Families are torn apart

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Divide and rule is the oldest trick in the book of war.

This is the famous principle of Niccolò Machiavelli, and it is being implemented heavily now.

Such practice is not just used to destroy the enemy, it destroys the society and family.

The basic force that is involved here says it all.

The consciousness of physicality is influenced on one side by the brain’s duality and rational thinking, and on the other side, there is the unity of the heart.

Our mind/ego fears every change. Fear is an emotion that is created by the brain.

It is there to keep us safe and careful.

To be able to do so, the ego is often explosive and aggressive. It all makes sense when we find ourselves in life-threatening situations, but since the ego is also self-centered, it can easily make wrong decisions as it wants to dominate at the same time as it wants to protect.

The more we allow to be ruled by our brain, the more in fear we are, the more explosive and violent we become, and the separation from the heart increases.

This is the reason why opinionated people like to enforce their views onto others.

They think that they are righteous while it is just the opposite. Their views become the only truth they are capable to accept, and the fear of not succeeding is making them aggressive and violent.

We can use the current situation of vaccines as an example.

People that are in fear of the virus, are desperately trying to protect themselves.

The fear is preventing them from rational thinking.


We have mild flu that is blamed on a highly infectious virus that was not discovered yet, but there are several variants of this non-existing virus that are very deadly.

Who writes this script?

If I would start watching such a movie, I would have left the theater. It is a senseless script, yet people are buying it as if it was a cat’s miau.

We have now a not only polarized nation, we have polarized families.

Those who are scared are accepting vaccines, wearing masks, keeping distance, which is ok if this is what calms them down, but the effect of self-righteousness is making them aggressive towards anyone who does not share their opinion.

Now we have family members who have accepted vaccines because they are being misled and frightened beyond belief, demanding that the rest of the family members get jabbed so that they feel safer.

Rational thinking is out the window.

If you have been vaccinated, you did this so that you are protected from the virus, yet you demand others to be jabbed. Why exactly if you are protected?

Fear knows no reasoning. Three jabs, five masks, visor, Hazmat suit, and distancing will not make such people feel safe unless everyone follows the TV propaganda.


Stupidity knows no boundary and combined with fear spells disaster.

Many family members are accepting the jab just to have peace in the house.

I wonder, what is the reaction of those who have been putting pressure on other family members to get jabbed and the family member became sick afterward, or dies?

Does anyone feel responsible for their action especially when we are talking about nonlethal flu and severe symptoms that many people experience from the jab?

I can somehow understand the people here in the Amazon jungle. They can barely read and believe everything they are told, but I know many highly educated people, many doctors, as well, who are as dumb as a doornail.

All they know is how to read and follow instructions.

Unfortunately, such people are the ones that are placed in the position of power to dictate what is to be done and how.

Fraudsters like Biden and Harris were allowed to be paraded as the President and Vice President to show people how manipulated they are, and still, it is taking them forever to wake up and realize what is going on.

I wonder if those two fruitcakes know how to tie their shoes, people dislike them, and yet, they have voted them to lea them?

Whenever I think, this must be it, people have awakened, and then I watch a new video of Mark Dice soliciting people, I realize how miraculously lucky we are that there were enough awakened people because the majority are pure zombies, and there is absolutely no chance for them to wake up.

Those zombies are the ones that are uninterested to find the truth so considering those zombies and those who are scared shitless, it is a true miracle that we have managed to free ourselves from evil.

This just shows us how weak the evil truly is.

Those of you who are scared of the nonexistent virus, unless you tackle your fears, no one can help you but please, stop pushing your fears onto others.

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Fear is not a virtue you should be proud of.

It shows everyone how weak you are, and if you are in fear and you are religious, it shows that you have no faith, you are bowing to your God because of fear, this is why you kneel in front of him.

I do not bow before God. I stand tall the way I was created to be because I have faith in a loving Creator.

There is still a lot to learn and this is what makes living such fun.

Love and light to us all.

I have just received the news of Robert David Steele’s murder by the medical mafia.

We will miss him.

What is so special about these times we are living in?

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In the previous article, I have explained the situation on this planet and how it relates to the situation in the universe.
I have explained that the Biblical God and Curran’s Allah were invented by man in his own image.
Some people who hold religious views sacred will attack me. I am used to be attacked and I understand the confusion, just please, do not reject the opportunity to heal yourself because you think that I am an atheist.
I am not an atheist. I am a spiritual man who is looking to help everyone who needs my help regardless of their political or religious views.

I was asked to give my opinion on the present situation, and I know that some people will be reading this and be able to finally make sense of the bits and pieces that they have heard but could not connect.

The way I see things happening is based on the information that I have heard and experienced through various sources and spiritual Ayahuasca ceremonies.
I share them because they strongly resonate with me and make sense.
This is why I always explain that things work in a certain way.

The purpose of these articles is to keep us focused, out of fear, and empowered for the greater good.

We have been enslaved by the Anunnaki.
The Anunnaki collaborators (human traitors and conspirators) who had learned the truth and instead of sharing it and using it to empower and to free humankind, they have used it to dominate over it.
Those people I refer to as the Cabal/Illuminati.

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The origin of evil on this planet comes from the Anunnaki, but it was spread by the Cabal and other secret societies which have now all joined together in an attempt to prevent human liberation.

The liberation from the evil is extremely difficult because the evil is supported by the Anunnaki and a modified race of warriors by the black goo which makes them cruel and inhuman, separated from their hearts.

These detached, half robotized creatures reinforced with the black goo are creating problems in the whole Universe. Those are some of the Anunnaki, some humans, and I am sure there are fragments of many other nations and life forms that have joined this evil because the sensation of power is like a drug. One who is on it never has enough of it.

The decision was made to use Planet Earth in an attempt to conquer this evil.

We are experiencing this battle firsthand.

