Families are torn apart

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Divide and rule is the oldest trick in the book of war.

This is the famous principle of Niccolò Machiavelli, and it is being implemented heavily now.

Such practice is not just used to destroy the enemy, it destroys the society and family.

The basic force that is involved here says it all.

The consciousness of physicality is influenced on one side by the brain’s duality and rational thinking, and on the other side, there is the unity of the heart.

Our mind/ego fears every change. Fear is an emotion that is created by the brain.

It is there to keep us safe and careful.

To be able to do so, the ego is often explosive and aggressive. It all makes sense when we find ourselves in life-threatening situations, but since the ego is also self-centered, it can easily make wrong decisions as it wants to dominate at the same time as it wants to protect.

The more we allow to be ruled by our brain, the more in fear we are, the more explosive and violent we become, and the separation from the heart increases.

This is the reason why opinionated people like to enforce their views onto others.

They think that they are righteous while it is just the opposite. Their views become the only truth they are capable to accept, and the fear of not succeeding is making them aggressive and violent.

We can use the current situation of vaccines as an example.

People that are in fear of the virus, are desperately trying to protect themselves.

The fear is preventing them from rational thinking.


We have mild flu that is blamed on a highly infectious virus that was not discovered yet, but there are several variants of this non-existing virus that are very deadly.

Who writes this script?

If I would start watching such a movie, I would have left the theater. It is a senseless script, yet people are buying it as if it was a cat’s miau.

We have now a not only polarized nation, we have polarized families.

Those who are scared are accepting vaccines, wearing masks, keeping distance, which is ok if this is what calms them down, but the effect of self-righteousness is making them aggressive towards anyone who does not share their opinion.

Now we have family members who have accepted vaccines because they are being misled and frightened beyond belief, demanding that the rest of the family members get jabbed so that they feel safer.

Rational thinking is out the window.

If you have been vaccinated, you did this so that you are protected from the virus, yet you demand others to be jabbed. Why exactly if you are protected?

Fear knows no reasoning. Three jabs, five masks, visor, Hazmat suit, and distancing will not make such people feel safe unless everyone follows the TV propaganda.


Stupidity knows no boundary and combined with fear spells disaster.

Many family members are accepting the jab just to have peace in the house.

I wonder, what is the reaction of those who have been putting pressure on other family members to get jabbed and the family member became sick afterward, or dies?

Does anyone feel responsible for their action especially when we are talking about nonlethal flu and severe symptoms that many people experience from the jab?

I can somehow understand the people here in the Amazon jungle. They can barely read and believe everything they are told, but I know many highly educated people, many doctors, as well, who are as dumb as a doornail.

All they know is how to read and follow instructions.

Unfortunately, such people are the ones that are placed in the position of power to dictate what is to be done and how.

Fraudsters like Biden and Harris were allowed to be paraded as the President and Vice President to show people how manipulated they are, and still, it is taking them forever to wake up and realize what is going on.

I wonder if those two fruitcakes know how to tie their shoes, people dislike them, and yet, they have voted them to lea them?

Whenever I think, this must be it, people have awakened, and then I watch a new video of Mark Dice soliciting people, I realize how miraculously lucky we are that there were enough awakened people because the majority are pure zombies, and there is absolutely no chance for them to wake up.

Those zombies are the ones that are uninterested to find the truth so considering those zombies and those who are scared shitless, it is a true miracle that we have managed to free ourselves from evil.

This just shows us how weak the evil truly is.

Those of you who are scared of the nonexistent virus, unless you tackle your fears, no one can help you but please, stop pushing your fears onto others.

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Fear is not a virtue you should be proud of.

It shows everyone how weak you are, and if you are in fear and you are religious, it shows that you have no faith, you are bowing to your God because of fear, this is why you kneel in front of him.

I do not bow before God. I stand tall the way I was created to be because I have faith in a loving Creator.

There is still a lot to learn and this is what makes living such fun.

Love and light to us all.

I have just received the news of Robert David Steele’s murder by the medical mafia.

We will miss him.

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