Spike protein. Reality or nonsense?


A new bogeyman has hit the town.

The SPIKE PROTEIN is here.

From a doctor to the piss-boy, everyone is talking about it.

Soon, two masks are not going to be enough, and if time is given, a spacesuit would have soon be required if one is to leave their house.

Should we fear this spike, or is spiky a fragment of imagination?

To be able to answer this equation, we have to take into consideration some facts and engage few brain cells.

Our esteem scientists/actors/liars are telling us that there is this invisible slimy microorganism whose RNA is hiding better than the Houdini, so even the most sophisticated electronic microscope cannot bring it to light, and no chemical analysis can isolate it.

Then we are told that this invisible slimy thing is growing multiple spikes of proteins that made it possible for this slime-ball to attach itself to a living cell and attack it.


If you give such a script to Spielberg, I am sure he would reject it as a stupid hoax that makes no sense, but our doctors are gabbling it up as if it is the ultimate key to immortality.

Haven’t we learn already that whatever makes it on the first page of a News script, whatever the script readers/journalists are quacking about is always a lie.

There is this invisible thing that grows protein spikes. So we can see those spikes but not the virus?

Can anyone explain this to me and maybe Spielberg will use the script after all.

What we are being shown under the microscope is a microcell, bagged cellular garbage that cells discard during cellular detoxification, and the dots in those bags are the discarded toxins.

This means that what doctors consider to be an evil spike protein is just a discarded garbage which they amplify 40 times to smear it in front of our eyes and tell us that we are infected.

What a sham.

To make a vaccine, the way we are being told, a microorganism has to be located, neutralized, and inserted into the vaccine so that once injected into the body, the body can form an antidote to this now inert protein of this microorganism.

How can you neutralize the virus when you cannot see it or detect it?

How then, can you make a vaccine against it, and better yet, how can you make a test to detect it?

I am obviously too stupid and not intelligent enough to understand it.

This is why only doctors that comply with the “science” of fraud called mad-sin or better know as medicine, are brainwashed sufficiently to swallow this crap and complement the cook who is by the chance our trusted “expert” Dr. Fauci.

Now, our good doctor and expert in virology Dr. Fauci is incidentally a son of a saint Maria Teresa who was actually a man from Albania who had organized a large child smuggling ring from India.

First I have disclosed that Mouses was a thief who stole the tetragrammaton from Egypt, and now we have discovered that a saint M. Teresa was a devil advocate as well.

Crazy thing this disclosure business wouldn’t you say?

I have heard about Maria Teresa years ago and that Fauci is his son, this was sent to me by my friend Rama and it makes perfect sense.

The same players, generation after generation.

So much money was given to Teresa that has not been used to ease people’s suffering. It had just vanished in the thin air.

I wonder what is going to be the next bomb of disclosure and will the religion be undermined even more than it is now?

Going back to our “spiky”, if it is not the “spike” protein’s shedding that affects people who come to contact with the infected and vaccinated people what is causing the spreading of this dis-ease?

For as long as we remember there was a flu going on twice a year from which many people have died.

It is a seasonal disease that follows strong climate changes like Summer to Fall and Winter to Spring.

Many people die during flu season but nothing in comparison to when the Spanish flu hit.

Many people do not realize that when the Spanish flu hit, this was for the first time that mass vaccination against the flu was performed.

Most of those who were vaccinated have died.

From what, the flu or the vaccine?

After that, many flu plandemics were instigated from birds to pigs with projections of million dead but people have refused to be vaccinated and no plandemic has materialized.

The same is happening now but some people are so frightened of the propaganda and are lining up for the jab, and what is happening?

They are dying or suffering from pain and become debilitated.

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Every shift in frequency that is strong enough to induce a genetic reaction will do so and if the change is rapid, it induces leakage of cellular toxins into the blood.

A body with toxic blood changes its frequency, and its resonance will affect another body that comes close enough to the source of vibration which in the case of flu is the infected/affected person.

Different toxins will affect different parts of the body (it is all about the vibration) and the affected/infected bodies will serve as an amplifier of those frequencies influencing changes in anyone that has low immunity/cellular voltage and come close enough to the source of this vibration/sick person.

Toxic cells and fear lower the immunity/cellular voltage.

