Is exposure to the cold healthy?

Wim Hof had surprised scientists with his ability to tolerate cold.
He is promoting cold therapy as the ultimate health therapy proving that our body can withstand much more than we think.

Scientists used him to check his body’s tolerance to pathogens and they were surprised how resilient his system is towards infections and diseases.

Yes, he is resistant but not for the reason he and the scientists around him think.

To be able to understand why are people who expose themselves to extreme cold more resilient, we have to understand the body, which the popular/schooled science does not understand.
This is why the results are misinterpreted and wrong conclusions made.
This is the reason why our “science” does not advance.

To start with, we should know where is the body heat produced, and how it is regulated?

Often. People think that heat is produced during cellular metabolism while energy is being produced.
This is not entirely correct. Yes, some heat is being released during the metabolic process but this is not the main source of body heat.

When an alternator is producing electricity, it worms up but when the electricity is being used, the electro-motor becomes much warmer and requires cooling.


Because the rate of the electric flow is faster, more friction, higher heat.
It is pure physics.

The same happens in our bodies. The strongest heat production is done by active organs.
We produce a lot of heat when we are digesting food because of intestinal contraction.
Muscular activity produces the highest quantities of heat.
We shake uncontrollably when our body temperature is falling so that the muscular activity produces more heat and replaces the lost heat.

As soon as we start running, our heat goes up and the body has to regulate it, by cooling it down with water, we start to sweat.

Of course, the lost electrical charge/energy, has to be replaced and mitochondria become active. This adds to the overall heat production in the body.

The more mitochondria are active, the more heat will be produced.

For this reason, different animals have slightly different body temperatures. Basically the more active is a mammal, the wormer is his body. This is normal

The body has a heat-regulating mechanism to keep it under control.

The heat is controlled through respiration, and through the skin. The body is cooled with plasma and the more heat is being produced, the more vapor is coming out of the skin until it turns into droplets of water which we call sweating.

There is one particular thing that seems to be separating us from animals, and this is the necessity to help our body to stay warm by covering it.

Are we freaks of nature?

Yes, we have made ourselves freaks, totally defenseless against the elements and sickly.

Wim Hof has proved that we are the cause of this and not our creator.

So where did we go wrong?

Baby bundled up stock image. Image of infant, nosed, large ...

From the very start of our lives.

Instead of being left naked and just being heated by the body of our mother, we bundle up our babies. By shivering, the baby creates enough heat and it is not nearly as fragile as we believe it to be.

There are many cases of newborn babies being left in garbage do die and are discovered hours or day later spending the night exposed to low temperatures and nothing happens to those babies.

Actually, such babies become more resilient.

The more heat has to be created, the more active and more numerous has to be the cellular mitochondria. The body’s natural heat controlling mechanism is regulating the heat perfectly and there is no need to keep the baby all bundled up.

By dressing up, we are disarming our natural systems and we become dependent on covering ourselves for the rest of the life unless we become freaks like Wim, and decide to activate our natural functions.

What you do not use, you lose.

We see a tiger that lives in the warm jungle of India, and we see the same animal living in cold Siberia. No coat is needed.

We see owls living in tropical forests and on the snow in Canada.

No coat is needed.

Wim Hof has proven that the same goes for us but because we love comfort, we improvise which is not always to our benefit.

Is it healthy for our body to be exposed to the cold?

Definitely. It is like exercising. It forces our muscles to create heat, it forces mitochondria to be active and to increase in number to satisfy the energy production so that the body can be heated properly.

The supplement liars are selling all kinds of mitochondria boosting products that do absolutely nothing, and most do exactly the opposite.


Keeping the body in ketosis and making it work, does the job. Heating the body is work and it carries all the benefits of exercise.

Extreme cold is as good as extreme exercise, not many can handle it or are even interested in trying it.

Fast metabolism produces higher voltage, this keeps the vibration steady. This is the perfect and the only immune system our body has. The immunity to frequency change is immunity to any disease, and Wim Hof has proven this.

Unfortunately, this is not enough. The aging of the body accelerates because the toxicity is not dealt with. This is showing on Wim. If he would have combined his practice with SHP, he would have been an incredible example of human stamina, health, and longevity.

It is healthy to take a cold shower and spend some time being cold just to stimulate your body.

Now you know the reason why.

Love and light to us all.

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