Improving health of our pets


Probably you have noticed that our pets are contracting same diseases as we do.

This is not surprising.

Do you think that this is food that will promote health in your 4 legged friend?     food15

Read the ingredients. Not only that it is dead and dehydrated garbage it contains chemicals and glucose.

After being on raw food diet for 7 years and never sick I started to feed my dog Sailor with dry food. After just 15 months he developed strange symptoms of suddenly freezing in place and shaking. Then he would urinate and the symptoms would go a way.

Lack of vitamins, fats and minerals combined with presence of glucose started to undermine  Sailors health.

As soon as I switched back to raw meat and fruits diet he recovered. As I was under impression that adding some dry food to his raw foods will be ok. I did that. Four years later Sailor developed cancer.

Love for my dog pushed me back to medical research. Since then I learned whole new understanding of life.


Do not let your dog to look like this. Start feeding it with raw foods. You will save lot of money on vet bills.

Say hello to Harro!

Liz party 113He is raw- foodist, never sick.

Dis-ease follows polluted body so start feeding your pets with natural raw healthy foods.

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