Vaccinated people are experiencing cellular detox as their bodies are cleansing themselves of those toxins that were injected into them.

The combined poison from their cells and the biological poison from depopulation jab/vaccine is stimulating vibrational changes of their bodies which will be amplified and affect anyone who comes close enough and whose immunity/cellular frequency is low.

The only spikes that could be present are those that Fauci will be soon sitting on.

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Get rid of those masks, but most of all, get rid of the fear so that your cellular voltage is up and your body resists toxic frequencies.

Keep your cells clean so follow the SHP and you have nothing to worry about.

Love and light to us all.

Are we ready for the shift?


Most likely, not. In the matter of fact, I am sure that a great majority of you are wondering what am I talking about?

So, let me try to explain it to you in as simplest way possible.

By following my work, you are aware that our genes contain blueprints that guide the cells on how to behave when their environment changes.

On the basic, quantum level everything is just energy in a variety of frequencies. So as the frequency of the cellular environment changes, the genes sense the energy shift through telomeres and open an adequate blueprint of cellular instructions.

This often involves a change of blood values since hormones are often involved and doctors are told that this is what causes diseases, which is incorrect, the environment does.


Genes are just reacting to it, and the body reacts to genetic changes just so that it can survive.

The energy on our planet has changed. It has tripled in frequency and still rising.

Our genes are unfolding new blueprints and our cells have started morphing creating a different body.

Many people are feeling very tired in the morning. This is the result of this process since most of the cellular adaptation is done while we are at sleep, and it drains our energy.

Our brain has been reprogrammed to show it to us through light but the program is not fully activated. What is holding us down is the low frequency of our mind/ego, and the toxic load that our cells carry.

We have to detoxify them so that they can raise their frequency and take us into the new reality of higher frequencies. We have named it the Fifth Dimension or the Fifth Density.

We have been helped by our “extraterrestrial” family and friends and the “Event” was being delayed so that more people have time to wake up to the truth and get ready for the ascent of frequency.


Those people who are unaware of what’s going on will fall sick if they are very toxic so it is not by chance that more and more people are lead to the SHP to use it as the tool to releasing the toxic frequencies and enabling their bodies to shift.

As Jesus Christ has risen, so will we, to meet with him in the New World that we are creating.

I know that this sounds very controversial but didn’t my healing messages sound the same just couple of years ago?

Now as we are awakening, it is becoming logical to many people what I am saying about our health.

In the video, Allison Coe says that only a small amount of people are conscious enough to stay on this planet during the Event.

This is quite obvious as many people still trust the major media and the science of “mad-sin”.

The Event is a sudden exposure to very high frequencies that will be sent from the “Central Sun” in the form of bright light.

Many people that will be here to witness this will fall down and it will take some time for them to recover, and some will need the help of those who recover faster.

I have been through this in an Ayahuasca simulation and it is not fun if you have doubt.

Doubt triggers fear and fear triggers nausea and pain.

When we get closer to the Event, what I have learned in my Ayahuasca sessions I will share with you how to handle the shift and how to behave during the illumination to fare it with ease.

We are in what we call the Biblical times of an extraordinary transformation which some of us will go through without losing consciousness, without the three days of darkness although there will be days of darkness on this planet but before the Event.


I was told by a friend that she had received the message of the Event coming in August of 2022 and when I have heard what Allison Coe has to say, I am convinced that finally, we are here.

We have reached the point of change.

Who is Allison Coe you may ask?

Allison is a student of Dolores Cannon who is continuing her work.

For those of you who are not familiar with Dolores Cannon, please take a peek at her work.

So if you are opened to disclosure, I do not have to entice you into listening to what Allison has to say.

It all resonates strongly with me and even the timeline I believe this time is right on the money.

As the timeline goes, I have been wrong many times because every change creates new possibilities, but we are running out of time as the events start unfolding.

Here is Allison Coe, listen carefully

The truth is stranger than fiction, isn’t it?

I hope that you are taking this seriously.

Please help yourselves and cleanse.

Love and light to us all

Letting go is hard to do


As the number of people that are following the SHP is increasing one particular experience is being noticed by many of them, and these are vivid dreams of stressful events that have created a bad emotional impact on them and are lingering and obstructing the energy flow in the body.