We are now actively participating in a historic event in which the creation is purifying itself from the mistakes of the past.

The forces of good have won this time, and what we are experiencing is just a sample of what was prepared for us to go through so that those who are still sleeping are given the opportunity to wake up.

Winning the war was difficult and could be achieved only through deception. This is why very few understand what is going on.

Why is this victory so important, and why are all nations of our Universe here observing it and celebrating our victory?

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What I am going to reveal now, may not be correct, but it is the best that my mind can come up with considering the information that is given to us, and this is what resonates with me.

Some facts first.

Everything is going in cycles.

One cycle has 24600 years of which half cycle is dominated by the female construct and the other half by the male construct.

Every change of cycle is followed by cleansing, reparation, and an upgrade which we have named “Evolution”.

Since electromagnetic fields are changed, everything shifts including the poles on our planet.

Because we often implement what we have learned in the previous experience, sometimes the new cycle starts with such a difference that it is best that the creatures do not physically participate in it.

Whenever you reprogram your computer, you have to shut it down before you reboot it with new programs and activate it.

This is exactly how things are done in the Universe.

The planet shuts down. The electromagnetic field is lost. With it, everything disappears/darkness.

Then a new program or an update is installed and the power is put back on, the system is rebooted but it is different from the one that was before.

Since the memories have been lost, a guide is provided to reintroduce us to the new program.

The entire Universe cannot be unplugged at once, because there would be no backup drive that can be used to reboot it. This is why the changes occur at different times so one change can be rebooted from another place that is not under evolution at this time.

Since evil is rampant in most of the Universe, a plan was made to free one planet which can then be then left powered while the rest of the Universe can be unplugged, cleansed, and then rebooted using the active planet as the memory drive for the reboot.

Winning over the evil was very difficult but it is not the end of the war.

Approximately 4 years ago, an electromagnetic grid of sacred geometry was constructed around planet Earth. It is 100 kilometers above the Earth.

The purpose of it is to hold Earth’s electromagnetic energy in and prevent it from radiating into the Universe. Drunvalo Melchizedek is one of those who were involved in its construction and he calls it a grid of Christ consciousness.

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We are now in the time of a great upgrade/evolution but as far as I understand it, this is going to be for the first time that we are going to go through this rebooting process completely consciously.

This will be a very strange and painful thing to go through, but we have agreed to it to be able to finally rid the entire Universe of the evil we had just cleansed our Earth from.

The entire Universe will be unplugged from the electromagnetic field so that it can be cleansed of evil, and then it will be upgraded the same as we will be upgraded, with the new program before it is plugged into the electromagnetic field again, and manifested.

By not having an electromagnetic field for 72 hours, the old information will be lost. To be able to reboot, the information of the upgrade has to be loaded so if the entire Universe has lost the information, this would not be possible and the creation process would have to start from scratch all over again.

This is why the grid of Christ’s consciousness was created so that those who will be left on the planet Earth can maintain the electromagnetic power by “holding the light” while the rest of the Universe goes through the cleansing that we have done here already.

Once cleansed, it will be loaded with programs. Our genetic material will be used for this purpose so that the past creation is no lost.

As I am always pointing up that genes are electromagnetic records of experiences of creation, from the very beginning up till now. When we are unplugged, the information is lost and it has to be uploaded from the part of the Universe that was powered during this process.

Since the evil was running rampant through the Universe and always have managed to sneak into every new reboot, this is why the Earth had to be cleansed and stay energized while the rest of the Universe is unplugged and cleansed. Then the information to reboot the Universe will be taken from the genetic material that we are preserving so nothing is lost.

Then everything will be upgraded and the Universe will be energized again and appear in our reality.

This is why I believe that we are going to go through the upgrade consciously and witness the transformation as it is happening.

What a great privilege it is to be here keeping the “grail”, and becoming the creators of the New World.

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I know, this will make no sense to most people that are reading this article, and there is no way to verify if this is the truth. It is what I feel and the information that I have acquired points to this conclusion.

This article will resonate only with those who are ready and there are many on the way who will be benefiting from this information.

We have to cleanse if we want to be the ones holding the light during the process of transformation which will be soon, I believe within a year, but then again, as the timing goes I was always wrong so take the timing with a grain of salt.

Those of you who think that I have gone crazy, please do not reject my work. Use the SH Protocol and cleanse. You will greatly benefit from it in every way possible.

Love and light to us all.

Shedding some light on the confusion

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This article is for those who are aware, at least partially, of what is going on, on our planet.

Since it has to do with our health, I am going to explain things in a logical way as I understand them to be.

To get a grasp on the present situation, we have to understand who we are, what is our purpose, and what is this thing we call our reality?

Through my quantum articles, I explain the process of creation, which is mentioned in the Bible as well.

Nirvana/energy without a purpose/darkness > sound/voice of God/intentional disturbance of the energetic field > sacred geometry, light/electromagnetism > brain/mind/creation

Since energy is conscious energy, every expression of energy is conscious of its existence.

The brain receives energy in a form of various frequencies through light, sound, and electromagnetic vibration, and according to the program that was implanted into it, it creates infinite possibilities of creative forms. Ego, which is the consciousness of the physical expression then decides what will be manifested as its reality.

Since humans were given the power to create, they were doing so for a long time, but since the mind/ego is self-centered, it was separating itself more and more from the universal consciousness of the I am/creator/the great spirit/grandfather…

At one point, the consciousness of the physicality had created an artificial life form and started to use it to gain more power not realizing that the opposite will happen. This artificial life form was given a name, black goo.

There are two types of black goo.

One is the product of a natural biological decay that contains humic acids and minerals, and the artificial black goo is a graphene oxide that is now being used in the depopulation jabs.

Here is a video that describes the two goos:

Graphene oxide is where the problem lies.

