Clive de Carle interview with Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride and glucose & fructose controversy

Health revolution with Clive de Carle

Dr.Natasha Campbell-McBride talks about food not only as nourishment but as medicine.

Listen to the video and below I am further explaining the controversy about GLUCOSE and FRUCTOSE as the two simple sugars that we are bombarded with.


I present: You be the judge

Toxic sugar:

          Glucose or fructose???




Should we even ask this question???

Until recently the scape goat for a whole array of chronic diseases such as hypertension, rheumatism, obesity, cardiac problems,  and certain cancers…was the consumption of saturated fats. As it became obvious that this is not the case the blame has shifted to sugar. There are two simple sugars that our food is flooded with. These are FRUCTOSE and GLUCOSE.

 Since glucose is a necessary part of our body´s chemistry and is regularly found in our blood, scientists and doctors fail to give it any attention and the whole blame is put on the fructose. The scientific world has labeled fructose as the toxic sugar.  Should we trust these people who have made mistakes in the past? If you ask me, “definitely not”. And here is why.

In nature there are only a few animals that use energy from sugar and all of them use fructose as the sugar source. So let us examine the facts.


          Does not stimulate insulin production in the body

      Does not stimulate production of GLUT (sugar transporting protein)


           Stimulates production of insulin

           Stimulates production of GLUT protein

In my book “Owner’s manual for the human body” I explain the mechanics of what is happening when we ingest glucose. How insulin irritates our cells causing their resistance to it and causing diabetes mellitus 2.

How glucose stimulates production of GLUT protein that is necessary to bring sugar into the blood.

Because we eat a diet loaded with glucose our blood is full of GLUT protein that starts pulling into the blood not only glucose but fructose as well.

If we have a low amount of GLUT protein in our blood, no matter how much sugar we have in our diet we can absorb only a  limited amount of sugar into our blood stream. Most of the sugar will end up in the big intestines and ferment.

Now you realize that eating fruits cannot increase the sugar level in the blood as long as you do not have glucose in your diet.

High fructose corn syrup is not just fructose. It is about half fructose and half glucose. This is where the problem is.

All cooked vegetables contain glucose especially those starchy ones. Starch is glucose.

Is it so difficult to pinpoint which is the toxic sugar?

Glucose is not an essential element. Every cell in our body can produce glucose utilizing fat or protein. By doing so there is no free insulin circulating in our blood. Not only is consumption of glucose not necessary, because glucose is toxic, animals protect themselves from it by not releasing the enzyme cellulase which is necessary to dissolve fiber and expose glucose.

Have no fear of fructose as far as fruits are concerned. Only a small amount of fructose will be taken into the blood due to the small amount of GLUT protein especially if you do not indulge in starchy foods. The only side effect from large quantity of fructose intake, if you eat a lot of mango or dried fruits will be noisy intestines and diarrhea as a result of fermentation in the big intestines.

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