Since several of my clients have been surprised by this, I have decided to explain it a bit better so that the future followers of the SHP have the knowledge about it and know the reason why are those ugly thoughts that they were suppressing for so long surfacing to bother them again, and how to deal with them so that they do not affect their bodies negatively.

Many people are surprised as the emotions are released since the SHP is a cleansing and gene readjusting protocol so how can it have anything to do with the brain and emotions?

Well, the brain is an organ of our body and emotion is just a particular frequency that our brain has created under the influence of our mind/ego.

Whenever we are cleansing, we are cleansing frequencies that are not in harmony with nature/God melody.


Our brain is programmed to show us different frequencies as light, odor, pain, hate, love… but cells do not have this brain and those programs so all that they sense is the frequency, and its misalignment.

This is why it does not matter if the cellular pollution is caused by what our brain replicates as a toxic chemical or a toxic emotion. The cleansing of the frequency will be the same but the brain is going to interpret it in the way it was programmed to present a certain frequency.

Many times I was asked if the SHP will help people with their mental problems?

Now those who are doing the protocol are experiencing it for themselves.

Especially those who have been having emotional outbursts or were depressed and on “antidepressants”, once they stop being sedated and their bodies are in a cleansing mode, the first night without sedation they relive their worst memories. All the anger bubbles up so that they can face it and kiss it goodbye.

Exactly what is happening with our mother Earth and our society, is happening on the smaller/fractal scale with individuals.

The bad frequency is getting to the surface to be exposed to its host so that the host can let it go.

It is important not to hold a grudge because if you do, you are not letting go and this bad frequency will trap you and keep you down, preventing you to raise your frequency and ascend.

For most people, it is difficult to say I am sorry never mind to forgive.

Keep in mind that the purpose of our “life” is to experience and learn from it.

If you are unable to forgive, your experience did not taut you anything and you will have to repeat the school until you do.

Forgiving does not mean forgetting but as we forgive, we let go of the bad feeling we were harbouring and we feel better, the toxic frequency was released and no longer causes an energetic blockage.


How do we know that the emotional frequency was released?

Emotion is created by our reaction to an experience. We consciously qualify this experience as being good or bad.

This means that we have created this frequency, not someone else.

It is our ego’s decision what frequency the brain will create.

We have consciously created our response/emotion.

What we create with our consciousnesses, we can also erase with our consciousnesses.

To do this we have to be aware of it and then consciously make a decision to let it go by saying, for example, “what trip it was”, take a deep breath and slowly inhale relaxing and consciously kiss it goodbye.

If you have watched my video on dousing and how I explain that we can consciously mark energy field or designate a meaning to a symbol and douser can feel this energy and the meaning of the symbol. Then I have consciously erased the symbol and the energy ceased to be there.

It is exactly the same with the energy of emotion. It is the same energy but in a different frequency that is interpreted by our brain in a particular way of being an emotion, and by erasing it/releasing it, we get rid of it.

Since it is an emotion, we often burst into tears, but not necessarily.

Afterward, we simply feel better.

So, how do we know that we have released this energy from the place of entrapment?

The event comes to our mind, we remember what had happened and we remember the emotion, the reaction we have created to that event, and we are reacting to it the same way as when the emotion was created.


How do we know that we had let the emotion go, that we have forgiven, that we have cleansed this energy out?

We fee a relief. We feel good about it. Consciously we have put this event behind us, not to react to it in a negative way any longer.

If your mind/ego does not let it go and insists that it cannot forgive because of the harm this person has caused, the toxic energy cannot be released and it will keep you down.

Someone can do something that you do not like. Us not liking it is the emotional feeling toward his/her action. It is our conscious decision to react and to think in a certain way. If it is negative, it will have a negative impact on you and your health, especially if you feel strongly about it.

Since the frequency of our environment is rising, some frequencies are being brought to the surface that may not even be yours, they were embedded into your inherited genetic code. It does not matter where they have come from. Just acknowledge them and kiss them goodbye.

We have changed. Our Mother Earth has opened her heart and it is influencing us to do the same.

Our reactions are changing.

We desire the change and to more and more people, it is not important to see those who did us harm being tortured.

We just want the change, peace, cooperation, and love to be our new reality.

So place your focus on what you want and not what you hate.

Do not look back.