Bible scholars have their interpretation of the stuff so you can hear it here:


Both videos have many truthful facts but I do not fully agree with any of them because I am not using the given information blindly. I am not back-engineering things.

I much prefer to build them up from the scratch and I will only give you some points for you to understand where I am coming from.

To be able to build things from a scratch, I cannot take into consideration anything that was written and told in the past since everything is just a personal interpretation driven by emotion and the understanding of those times.

This is very obvious when the Bible is considered as the source of information because it is heavily manipulated, and what is not written in it, cannot be found there and could be a missing link which is often the case.

The Biblical God, Allah in Islam, is created in our image. It has our emotions, and reasons the way we do. It has nothing to do with the creative essence and has all to do with us, humans.

There could have never been a war between God and Lucifer the way Bible tells the story.

We are the creative Biblical gods, and the Lucifer is our mind that has separated itself from the creative essence of the one I am.

The true Biblical fight between God and Lucifer is what is happening now on our planet.

The mind versus the heart.

The mind is the manipulating, self-centered force of fear, possessiveness, and greed, and the heart being the source of unity, understanding, compassion, and love.

A long time ago, as the mind became focused on its own power to create and dominate, and the possessiveness of the ego, it has created artificial life in an attempt to improve its own abilities. We call this a black goo or graphene oxide.

It was created in an attempt to strengthen the electromagnetic field and make the frequencies of the body in which it is injected resilient to change.

This was achieved but an unfortunate side effect occurred. This side effect was the complete disconnect from the heart/soul of the individual who was “upgraded”.

We have been told about this through the movie industry. All alien attacks were shown in the form of an octopus or a squid, which is exactly how the graphene oxide appears in the blood.

It has no intelligence. It is self-conscious as everything else, but has no intelligence although we refer to it as artificial intelligence. It is energy-driven and amplifies electromagnetic fields. It cannot replicate itself.

Since it is highly electro-conductive, it is drawn towards the area of the body with higher electromagnetic fields. The more active is an organ, the stronger the electromagnetic field it radiates.

This is why the injected graphene is found concentrated in the brain, heart, and sexual organs of sexually active people.

Wherever it is, it amplifies the electromagnetic fields which is not necessarily good. It actually causes spontaneous abortion and changes in the menstrual cycle, making it impossible for women to procreate.

This is the reason why the Grays, cannot replicate and need humans to do so for them.

This was destroying the past civilizations and whenever an attempt was being done to stop using this goo, a battle has occurred and the dark forces empowered by the goo have won.

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This time around, the most powerful and experienced souls have offered to help in overpowering the artificially manipulated people and to eliminate this evil goo from this planet and the entire Universe.

Many have offered to help but only a few, the most experienced souls have been chosen to do this job since it is a very difficult task to do and many of the chosen ones have caved in not being able to take on the force of evil.

This is why we see so many suicides.

Self-destruction has almost occurred in the 60s in the conflict between the USSR and the USA. John F. Kennedy has managed to prevent it but his attempt to tackle the evil has failed although the resistance continued to grow under the symbol of Q.

Until the 1980s, our civilization was still on the path of self-destruction.

It was in the mid-1990s that it was becoming clear that the survival of the human race is possible but with a large loss of human life because people were so indoctrinated that they will put their own life on the line defending the evil that is enslaving them.

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Miraculously, people have started awakening and the occurrence of a major disaster started diminishing. The longer we have managed to prevent a major disaster, the more people were waking up and the consciousness of awakened people was returning to their hearts.

Month after month, the situation was improving, the plan of liberation was being adjusted and the seemingly impossible became our reality.

The good has won over the evil with no significant loss of human life and no significant damage to our planet Earth.

It makes no longer sense to prolong the awakening because people are dying from the jabs, so the final military action can, and was implemented although the media is not reporting on it.

Any moment, the military/Alliance/White hats/Q, will take over the News Broadcasting and the truth will be revealed for all to see, and it will be very difficult to bear for most people.

Why is this event so important, and why are all extraterrestrial nations here observing and celebrating our victory?

This article is becoming too long so the answer will be revealed in the following post.

Love and light to us all.

Do pathogen organisms cause disease?


The backbone of “mad-sin” is structured around a pathogen that causes health problems which we have named diseases.

Whenever there is a symptom showing up, indoctrinated health “experts”/doctors start their search for a pathogen that causes this health issue.

If there is an issue with digestion, depending on a symptom, there could be blame placed on some toxic chemicals, but first of all, doctors focus on biological pathogens like bacteria, fungus, and parasites.

If nothing is found, depending on symptoms, the culprit will be selected as a genetic glitch, autoimmune problem, or the tricky/nonexistent virus.

If some microorganism is found, the entire health issue is blamed on it and the war on the “pathogen” organism is unleashed. The entire array of toxic chemicals are pumped into the body to eliminate this pathogen to destroy it so that healing is achieved.

Sadly, healing is never achieved, just the disappearance of symptoms which is mistakenly interpreted as an achievement of healing.

What was achieved was only a suppression of symptoms, which, when toxic elements are used, has a completely different way of action from the one we are being told during our indoctrination.


I have explained before that when we treat an infection with the Colloidal Silver, the “pathogen” organisms will be destroyed, but the inflammation and all of the symptoms of an “infection” will remain for some time as if nothing was achieved by utilizing the Colloidal Silver.

On the other side, when an antibiotic is applied, the symptoms go away even though the pathogen is still there. This is why we are being told to use the antibiotic for a minimum of 7 days.

Why did the antibiotic stop the symptoms of the “infection” and Colloidal Silver did not?

What are the symptoms of infection?

They are fever, inflammation, pain, tiredness, and a lack of appetite.

Those are the same symptoms of toxic tissue and toxic blood.

So if tissue is toxic and forced hydration takes place, an inflammation occurs. The forced hydration dislodge cellular toxins into the blood polluting it.

