Medical MAFIA and its true agenda

We are made to believe that scenes like this are connected with international or domestic terrorism.

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And yes if you think so but it is not directed to dangerous terrorist. This could be just a routine raid on a mother that has refused to expose her child to toxic medical treatment. Corporate mafia uses well oiled system of deceit to terrorize its citizens. If you think that this is not true, why do “law enforcement officers” hide their faces like a common criminals?

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Because this is what they have become.

Banksters, politicians, law enforcing agencies and military are all criminal organizations hiding behind their licenses to commit a crime, this is what any license represent since it is based on fraudulent birth certificate in which people are represented as corporations and not as human beings.

If you still believe that this is not the truth here is the last raid on storage facility that stores really helpful substance called Gc MAF. It is a protein that destroys cancer so that patient can recover from cancer in a short time without toxic treatments currently approved by medical tugs and corrupt governments.

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heres the update from the raid [05/02/2015 13:45:15] Clive de Carle: I spoke with David just now, a new gcmaf manufacturing plant will be running soon. David cannot come back to the uk any more or they will arrest him
[05/02/2015 13:48:07] clive de carle: he reminded me that we are talking about nano grams of a natural human product, tested by the uk authorities and others around the globe and always been contamination free. always
[05/02/2015 13:50:42] Clive de Carle: from david Dear Clive,

The MHRA investigation is still at the incompetent stage. 10 of them arrived, 4 in bullet proof vests, to terrorize the two female scientists who were there.

And threaten, blackmail, lie and terrorize is exactly what they did.

They thought our chief scientist has a degree in Real Ale brewing, when he’s a PhD biochemical scientist at the top of his profession.

They said we do no research at the lab, when we’ve published 31 research papers from there, far more than anyone else from the 8 nations writing research papers. They had clearly never read a GcMAF research paper, and probably never will.

They sent some of our GcMAF off to two government laboratories to test for sterility, not knowing that we already use the governments HPA laboratory to test and confirm for sterility.

They will find, as the Dutch government did, that the sterility is excellent. Unlike the Dutch government, they will not tell us that, as a result, it is safe for people to use.

They made a number of false statements on their website about us. There have never been concerns that the product is contaminated. We test for sterility internally and externally. The University of Florence was astonished that, after four years of experiments, the sterility was always intact, there had never been any contamination, and every batch was active.

The MHRA won’t be sufficiently competent to test for activity.

Rather surprisingly the MHRA stated “we have received no reports to date of side effects caused by this product.” They’ve never licensed a drug without side effects, so our protein is a first for them. The drugs they license are full of side effects, and are the number 4 killer of mankind according to the American regulator, the FDA, on their website (see for a link)


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