Live in the now and create your future the way it makes you happy.

Love and light to us all.

What’s the deal with NAC?

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My friend Peter sent me several copies of tweets in which people are complaining that N-A-C (N Acetyl Cysteine) is becoming difficult to get implying that the medical industry is making it difficult for people to obtain.

Now, why would our “health industry” be concerned with NAC?

What is NAC, and what is it being used for in medicine?

We are told that N Acetylcysteine is a precursor for the synthesis of glutathione, the most potent antioxidant there is that protects us from oxidative stress.

Because of this, it is used as an antidote in acetaminophen poisoning (overdose), to “block the oxidative stress” that an overdose of acetaminophen can cause.

Here we are again with this antioxidative bull.


For one, it is not Nacetylcystein that is the precursor for glutathione synthesis. The amino acid cysteine is what is used, so what is N Acetylcysteine really about?

N Acetylcysteine is a patented drug.

When it is introduced into the body, it stimulates mucous production, creates nausea, vomiting, production of phloem, itchy skin, skin rashes, and fever.

People with congestive lungs feel relief as the phloem becomes easier to eliminate, it gets diluted.

It was noticed that it improves kidney activity.

It has been noticed that it helps people with neurological issues.

Overdose increases blood pressure in the lungs and right heart ventricle. It can lead to symptoms of anaphylaxis.

The question is, is the N Acetylcysteine action related to the production of glutathione and its antioxidative stress action, or is there something else going on?

How does the body react when it is poisoned?

It is trying to eliminate the poison from the blood, and the cleansing symptoms occur.


This tactic is often used by alternative medicine to induce purges.

A particular toxin will be used to stimulate a detox of a targeted system.

The most common example of this is the use of diuretics where a toxic remedy is used to force the body to eliminate a lot of water while it is attempting to rid itself of the toxic remedy that was introduced in the body.

There are targeted medicinal/toxic substances that are being used to cleanse the colon, the liver, the kidneys…

It appears that N Acetylcysteine is a toxic substance that is being used to stimulate the production of mucus as the body is trying to get rid of it.

Since we know that a higher stage of blood toxicity will be dealt with by the mucous tissue and the skin, this is exactly where we see the occurrence of the symptoms.

When the NAC is introduced into the body, it increases the blood’s toxicity and the blood cleansing mechanism is put into action.

The symptoms will be related to the level of the blood’s toxicity combined with the toxicity of the drug that was used.

The more toxic is the blood, the stronger symptoms will be experienced.

Skin rashes and urticaria will be present in very toxic blood that could be from the lack of plasma levels in the blood, or the dosage of NAC was too high.


This will explain why the kidney’s filtration increases as well.

If the body had too much of some other drug such as is acetaminophen, it will be also cleaned out. This is why NAC is often used to “neutralize” paracetamol overdose.

The question is now, can NAC help with cleansing the blood of the depopulation jab that people are lining up to take as they have been fooled to believe that this jab is an anti-Wu-flu vaccine?

If the jab designers are trying to make NAC unavailable, this would prove that the mRNA poison can be cleansed and this will explain why did my client not show any bad symptoms after he had received the jab although he is elderly and chronically ill human being.

Did the high level of plasma in his body eliminate the toxin as it was introduced?

The symptoms indicate so but only time will tell.

In any case, the same as with all other medicinally stimulated cleanses, it is not necessary to poison our body to achieve the cleansing effect.

When we increase our plasma blood level, the blood cleansing organs will spurt into action and cleanse the blood and every organ on the cellular level, better than any medicinal remedy can do.

At the same time, there will be less to cleanse because we are not introducing a toxic element that will have to be cleaned as well.

For those of you who believe that the cleansing was done because of glutathione increase and that cysteine is necessary for this action, if you eat correctly, you have plenty of cysteine in your diet. You have nothing to worry about and no supplementation is necessary.

Vegans and vegetarians do need to supplement, and they will benefit from the supplement industry which is catered for them since the people that eat correctly do not require any supplementation.

Instead of worrying about how to obtain NAC, get hold of the Self Healers Protocol, and heal yourself.

Love and light to us all.


Tips to colleagues that want to implement the SHP on their medicated patients


Everyone familiar with my work knows that medicated people cannot follow the SHP (Self Healers Protocol).

