Help is needed and required

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A small spider can be the cause of terror to those who fear spiders, and a spider is something that we can see.
So you can imagine how much fear one can instigate with something that one cannot see.
The church has made even the poorest people giving their last penny just not to anger God and to keep the Devil away.
It is not surprising that all countries shut their borders and people are ordered to stay at home because an invisible enemy has escaped from a laboratory and it is spreading with a lightening speed all around the globe.
The WHO (World diseases distributing and a fear-mongering organization) has spread projected estimates of millions of people that will inevitably die from this invisible ghost named a coronavirus COVID-19/400/mutations/bull****.

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The world economy has crashed, people have lost their livelihood and the hospitals are empty and their staff losing jobs.

Some old people have died but less than what usually happens in the flu season every year and this is when even those people who have died in a car accident are listed as dying from the invisible bogeyman.

Here in Peru the other day a young man was hit by a truck as he was repairing his motorcycle on a road and was instantly killed. The report came that he has died from the corona ghost.

His father is complaining because now his neighbors are avoiding the whole family but, the statistics need some corona ghost victims so that’s it. How can you keep people locked in their homes if there are no corona victims? You lie, the same as everyone else who is profiting on it.

This proves, again and again, we cannot trust our doctors because they are complicit, their greed is much larger than their compassion.

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Some doctors lie for money, some because of ignorance and some lie because they are scared.

I have a friend here in Peru who is a doctor who had suggested that people should not be allowed to use their motorcycles and motorcars and it appears that the government has listened to his “wisdom” and forbid people from using their transportation to curb the spreading of the ghost.

I guess, the slower you move, the more chance you have not to be spotted by the ghost, and in this way, you will avoid getting infected. What else could be the motivation for this ridiculous recommendation?

I believe that this doctor should be nominated for the Nobel Prize, Obama and Gore got one for being less ridiculous.

Maybe we should require that everyone crawls on the streets. This would make people even less noticeable?

How about requiring people to crawl in protective condoms with camouflaging colors?

Any other bright suggestions? Just shoot, why not taking the Nobel Prize ourselves?

This would have all been funny if it would not be so dangerous.

The politicians and the mechanism of government are putting billions of lives on a stake as the food shortages started to occur as a direct result of their actions.

It has nothing to do with the virus. It is an execution of an old plan for depopulation and totalitarian One World Government.

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The truth about what is actually going on is everywhere but the sheepishly cannot see it. The brainwashing is way to deep-set and way more suffering will be necessary to awaken them.

Some doctors are intentionally killing people to produce the necessary numbers of corona victims

Italian congressman Mr. Vittorio Sgorbi angrily attacked the congress revealing that the autopsy has shown that more than 96% of deaths of the COVID virus are actually caused by other causes and not the virus.

Unfortunately, many people get their information through the Media and the Media is a scripted propaganda machine spewing lies and it is directly responsible for what is happening.

Everyone who is promoting fear and suggesting distancing and isolation is a part of the problem and it is up to us, the regular people, the deplorable, the goyim, to take the charge.

Everyone who is awakened, who understands what is going on should take time twice a day and connect to the source in meditation or pray.

We have to change the reality from within.

Light-workers now is your time to go to work.

This is why you are here. Envision the new world, make the changes, and help to awake those who are still sleeping.

No one can stop what’s happening. By slowing down the speed of change, we are saving more lives but there is no more time to waste.

Those who are still sleeping will have a hard time but the change has to occur now.

The best time to work is just before going to bed and the first thing as you wake up in the morning.

Thank you, my brothers and sisters, for this tremendous work, this is why we are here for.

If you are spiritual, meditate.

If you are religious, pray.

Let us all unite and do the job right.

Love and light to us all.