This is what is happening regardless of the presence of bacteria or no bacteria.

The Colloidal Silver will destroy bacteria or fungus if they are present but it is not toxic so the forced hydration continues, the blood continues to get polluted as cells detoxify, and the symptoms of toxic blood persists until the tissue and the blood are cleansed.

The antibiotic, on the other side, because of its toxicity, forces cells to defend themselves from it. They produce stress protein reinforcing their membrane and now no more water can come in and no toxins can come out of cells. The cellular hydration and cleansing process stop and the symptoms of “infection” start to dissipate as the blood slowly becomes clean.


This is a simple illustration proving that bacteria and fungus are not pathogens, they are just much bigger garbage disposal units from the macrophage.

When we have a large chunk of biodegradable stuff in the body, bacteria are not efficient enough. This is where an even bigger garbage disposal system has to be used and that system is the parasites.

When we have a very toxic tissue that is dying and bacteria forms to dispose of it, if it is inadequate, we see necrotic tissue forming since the bacteria had no sufficient capacity to consume it. We then call this a flesh-eating bacteria, suggesting that bacteria has created the problem.

The problem was created by toxicity and bacteria was there to help to eliminate the necrotic parts.

If worms are placed on such tissue, they are much more efficient. They would eat the necrotic tissue and the individual would survive. This is a medicinal treatment from the past. Today, we keep things sterile and if surgically we cannot remove the dead tissue, the necrotic poisons will poison and kill their host.

Where do we see the necrotic tissue?

Often in long-term diabetic people, and in severe chronic cases of skin inflammation.

Those are all patients under a doctor’s care. They are all heavily poisoned by pharmaceutical drugs.

Then we are told that the bacteria is resistant to the antibiotic so the necrotic tissue is spreading.

Warning: Case of Vibrio Infection in Talbot County ...

All lies and misconceptions. Killing the bacteria will help a bit because the bacteria that feed on the decay also eliminate their own toxins into the affected area contributing to the overall toxicity of the lymph and blood.

Long-term diabetics end up with such a bad blood circulation that tissue starts dying. Many of them develop necrotic tissue because of it. Often the problem starts when they injure themselves or they are bit by an insect. The wound does not close, and it starts to get larger and “infected”.

Antibiotics do not work because of the fact that the entire area is very toxic, inflamed, and cells are closed down already.

The Colloidal silver will destroy the bacteria and often the wound will close, but the necrotic tissue continues spreading and amputation is the only way out.

This is what your doctor will tell you, but is this true?

You know, if I ask this question, the answer will be no, we do not have to amputate the necrotic limb, we can save it but not with antibiotics or any other toxic mad-sin poison.

We can save the limb or organ by implementing the SHP.

Hydration, detox, and change of diet, and implementing Dr. Beck’s blood electrification/pulser.

I have helped several people to save their limbs after they have been sent to the operation table.

Those people had no more feeling in those limbs, totally unresponsive, and everything has changed sometimes within the first 10 days on the protocol.

My experiences have convinced me that what we call the pathogen organisms, are nothing more than a garbage disposal system, and instead of placing our focus on them, we should help the body to detoxify and the “pathogens” will vanish by themselves.

DSC_0179 (2)

after two weeks on the protocol

Havier leg 2

During the healing, people often comment that the fungus went away but then reappeared. What should they do?

There are two stages of increased blood toxicity during the healing process. They are marked by increased blood toxicity and this is when symptoms of “infection”/toxic blood and forced hydration are the most prominent.

The first one is when the hydration of the blood commences, and the other is when cellular hydration starts and cellular toxins are released into the blood.

The symptoms often surprise people and they run to their doctor only to be given antibiotics which will stop the hydration and healing process, and the symptoms will ease down or go away, but no healing is achieved.

Because of the false science, we are indoctrinated with, doctors misinterpret the symptoms and the only way they can react is by medicating the hell out of a patient because this is the only thing that they have learned in the medical indoctrination center.

If you want to live, keep away from your doctor.

Love and light to us all.

Relation between the metabolic syndrome and diet


Cardiovascular “disease” is rampant and affecting the ever-younger generation.
Some certain signs and symptoms are commonly associated with cardiovascular deterioration.
Those symptoms are obesity, high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, high serum triglyceride, and elevated serum cholesterol.

Those five symptoms, or when at least three of them are present in one individual, this state have been labeled with a symbol we call Metabolic Syndrome.

Doctors are trained to address each of those symptoms individually.
Every one of those symptoms will be medicated.
One toxic remedy will be given to lower the blood pressure, another medicinal thing to lower cholesterol, another to lower the blood sugar…

Since those are all toxic poisons, they will disturb the stomach so another toxic remedy is to stabilize the stomach. All of them together will increase the overall toxic load of the blood, and create digestive problems and symptoms including stopping the cellular hydration.

Since doctors are not given the correct information, instead of healing, they promote diseases by increasing the toxic load of the body they are trying to help.

There have always been doctors who had realized that there is a problem with nutrition and if nutrition is corrected, much better curing results can be achieved than by using medicinal remedies.


Many of those doctors instead of using pharmaceutical poisons, reach to natural remedies/medicinal plants, not realizing that there is not much of a difference in which way you poison the body. Medicinal plants are just as toxic as pharmaceutical poisons/drugs.

The only difference is that medicinal plants are not being implemented daily for a long time, so the toxic impact is lower.

Since the basic thinking behind medical science is the same, there is often just temporary improvement before things worsen.

In this video, Dr. Pradip Jammadas is explaining the metabolic syndrome, and high blood pressure and how to go about it the “natural” way.

At the very beginning, he makes statements that we are being indoctrinated with and I have debunked through my work.

He says that elevated blood pressure can cause heart attacks, arteriosclerosis, strokes, blindness, vascular diseases, kidney failure…

He is correct that hypertension is misunderstood because everything he had said so far is wrong. He is blaming symptoms for causing other symptoms.