The reason for this is simple. Medications are toxic and our cells will not hydrate with toxic blood.

Since toxicity is the cause of our health problems, it is not difficult to understand that without hydration, there will be no detoxification. No detoxification, no healing.

So what can we do to cross this hurdle?

To answer this question we first have to examine what are the medications people are using for?

We know that they are not healing anybody because once you start getting medicated, this is forever.

Medication is used to “normalize” a symptom. Symptoms are changes of values that the body does, trying to adjust to the changes in the cellular environment.

We are being told that our body became sick (broke down), and that the medication is helping it to continue working with a little help of a friend, the medicament.

Let us examine the most common medication: diuretics.


The diuretic is the first “help” that your body will receive if its blood pressure is elevated.

The BP is elevated most likely because your blood is dehydrated, a low on plasma which makes the blood thick and viscose so it takes a bit more pressure to get it moving.

Since the level of blood is low (low on plasma which is water with minerals) the slightly increased backup pressure is hardly noticed since the blood vessels are half empty, so it takes stress to tighten up the blood vessels so that the increase of the backup blood is noticed.

The blood that is low on plasma also has poor electro conductivity which causes the blood particles to bang one into the other. The resulting friction also contributes to the increase in BP.

In which way is the diuretic helping the body?

It does just the opposite since the plasma levels will be reduced even further, but less blood creates lower pressure.

By “normalizing the BP we are poisoning our body so can we stop taking the diuretic?

At once.

The pharmaceutical poisons that should be eliminated at once no matter if you are following the protocol or not are diuretics, statins (anti-cholesterol drugs), and blood thinners.

In a matter of fact, all BP-reducing drugs should be stopped at once.

Elevated blood pressure is a symptom not a culprit and it does absolutely no harm. The body has increased BP so that it can better function while the blood is toxic.

To lower the BP we have to hydrate the blood by providing it with Plasma.

Yes, the BP will rise until the blood clears up a bit and then the BP will start dropping naturally.

What if the patient is on antidepressants?

The main reason why people become depressed and have mental issues is the toxic blood which is the cause of cellular dehydration, and the incorrect food that puts the brain into a starvation mode several times a day.

Remember, our body does not have glucose storage so when you reprogram your cells to this type of fuel, the only time that the brain has enough energy is several minutes after you eat and starts starving about an hour after your last meal until you go and eat again.


The underpowered brain is tired and cannot concentrate. People’s mind becomes foggy and when they ask for help, they get antidepressants, drugs that make them even foggier so that they do not even realize that they have been drugged.

Their metabolism slows down so they start gaining weight which depresses them further.

Stop taking drugs, cleanse and change your diet.

Hormones in the body are secreted under the influence of a genetic blueprint which is guiding the cells, instructing them what to do and how to behave when the environment (the blood and lymph) has changed.

Instead of monkeying with hormones, correct the environment, cleanse the blood, and change the diet. This will shift the gene expression and the cells will react accordingly. The hormones will be adjusted.

So when do we stop taking the medication?

Since the first prerequisite to cellular hydration and cleansing is clean blood, hydration with plasma is the first step. Since the blood is toxic, cells are not hydrating so taking the medication is not creating any problems.

As soon as the plasma levels in the body reach the point where the blood cleansing organs can use it, the blood cleansing will start with or without the toxic medication being present.

Since all medicaments are toxic, the presence of medicaments in the blood increases the blood’s toxicity and it increases the symptoms that toxic blood and its detoxification creates.

As you know by now, the symptoms of toxic blood and its detoxification we have named the flu.

So you understand that the more toxic is the blood the stronger symptoms of flu will be experienced and when a doctor tries to help by medicating your flu symptoms, he/she is increasing further the blood’s toxicity which may in strong cases of toxicity result in death.

This is why I suggest that as soon as you have increased the plasma levels in the body (24 hours after the start of hydration with plasma) all drugs be reduced in half.

Why in half?

Because the patients and often doctors themselves are under the impression that those drugs were doing good and that the body needs some time to adjust itself to be able to be without them.

This is not true and you will quickly realize that you can safely eliminate all drugs with no ill effect. Actually, the symptoms of the toxic blood and its detox will diminish.

What about the painkillers?


