If you are planing to spend time in nature it is wise to have a kit for emergency situation.

What to have and what to do in certain situations is the topic of this show.


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What to do about:

sun exposure, relief, protection
heart attack
poison plants
immune boosters
bug bites/reactions
spiders/snakes/venomous creatures
heat stroke
bleeding/wound care
lip balm
water disinfecting

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is presented by:

India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayers, Cary Ellis, Dave Stewart, Clive De Carle, Paul Exall & Tony Kilvert, PANELISTS!

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Premature aging

As humans we are aware of aging.

Old age is not something that we look forward to and many take drastic measures to appear younger.

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In this photo of my dear friends and family we can clearly see the age difference. We have grown accustomed to the fact that as you get older your body changes. From posture and skin down to the health everything changes and not for better.

Is this what has to happen?

Do we have to shrink in size?

Do we have to become fragile?

Does our skin have to sag or crease?

Does our health have to suffer?

We are under the impression that yes. It happens to everybody wright?

Take a  look at these pictures:

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Have a good look.

Look again and tell me which of these animals are grand children or grand parents.

One may comment that these are animals. It is true but they come from same genetic stock as we do.

Lately there is a lot of talk on which are the reasons for our premature aging and health problems that cripples the humanity.

You will find different opinions of what to eat, what to drink and how to exercise. Most of it is just parrot talk.

Read my book “the Owners Manual for the Human Body” and the secret of long healthy disease free life secrets will be revealed to you.

If you do not want to be bothered reading my book, here are just two clues that will drastically improve your health, appearance and the way you feel:

Water with sea salt diluted in it

                                                                                                                                                             or better yet  sea water


Glucose free diet

Water and sea salt are crucial in hydrating your body. One can not hydrate without either of them.

Dehydration is the leading cause of our diseases and overall health problems.

Glucose infested food is linked to premature aging, inflammation problems, hypertension, diabetes melitus, Alzheimer’s disease and is directly or indirectly involved in creating all chronic diseases.

What is widely promoted as safe sugar is in fact the plague that cripples our health and makes our life miserable.

As I always say, “do not trust me, try it for yourself“.

Above all be happy and smile all the time.

Love you all!




Improving health of our pets


Probably you have noticed that our pets are contracting same diseases as we do.

This is not surprising.

Do you think that this is food that will promote health in your 4 legged friend?     food15

Read the ingredients. Not only that it is dead and dehydrated garbage it contains chemicals and glucose.

After being on raw food diet for 7 years and never sick I started to feed my dog Sailor with dry food. After just 15 months he developed strange symptoms of suddenly freezing in place and shaking. Then he would urinate and the symptoms would go a way.

Lack of vitamins, fats and minerals combined with presence of glucose started to undermine  Sailors health.

As soon as I switched back to raw meat and fruits diet he recovered. As I was under impression that adding some dry food to his raw foods will be ok. I did that. Four years later Sailor developed cancer.

Love for my dog pushed me back to medical research. Since then I learned whole new understanding of life.


Do not let your dog to look like this. Start feeding it with raw foods. You will save lot of money on vet bills.

Say hello to Harro!

Liz party 113He is raw- foodist, never sick.

Dis-ease follows polluted body so start feeding your pets with natural raw healthy foods.

Can anyone be cured?

We live in times of secrets where the words have hidden meanings that bear weight in a court of the law.

This is why if you want to be safe from prosecution after  you say something you need to have a law degree or have a lawyer to advise you.

Even then you may need more than one lawyer since words have different meanings depending on what context they were used in and which branch of the law should interpret them.

According to the law only a certified doctor can cure you.

Are doctors doing a good job?

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ExpandingU radio Show 

the complete manual for the human body

Topic of the show is




We are sorry for the bad quality of sound. We do not know what happened.

If you have fear of cancer, you have cancer, or had a cancer and want to know how to prevent its re occurrence please listen to the show.

Awakening of Humanity

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Why do we have an educational system?

The answer that pops into mind is so that  we can function in our modern society.

My question is, if that is true, why is the truth hidden from us and why are we being lied to?

In our “miss-educational”system we are being prepared to follow the leader and to obey.

To better hold us in line, we are constantly held in fear. This is being achieved utilizing mass media.

Anything that does not fit the scheme is ridiculed and attacked. This is why we are treated as sheep. Vaccinated,shot with pharmaceutical drugs, fed unfit foods and through it all we are being told “it is good for you”.

What is worse is that we believe them without questioning.

Awakening of humanity has started and if you still wander “who are they?” listen to this video.

David Icke-humanity is awakening


This may seem irrelevant to health, but is it?


Knowledge that we obtained in medical school is misleading. Open your minds, think and truth will reveal itself.

Clive de Carl interview with Dr. Darko Velcek

Clive de Carl is talking about Kefir and the importance of the gut flora.

Dr. Darko Velcek explains the importance of clean blood and its influence on our health.

The most common cause of impotence in man and how to improve erection.



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 The show is presented by:

India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayers, Cary Ellis, Dave Stewart, Clive De Carle, Paul Exall & Tony Kilvert, PANELISTS!

Where Science and Medicine Miss the Point!

How to Return to Health and Sanity.

First Hour … what is illness? .. where does science and medicine miss the point? how do germ theory, DNA theory and other theories of sickness lead us astray in terms of our own bodies, our biology and our evolution?

What is it that makes us sick?

Second Hour … How should we manage our own health, and what should we do when we are in dis-ease.

Therapies and how to use them.

Very important: How our own healthy state circles out to help our world, and our species and our humanity.

*According to Dr. JEREMY AYRES: ”..wake the water inside your cells and ALL the external reality will change…if there is chaos without then there is harmonic chaos inside.”

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Expand your consciousness


today March 22nd 2014 is World Water day.

Join us by clicking on the picture below.

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Mission impossible

3D printing and free energy

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ExpandingU radio Show with Darko Velcek and Jeremy Ayres. All about Dehydrated Bodies and how to Re-hydrate yourself. Cleansing is key.

Saturday March 15 2014 11:AM EST on ExpandingU Radio

Topic was Water ^ Hydration and more of the things we should know about our body .

Quote from Darko 2013 ” Most if not all people that come to me for treatment are

consistently suffering from Dehydration”.

Discussions on  how to re-hydrate on the circulatory and cellular level.

ExpandingU Host  India Irie and panelists Dave Stewart and Paul Exall.

With Specialist Osteopathic Naturopractor From Barbados,  Dr Jeremy Ayres and My self.

Panelist will discuss hydration problems and how does hydration influence cleansing.

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For Private Consultation with me direct on your health Please contact me by filling in the form below .

Quote ” in just one hour With Darko I learned more about my illness and body than countless years of specialists and sessions in clinics with so called experts in the medical field”. Stage 4 Cancer AH.

Something is wrong with this picture.

food47 How long do you think this pyramid would stand this way?

I guess that you would agree with me if I would said not long at all.

So how come we question ourselves as to why we get sick? Isn’t it obvious? Look closely how the pyramid is constructed.

The colors represent the types of food that we eat. The read tip are fats, oils and meats.  It is amazing how long it takes us to get sick having carbohydrates as the basic food. What we have to do is place it correctly with the wide base on the bottom and invert  the colors. The design of our body is incredible and if we help just little bit by correcting our habits we will see a miraculous response from our body.

All you need to do  is listen to it. Discomfort and pain are the signals. Do not treat them with pills. Get better by changing what you are doing the pain will go away.

Replace this


 with this


If you need more energy add raw eggs, raw meat and fat.

One more thing.



   Cheers,prost, u zdravlje, chin chin, salud!