He is saying that as a cardiologist he sees patients when they already have organ damage. Well, people come to see a doctor when there is something wrong with them, this should not surprise him.

Dr. Jammadas is stating that kidney failure and tumor are secondary expressions of elevated BP.

He is saying that by lowering the BP with medication, the “secondary diseases” can be prevented.

And then comes the jam: if you reverse the metabolic syndrome, you will lower the blood pressure naturally.

Now comes a bit of truth. Dr. Jammadas states that through a change of diet, we can lower the metabolic syndrome and the blood pressure will go down naturally.

The only problem is that he himself has no clue what is the correct diet. He keeps blaming obesity to be a huge problem. Another wrong statement.

Those who do not understand what is going on, reach for the statistics. Oh, 80% of obese people have metabolic syndrome. Fat must be the reason behind it right? Wrong as always.


I cannot continue debunking those false claims one by one because this article will be too long.

Those of you who are following my work can clearly see the absurdity of his claims.

Again, I am not picking on Dr. Jammadas. He is just being used as a symbol of the medical false interpretation of how the body works and what the symptoms that we have named diseases or syndromes actually are, and what causes them.

We do not have to know the blood values to be able to lower blood pressure. We do not have to know the levels of cholesterol, triglyceride, and insulin in the blood to be able to heal.

All that we need is to understand our body and know what fuel it is programmed to use, and fuel it with the correct fuel/diet.

When you do not know how the body works, you will blame the increased levels of triglyceride and cholesterol on the animal fat you eat.

Since triglycerides and cholesterol are fats, you automatically focus on the meat in your diet. This is what I call childish reasoning, and this is what most doctors do.

Do not eat pork and eggs, is their instruction.

Everyone familiar with my work knows that fatty food has absolutely nothing to do with the level of cholesterol in our blood.

High levels of blood cholesterol and triglycerides are strictly related to carbohydrate diet, and so is the presence of insulin.

Cut carbohydrates out from your diet, and your “Metabolic Syndrome” will vanish.

Why is fasting so effective in restoring our health?

During fasting, you are not poisoning your body with carbohydrates and the body has to switch its cellular metabolism back to fats. Your cells become powered by your stored fat, the metabolic syndrome goes down, and you feel better than ever before.

Well, this is a great way to make some order in your body but what if you are skinny and you have metabolic syndrome?


We do not have to do any fasting to be able to put our cells into the ketogenic state. All that we have to do is to cut out processed foods from our diet.

Dr. Jammadas is correct on this, he is correctly pointing to glucose and sugars to be the problem but I am sure that he does not consider the cooked vegetables to be a processed food.

Also, he puts the fructose in the same basket as the glucose because he completely ignores the GLUT sugar transporting mechanism.

Dr. Jammadas correctly states that the destruction of the body of people that run on sugars (glucoholics) is the result of high insulin blood levels.

Now you can see how doctors destroy our health by poisoning us with insulin as an excuse to control our blood sugar.

Dr. Jammadas is a good doctor that correctly helps his patient although many of his statements are incorrect.

It is very difficult to see things correctly after we have been brainwashed by the indoctrination mechanism of our schools.

This article again explains why is the SHP so effective in the healing of our body.

Love and light to us all.

Is exposure to the cold healthy?


Wim Hof had surprised scientists with his ability to tolerate cold.
He is promoting cold therapy as the ultimate health therapy proving that our body can withstand much more than we think.

Scientists used him to check his body’s tolerance to pathogens and they were surprised how resilient his system is towards infections and diseases.

Yes, he is resistant but not for the reason he and the scientists around him think.

To be able to understand why are people who expose themselves to extreme cold more resilient, we have to understand the body, which the popular/schooled science does not understand.
This is why the results are misinterpreted and wrong conclusions made.
This is the reason why our “science” does not advance.

To start with, we should know where is the body heat produced, and how it is regulated?

Often. People think that heat is produced during cellular metabolism while energy is being produced.
This is not entirely correct. Yes, some heat is being released during the metabolic process but this is not the main source of body heat.

When an alternator is producing electricity, it worms up but when the electricity is being used, the electro-motor becomes much warmer and requires cooling.


Because the rate of the electric flow is faster, more friction, higher heat.
It is pure physics.

The same happens in our bodies. The strongest heat production is done by active organs.
We produce a lot of heat when we are digesting food because of intestinal contraction.
Muscular activity produces the highest quantities of heat.
We shake uncontrollably when our body temperature is falling so that the muscular activity produces more heat and replaces the lost heat.

As soon as we start running, our heat goes up and the body has to regulate it, by cooling it down with water, we start to sweat.

Of course, the lost electrical charge/energy, has to be replaced and mitochondria become active. This adds to the overall heat production in the body.

The more mitochondria are active, the more heat will be produced.

For this reason, different animals have slightly different body temperatures. Basically the more active is a mammal, the wormer is his body. This is normal

The body has a heat-regulating mechanism to keep it under control.

The heat is controlled through respiration, and through the skin. The body is cooled with plasma and the more heat is being produced, the more vapor is coming out of the skin until it turns into droplets of water which we call sweating.

There is one particular thing that seems to be separating us from animals, and this is the necessity to help our body to stay warm by covering it.

Are we freaks of nature?

Yes, we have made ourselves freaks, totally defenseless against the elements and sickly.

Wim Hof has proved that we are the cause of this and not our creator.

So where did we go wrong?

Baby bundled up stock image. Image of infant, nosed, large ...

From the very start of our lives.

Instead of being left naked and just being heated by the body of our mother, we bundle up our babies. By shivering, the baby creates enough heat and it is not nearly as fragile as we believe it to be.

There are many cases of newborn babies being left in garbage do die and are discovered hours or day later spending the night exposed to low temperatures and nothing happens to those babies.