Since the cells will not hydrate until the blood is clean, the analgesics can be used during the blood cleansing period which is about 3 weeks.

The pain usually goes away after several days of hydration so the analgesic can be removed but if the patient insists, it can be used into the third week.

Since the blood is clean and the analgesic is the only thing now that is preventing cellular hydration, once the analgesic is removed, cells will hydrate and eliminate the worse toxic load of cellular acids.

This happens usually during the night and the patient will have the worst night of his life during this period.

The blood becomes more toxic than it ever was. The alarm will be switched on. The heart rate increases because a faster blood circulation will be necessary to quickly remove those toxins from the blood.

People do not understand what is happening and a fear sets in worsening the pain and the feeling of desperation.

All that has to be done is to drink as much plasma as possible so that the body can use it for rapid detox.

Within a couple of hours, the thing will start settling down.

Although there will be many nights of cleansing ahead, none of them will be as strong as the first one.

This strong detox experience can be prevented by implementing Robert Beck’s blood electrifier (pulser).

By using the pulser, we are controlling the level of toxins that will be eliminated at the time so that the blood toxicity never goes haywire.

Pulser cannot be applied while a toxic remedy is being taken so it will be necessary to stop taking the medication a couple of days prior to utilizing the pulser.

An experience is the best teacher.


This is why I suggest to every health provider that wants to use SHP to help their patients to do the protocol themselves first.

True knowledge can be received only through a personal experience.

Love and light to us all





The relationship between medication, supplements, and healing

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We are all under the impression that the medication our doctor gave us is designed to heal us.

One of the questions that are often asked is “Darko, how will I heal if I have to let go of the medication my doctor has prescribed for me?”

No medication was ever created for the purpose of healing.

Doctors do not know how to heal. This is why the word healing is not part of the medical vocabulary.

I have mentioned this many times but people somehow do not get the meaning of it.

What we call disease is a symptom or a group of symptoms that our body creates as a direct response to the environment that we have created inside of our body.

The immediate environment of our cells is the blood and lymph. So any change in those liquids will create a genetic adjustment which will change the way our cells function so that they can survive in this environment that we have created.

Sometimes, those symptoms involve pain and instead of changing the environment so that the cellular reaction is different, we suppress the cellular response.

The symptom does not show up and we are under the impression that everything is fine, while it is just the opposite because the “remedies” we use are toxic themselves and they increase the overall toxic load of our body and often force the body to react to the toxic effect by creating another symptom.

This we refer to as collateral damage, the drug’s side effects.

Just look at the fine print of the side effects of any pharmaceutical drug.

It is horrendous but the “doctor” has prescribed it and he/she knows what he/she is doing, he/she is an expert on health, isn’t he/she?

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I am afraid to disappoint you. All that doctors are experts on is a poisoning of the body while suppressing the symptom.

No drug was ever designed to heal. They all just suppress the symptoms which give us the wrong impression of the resolved problem.

Doctors know that this is true. This is why they warn us to check up with them in a couple of weeks.

After multiple disappointments. People search for a different treatment and they find it in alternative medicine.

The only alternative in this “alternative mad-sin” comes from a different source of the poison being used but the action is the same.

Alternative medicine has the same understanding of how the body works as mainstream medicine since the knowledge comes from the same false science.

People are being stuffed with poison (supplement), their symptoms are suppressed and they are happy because it is done with a “natural” poison.

We are under the impression that doctors want what is best for us. This is not so, they want what is best for them. This you can clearly see now as they are happily vaccinating you knowing very well that what they are injecting you with is a poison.

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As the alternative “healers” go, there is no difference.

When I have asked Dr. Mercola why is he promoting the toxic Himalayan salt when he can make the same money selling the Celtic sea salt, he has blocked me from commenting on his misleading articles.

Now the “health ranger” Mike Adams is doing similar things by corrupting the videos that I present on his Brighteon channel.

No matter how good we want to be and how much we want to help, our personal interest is in the way. We need money so this is what has the preference over the rest.

I am not different. My problem is that there is nothing that I can sell because the healing does not come from what we eat. It comes from what we do not eat.

The fastest health recovery is achieved through hydration with the plasma during prolonged fasting.

I cannot patent and sell you a fasting protocol. This is why I am dependent on your good heart to compensate for my work and the information that I am providing.

