience the water retention I really suggest that we have the Skype appointment so that I can better explain to you what is happening and monitor and guide you through the difficult beginning of the cleansing and healing process. We can make some arrangement as far as the money goes. Do not let the fake paper stand in the way of your health.
      Love and light.

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