Actually, such babies become more resilient.

The more heat has to be created, the more active and more numerous has to be the cellular mitochondria. The body’s natural heat controlling mechanism is regulating the heat perfectly and there is no need to keep the baby all bundled up.

By dressing up, we are disarming our natural systems and we become dependent on covering ourselves for the rest of the life unless we become freaks like Wim, and decide to activate our natural functions.

What you do not use, you lose.

We see a tiger that lives in the warm jungle of India, and we see the same animal living in cold Siberia. No coat is needed.

We see owls living in tropical forests and on the snow in Canada.

No coat is needed.

Wim Hof has proven that the same goes for us but because we love comfort, we improvise which is not always to our benefit.

Is it healthy for our body to be exposed to the cold?

Definitely. It is like exercising. It forces our muscles to create heat, it forces mitochondria to be active and to increase in number to satisfy the energy production so that the body can be heated properly.

The supplement liars are selling all kinds of mitochondria boosting products that do absolutely nothing, and most do exactly the opposite.


Keeping the body in ketosis and making it work, does the job. Heating the body is work and it carries all the benefits of exercise.

Extreme cold is as good as extreme exercise, not many can handle it or are even interested in trying it.

Fast metabolism produces higher voltage, this keeps the vibration steady. This is the perfect and the only immune system our body has. The immunity to frequency change is immunity to any disease, and Wim Hof has proven this.

Unfortunately, this is not enough. The aging of the body accelerates because the toxicity is not dealt with. This is showing on Wim. If he would have combined his practice with SHP, he would have been an incredible example of human stamina, health, and longevity.

It is healthy to take a cold shower and spend some time being cold just to stimulate your body.

Now you know the reason why.

Love and light to us all.

If you are on this site, it is not by chance


It is more and more obvious that what is occurring in our reality is planned a long time before. The Biblical prophecies, although not entirely, are also occurring.

Fortune tellers can tell you what will happen to you, shamans can tell you your past and future… all this indicates that nothing happens randomly. It is all part of a design.

Who has created this design/game of our reality?

Religious people will say, it was God/Allah/Creator.

What does religion tell us about this God/Creator?

God is powerful and just. He/she knows everything and is loving and forgives. He/she loves its creation.

But on the other side, it has its preferences. It prefers Jews over other people. It is vengeful, holds grudges, and will punish you for disobedience.

After all, people were created in his image.

Were they?

Or maybe it is the other way round. God was created in the image of a man?


If we take religion aside and talk to the indigenous people, a different light is shed on our creator.

When the indigenous people look for help or answers they connect to their ancestors, grandfathers of their past. They call it the spirit world.

They understand that everything that exists has a spirit that connects them, and that mistreating somebody, even nature, will reflect back on them.

When Europeans came to America, they have encountered people living there in harmony with nature. Everything was pristine.

It took them only two hundred years to destroy it. How did they manage to achieve this so quickly?

By destroying the truth and replacing it with lies.

Now the humanity is going the other way. It is returning to the truth. This brings people together not just in the relationship between humans to humans, but also in the relation of humans with nature.

We can refer to it as the healing time.

Since we have the power to create, we have created many good things, but many bad ones as well of which the worse was the creation of Lucifer.

The residence of Lucifer is on planet Earth, more precisely, it is in the Vatican, but people have been told that the Vatican is the center of Catholicism.

What is good, is bad. What is white is black. What is just is persecuted…

Now, during the separation/Rapture, this is more obvious than ever before.

Everything is being exposed to awaken people to the truth, and the time has come to isolate those who refuse to unite with the greater good.

Every game/reality has a purpose. It brings a collection of experiences that are then being used to create another game.

Every game becomes more and more sophisticated and through our experiences, we are slowly merging into the oneness which is the consciousness that is behind all creation.

In this game, we had experienced what ego can do and how cruel the world can become when ego separates itself from the collective consciousness.


This experience, we do not want to project in the new game we are creating, so it has to be cleansed from our genetic records.

Every event triggers an emotional response of our physical consciousness/ego which, if it was negative, triggers bad emotional energy which leaves its imprint in the electromagnetic field we live in and remains as a record embedded in our genes.

Those bad energetic imprints are the cause of most diseases.

Now, they all have to be cleansed out before we can enter the new game.

This is why so many people are sick.

Sickness is nothing else than toxic blood and symptoms of its cleansing.

The SHP is a tool that anyone can use and cleanse itself not just from the toxic food and other poisons we have been poisoned with, but also from all emotional frequencies because ultimately, everything is just energy of a particular frequency.

The more polluted we are, the stronger symptoms of cleansing we are going to experience, and since what the protocol suggests is contrary to what we are being told by our “science” every symptom is often misinterpreted and blamed on salt or meat and not on the true culprit.

Many people who have been suffering from chronic diseases for a long time have detoxified themselves and have healed using the SHP.

It is not by sheer coincidence that they have been given this knowledge and blessing of healing.

They have been lead so that they have this experience which they can use to help others.

True knowledge comes through experience and not from books.

Experience does not lie nor misinterpret things. Once you have experienced something, no one can tell you otherwise.

If you are here, reading my articles, you have been guided, and you are ready for the truth.

Several people have asked me if they can share this information and help their friends with the cleansing process.

This is why I write two articles every week so that this, to us a new way of understanding, becomes exposed and people benefit from it. Use it and share it.

We are destroying the chains of slavery. Everything is changing from governments, finances, science, and here, we are changing the science of mad-sin into the science of healing by exposing the truth.

Please, do not talk about this unless you have experienced it personally. Do not be a parrot. Use your experience to help others.

The sicker you have been, the more experience you have acquired by following the protocol, and the same as I have been guiding you, you are now capable to guide other people.

Please do it. This is why you are herefore. To experience and share your experiences with others.