Just recently there is a spike of my colleges wanting to implement the SHP on their patients and many questions are being asked in regards to medicament and blood pressure, pain management, water retention, and other symptoms that stay in the way of the healing protocol.

To make it easier, I will address those things in my following article and video.

Here is a video that talks about the topic of today.





Love and light to us all

Do acute diseases exist?

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By our health experts, we are being told that there are basically two types of diseases.

Some diseases show up suddenly, are treated, and go away. Those diseases are being referred to as Acute diseases.

Then there is another group of diseases that show up gradually, and with time they intensify. They linger and cannot be curred. They have been named Chronic diseases.

Often an acute disease turns into a chronic problem. This is often the case with lungs when an acute inflammation of lungs “bronchitis”, becomes a chronic problem “chronic bronchitis”.

A similar thing happens with the gut where an inflamed stomach “gastritis” becomes a chronic problem “chronic gastritis”.

The reason why has a chronic disease become a chronic problem is a poor understanding of the human body combined with the false knowledge that is given to doctors in medical school.

Instead of removing the culprit, doctors are trained to suppress the symptoms.

The symptom that we feel and we refer to as being a disease, is the body’s response to the pathogen. When doctors attack the body’s response, they are actually attacking the body, undermining the attempt of the body to adjust to current circumstances that were created by the culprit.

Doctors know that there is a culprit so they analyze the blood looking for it, and since they cannot find it, they focus on stopping the symptom by “normalizing” the body’s values.

It is like burying the head into the sand not to be seen while leaving the entire body exposed.

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Instead of observing and thinking, they focus on research and what they are being told, and they do what they are being told, like a good lapdog, eager to please their master.

So let me enlighten you with new information.

With the exception of accidents and acute poisoning, every other health issue/disease has a chronic character.

We are being told to eat garbage and to keep away from salt and Sun.

In other words, we have been trained to eat incorrectly, to fill up on poisons, and on the other hand, we are being deprived of the crucial elements that the body uses to detoxify itself.

Toxins are being absorbed into the blood and into our cells. Once our cells realize that what they have received is not good for them, they stop absorbing those poisons from the blood. Since we experiment with our food and have great culinary diversity, we keep bringing all kinds of toxic elements that accumulate inside of our cells.

Those cells cannot eliminate them because since they are not absorbing, they become water-depleted, and without the water, they cannot expel the toxins.

Not know to us, we become very toxic on the cellular level. As long as those toxins are kept out of blood circulation, we do not experience any symptoms/disease.

Since there are not enough minerals/salts in our blood, the level of blood’s plasma diminishes, the blood becomes “thick”, the blood pressure rises as it takes more pressure to move thick blood.

Low blood plasma prevents the blood’s cleansing and the blood’s toxic level increases.

The body responds by changing some values to ease the difficulties it has encountered. This is done through a genetic response so blood values may change.

Since there is no pain involved, we do not know that we are sick/toxic.


It takes a sudden drop in the cellular voltage, or a simple mental shock to make us cringe. As our cells tighten up, some of their toxicity is spilled into the blood. This increases suddenly the blood’s toxicity and the symptom of a dis-ease occurs.

To us, it could be an acute effect, but it took years of poisoning to bring our bodies into this predicament.

As long as the toxins are safely locked inside the cellular structure, the only symptom we can experience is tiredness since a toxic cell is acidic and cannot hold the electric charge.

This is the reason why elderly people lack energy, they are toxic.

Because doctors are not aware of this, they had invented all kinds of “diseases” to demonstrate their knowledge, and are unable to do anything about them. The examples are Chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Adrenal insufficiency, Hypothyroidism, Anemia, Clinical depression, Endocarditis, Sleep apnea… and we can go on and on.

Here is a video in which I explain how “diseases” are formed.


Our bodies are polluted and require cleansing. We should not wait for a symptom to show up.

Cleanse and prevent dis-eases from occurring.

Since the cleansing involves the elimination of cellular toxins, those toxins will be expelled into the blood and cause symptoms of detoxification, which is nothing else than a symptom of a dis-ease.

The sudden increase in blood toxicity may be so strong that it will trigger the emergency switch. The heart rhythm increases so that the blood circulation speeds up and the blood cleanses faster.

If you do not help your body and raise the level of its plasma, those toxins will stay in the blood causing pain and symptoms of a diseased body.

We raise the plasma blood levels by drinking the plasma which is water with sea salt, or diluted seawater. We have to do exactly what we have been warned not to do in any circumstances.

Isn’t that strange?

Are you surprised?

The truth is exposed. I am showing you how we are being manipulated through the “science” into believing stupid theories and ignoring the most obvious.

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Many of our health problems are created by our ego instructing the brain to create toxic vibrations/thoughts.

Those thoughts are related to our emotional interpretation of events, and they act as powerful toxins that prevent the flow of energy.

The same as the chemical toxins, those emotional frequencies need to be cleansed and they produce the same symptoms in our body as they are released into the blood.

Remember, on the quantum level, everything is the energy of different frequencies and if those frequencies are toxic, symptoms of a toxic blood/disease will show up.

Here is another video about emotional detoxification.


Welcome to the light.

We are cleansing now with every breath we take. Open your hearts and let the truth in.

Love and light to us all

You can find those videos on Rumble as well



Welcome to the fifth-density

I have just returned from the jungle where I have participated in the first Ayahuasca ceremony this year.

It was a very powerful event, a culmination of the work that was done so far.

The ceremony was 5 hours of intense work.

We were four male individuals who had never met before but all awakened conscious beings with Maestra Christine at the helm.

We were all working together using our robots/bodies as the tools for creating a greater good.

A lot of cleansing was being done but there are still some traces that have remained and will have to be cleared on a personal level by every single human on this planet.

I have witnessed the reparation and the opening of the heart of this planet.

A new energy has been received.

The opening of the heart took some time because many people are living in fear and afraid to be hurt.

I hope that if you had such a problem, now you feel more relaxed and feeling more love in your heart.

Swan heart stock photo. Image of heart, mirror, beautiful ...

The brain has received an upgrade.

Huge changes were made, and recalibrated brain is made possible to be used for an instant manifestation.

A lot of pain was taken away, cleansed, and transmuted.

A wave of new energy can be sensed. The consciousness of this planet has done something that was not done before. It has chosen a human form in which to embody itself.

This human will be revealed soon.

Most likely, he, and yes it is a man, not a woman, will become the leader of the new world but in a completely new way.

He was chosen by the collective human consciousness.

President Trump was being used as a decoy to distract the evil while the real war was done in the shadow, and did his job above all expectations.

I have witnessed the tuning of the sound of the new frequency that will be used in this high vibrational field of energy.

The transition is done, there is no turning back.

The time has come for everyone to cleanse and this effort is accelerated. This is why many who refuse to cleanse are dying.

refuse to eat cartoon

Remember that toxicity is nothing more than an out-of-tune frequency. It could have affected us coming from the food we eat, the liquid we drink, the sound that we listen to, the filtered light that we become irradiated with, and above all, the frequency our brain emits under the influence of our ego.

We have been holding onto the emotional experiences believing that an act of revenge will nullify an emotional burden. Something like the action and reaction principle we had accepted as the driving force of our reality.

This was only making the divide greater.

Now we have to learn to forgive and let go. This is the final requisite to accomplish the cleansing of our emotions and the planet as a whole.

This we have to do on an individual basis and each of us will deal with it in our own way.

Use your mind. It has been upgraded. Do not allow your ego to rule over you. Think with your heart.

Analise your thoughts. Let the darkness go with your blessing and sense how does it make you feel? Did you find your peace?


As long as you are searching for personal satisfaction and revenge, you are holding onto dark energy and it is keeping you enslaved.

Help whenever you feel that help is needed even if the one that needs your help has done you wrong.

Do not wait to be asked to help. You can sense when someone needs help, act without being told to do so.

Our brains have been tuned to a new frequency, a new sound, but the activation will be experienced on a personal level being guided from one center that we have chosen as the embodiment of the human consciousnesses.

By reaching this new frequency, we have jumped over the fourth-density and now the fifth-density will slowly unravel as our reality.

We have done something that was never done before. We are really exceptional beings of infinite potential.

From now, things will be moving for the better. The heart is opened to give and to shine.

Focus your thoughts on the light and the darkness will disappear.

Congratulation, the time has come to celebrate.

Love and light to us all.