We are the creators, we are powerful, never forget it. This understanding is what will protect you from fear.

Thank you for being here to hold the light.

Love and light to us all.

Emotions and emotional stress


We often hear our health professionals talking about stress, and how bad it affects our health.
Doctors have even created a disease based on it calling it Anxiety disorder.
Unfortunately, doctors and many alternative healers do not realize that emotions are creating a disturbance in health way before some phobias appear.

Since what we call disease is based on symptoms and their interpretation, many “diseases” may be discovered during the progression of the body’s toxicity, and the damage that toxic emotion can bring, affecting our health in different ways.

The most common misinterpretation of symptoms could be done diagnosing hypertension.

An emotional problem at work can accelerate your heart, and if your blood pressure is measured at that time, it will be elevated, and the doctor will prescribe a toxin/medication to suppress it/medicate it.

The doctor’s treatment will now create another emotion, an emotion of fear, worry bout deteriorating health that will add onto the first one and the problems accelerate.

The symptoms of emotional stress are mentioned to be nervousness, faster heartbeat, increased BP, breathing rapidly, twitching, trembling, feeling weak or restless, having trouble sleeping, bad dreams, worrying, sweating, indigestion, chest pain, headache… and we can go on and on.


As you can see, just by selecting the symptoms, we can invent many diseases since all of those symptoms may be, and are present in a great variety of “diseases”.

Now you can just imagine how many medicaments/poisons can the drug pusher/doctor push on you and how fast he/she can increase the overall toxicity of your body.

As I have mentioned before, you can be medicated for hypertension, but also for tachycardia, sleep apnea, stomach ulcer, myoclonus, ticks, athetosis, headache, and depression…

Right of a bet, a dozen of drugs can be pushed on you poisoning you, while none of them will help you in any positive way other than suppressing the symptom they are going to affect.

In the meantime, you are being poisoned and your blood has become toxic which will create a whole range of new symptoms/diseases that will have to be dealt with through another bunch of toxic medications. A permanent patient is borne.

As you can see, many health problems can be caused not just by stress, but mostly through the way doctors respond to the symptoms that stress creates.

Obviously, the best thing would be not to be stressed, but how can we control stress?

Can we control a stressful situation without being stressed?

What is stress after-all?

During our daily life, we are observing many things. Some of those things do not affect us and we simply acknowledge them, and some things/experiences do affect us by us reacting towards them.

Our reactions to a particular event may vary, and be interpreted in various ways.

Some people can react to the same event with anger, dissatisfaction, disgust, and hate, while other people can react to the same event with laughter, happiness, feeling of love, and blissfulness.

While the event on its own will not do us any harm, the way we react to it may, and our reaction to an event we call an emotion.


This is very important to understand.

The nonphysical action of someone cannot harm you no matter what they do or what they say.

What will harm you is the way you take it emotionally.

Your thoughts toward what someone has done will create an emotion.

Thoughts are electromagnetic waves that your brain has created as a response to that event.

The same as the event, your thoughts can become a part of your reality, but much more than that.

When a bad thoughts/reaction to an event is created, they leave an electromagnetic imprint which will disturb the electromagnetic field of your body and will stay there until it is consciously being erased.

This we do through forgiveness because until we forgive, this emotion will be surfacing and recreating the bad event in our mind over and over again. This will be depleting our energy and it will have the same consequence as if we have been poisoned. It is an off-tune vibration.

Since every thought vibrates in a different frequency, you will be depleting your body of the energy of a particular frequency. If there is tissue or an organ that runs on that frequency, it will be underpowered and especially if the cell of that organ is acidic and cannot hold an electric charge, an uncontrollable cellular proliferation will occur.

We call this a tumor/cancer.

Often I hear people saying, If you would know what was done to me, you would not be able to forgive as well.

Forgiveness is an acknowledgment of the event and letting go of the negative/toxic emotion we had created as a response to it.

When we do not forgive, we become stuck with toxic emotions and we cannot heal.


The best is not to create negative emotions, to begin with.

We can prevent the formation of toxic emotion by consciously connecting with our hearts before we react to the event.

The easiest way to connect our consciousness to our heart is by putting a smile on our faces. This involves muscles that make the heart connection. This is the reason we smile when we are happy.

Just try to be angry or to make a threatening curse after you have placed a smile on your face.

Smile and the world will smile at you!

Bring the emotion to the surface and smile. Now kiss it goodbye.

I remember in the 70s and early 80s, some gurus were promoting laughter. People went to see them and then spent hours just laughing.

To me, that was ridiculous and still is.

An unprovoked, forced laugh has no meaning.

You have to know why are you laughing for.

There has to be a thought behind it or it has no meaning at all.

We are now in a special time of divide, a rapture. To be able to go forward to a higher dimension/frequency, we have to connect our mind with our heart. This will cleanse all out-of-tune frequencies from our body including our genetic material which is a collection of experiences and includes electromagnetic imprints of our reaction to them/emotions.

It all has to be released.


As we are being exposed to radiation of very high frequencies, a shift is made in our genetic expression and many emotions are being stimulated to surface to our attention.

People that are following the self healers protocol (SHP), as they start cleansing their blood, their brain- fog is clearing and they start reliving their past as the emotions are being brought to their attention. If they cannot forgive, those emotions will remain and they will remain under the influence of their mind not being able to ascend.

It does not matter what you eat. What matters is the emotion you feel towards the food.

You can feel content eating fruits and your mind is signaling the brain to produce thoughts/vibrations of satisfaction but if behind it surfaces an emotion/thought of tortured animals, you are poisoning your mind and the effect this emotion will have is going to be as toxic as if you are eating the meat and hating animals.

A hungry individual that has killed an animal for food, is happy. Now, he/she can eat and live. No bad emotion/toxic frequency was created.

The image is creating emotion, and this emotion is what is causing the bad, off-tune frequency which will haunt you until you acknowledge it and let it go.

If you are observing someone torturing an animal, or if you are telling someone else about it, in both cases your ego is stimulating the brain to create those images and the toxic frequency is being radiated affecting the one who responds to it “emotionally”.


Smile and the world will smile at you!

Love and light to us all.

Are we doomed, or is there a way to cleanse the depopulation jab?

Woman With Face Mask Getting Vaccinated Coronavirus ...

Before I address the cleansing of the jab/depopulation vaccine, I have to debunk once and for all one of the crucial misconceptions in mad-sin called oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is being blamed to be the cause of our body’s deterioration, the formation of diseases, and causing the aging of our bodies.

We are being schooled that there is garbage in our body called free radicals that can oxidize and become toxic causing health issues and premature aging of our bodies.

When we use this “knowledge” as our truth, we can think of several options in protecting our health. One would be the elimination of the free radicals. When there are no free radicals, the oxygen cannot oxidize them and no harm can come to our body.

The other option is to prevent oxygen from binding with free radicals.

For this purpose, we have invented substances we have named antioxidants.

We are being told that the most potent antioxidant in our body is uric acid, but also glutathione, and then we are being schooled that plants contain also antioxidants and when ingested, those plant-based antioxidants will then protect our body. Some of those are vitamins. Vitamin C, E, D…

Finally, the third option left to prevent oxidative stress is to minimize the level of oxygen in the body. No oxygen, no oxidative stress.


Well, this third option is obviously ridiculous so we are not focusing on it.

In a matter of fact, just the opposite is noticed to be true, and this is that increased relative pressure of oxygen in the body will have a cleansing and healing effect.


Something is very wrong with this oxidative stress theory and since the elimination of free radicals from our body would have meant no diseases and no necessity to elaborate on the way of how to prevent oxidative stress, no medicinal approach, this would be a disaster for the mad-sin and pharmaceutical industry.

This is the reason why all of the attention is focused on the interference, the prevention of the “oxidative stress” through the application of antioxidants.

Now, I can go and debunk each of the antioxidants separately which I have done through my other articles so I do not want to waste my and your time on this nonsense at this point.

Instead, I will debunk the entire concept of antioxidative stress.

The basic concept is based on the science that claims that there is an atom with an electron, or a bunch of electrons, zipping around it.

Those electrons are mostly pared which makes the atom stable, but some atoms have unpaired/single electrons in the last orbit (free radical), which can easily be captured by another atom, in this case, an atom of oxygen, which then makes this free-radical toxic.

This entire concept was drowned with the realization that there are no electrons orbiting an atom. As I have explained in one of my articles, what we are referring to being an electron orbit is nothing more than an electromagnetic field/aura, of a vibrating energetic impulse.

This is why this supposed electron can be present in every location at the same time.

This realization crashes the entire concept behind oxidative stress.

Now it is so obvious why none of the antioxidants have ever shown any healing results and if any improvement was achieved, it was not caused by them but by the placebo effect which suppresses fear. In this way, the energy field is being strengthened and as the frequency stabilizes itself, healing results appear.


Increased level of vitamin C does not show any improvement until the level of vitamin C is so high that it becomes toxic.

Now, cells close down to guard themselves against the toxic levels of vitamin C, and at the same time, the cellular toxins are stopped from seeping out from the cells. Cells stop polluting the blood and the symptoms of toxic blood and its cleansing start diminishing.

Videos and articles are surfacing promoting detoxification of the jab through antioxidants and I am sad to say, it is worthless information that will bring no healing results.

The only way to stop the toxic effect of the jab and all of the other toxins that are pushed into our body that we refer to as free radicals are to simply cleanse them out of the body.

Unfortunately, we had the wrong information about the way cleansing is being achieved and no deep cellular cleanse was ever done.

The SHP has changed this.

The symptoms that people are having after being jabbed or while they are present in close proximity to the people who have been jabbed and are vibrating in the wrong frequency are proving that the body is attempting to rid itself of those toxins and all that has to be done is to supply the body with what it needs to effectively do this job, and this is to load it with plasma/minerals and water.

My friends, by pointing to the errors of the “scientific” teaching we are being exposed to, we are turning the entire field of mad-sin on its head.

We are debunking and destroying this fake science called medicine, and liberating ourselves from the clutches of Cabal that controls it.

By increasing the plasma level of our body, we are supporting the cleansing mechanism of the blood which is conducted by three organs which are the kidneys, mucous tissue, and the skin.

Once the blood is clean, cells will permit their own hydration and expel the toxins that are stuck within their membranes.

By eliminating their garbage, they pollute the blood again so the symptoms of the toxic blood and its cleansing return and often become stronger than ever before.

As the toxicity decreases, the symptoms weaken and the “disease” goes away.


The SHP is the perfect guide to cleansing and when done correctly it will eliminate all toxins/free radicals from our body. The result will be complete healing.

This is not a theory. Everyone who has done the protocol correctly has experienced the symptoms of a deep cleansing and the healing effects it brings.

SHP can be used to cleanse all toxic elements including heavy metals, vaccines, and even emotional baggage.

Keep in mind that a strong electric voltage will keep you immune to any change of frequency, so nothing can touch you while you are celebrating, but fear will do just the opposite.

The veil that obscures clarity is coming down, the manipulation and lies are becoming more obvious than ever before, and the good is separating from the evil.

People who are operating from their hearts, supporting each other, are separating themselves from those who want to remain being lead by their mind’s desire for power and control over others.

The Bible refers to this as a Rapture, a separation.

To religious people who believe in the Bible, these are biblical times.

To spiritual people, this is the time of a victory, the heart over the mind, and the reunion with the consciousness of I am.

No matter how you perceive what is happening, if your heart is in a good place, a wonderful future awaits for you.

Love and light to us all.