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This article is for those who are aware, at least partially, of what is going on, on our planet.

Since it has to do with our health, I am going to explain things in a logical way as I understand them to be.

To get a grasp on the present situation, we have to understand who we are, what is our purpose, and what is this thing we call our reality?

Through my quantum articles, I explain the process of creation, which is mentioned in the Bible as well.

Nirvana/energy without a purpose/darkness > sound/voice of God/intentional disturbance of the energetic field > sacred geometry, light/electromagnetism > brain/mind/creation

Since energy is conscious energy, every expression of energy is conscious of its existence.

The brain receives energy in a form of various frequencies through light, sound, and electromagnetic vibration, and according to the program that was implanted into it, it creates infinite possibilities of creative forms. Ego, which is the consciousness of the physical expression then decides what will be manifested as its reality.

Since humans were given the power to create, they were doing so for a long time, but since the mind/ego is self-centered, it was separating itself more and more from the universal consciousness of the I am/creator/the great spirit/grandfather…

At one point, the consciousness of the physicality had created an artificial life form and started to use it to gain more power not realizing that the opposite will happen. This artificial life form was given a name, black goo.

There are two types of black goo.

One is the product of a natural biological decay that contains humic acids and minerals, and the artificial black goo is a graphene oxide that is now being used in the depopulation jabs.

Here is a video that describes the two goos:

Graphene oxide is where the problem lies.

Bible scholars have their interpretation of the stuff so you can hear it here:


Both videos have many truthful facts but I do not fully agree with any of them because I am not using the given information blindly. I am not back-engineering things.

I much prefer to build them up from the scratch and I will only give you some points for you to understand where I am coming from.

To be able to build things from a scratch, I cannot take into consideration anything that was written and told in the past since everything is just a personal interpretation driven by emotion and the understanding of those times.

This is very obvious when the Bible is considered as the source of information because it is heavily manipulated, and what is not written in it, cannot be found there and could be a missing link which is often the case.

The Biblical God, Allah in Islam, is created in our image. It has our emotions, and reasons the way we do. It has nothing to do with the creative essence and has all to do with us, humans.

There could have never been a war between God and Lucifer the way Bible tells the story.

We are the creative Biblical gods, and the Lucifer is our mind that has separated itself from the creative essence of the one I am.

The true Biblical fight between God and Lucifer is what is happening now on our planet.

The mind versus the heart.

The mind is the manipulating, self-centered force of fear, possessiveness, and greed, and the heart being the source of unity, understanding, compassion, and love.

A long time ago, as the mind became focused on its own power to create and dominate, and the possessiveness of the ego, it has created artificial life in an attempt to improve its own abilities. We call this a black goo or graphene oxide.

It was created in an attempt to strengthen the electromagnetic field and make the frequencies of the body in which it is injected resilient to change.

This was achieved but an unfortunate side effect occurred. This side effect was the complete disconnect from the heart/soul of the individual who was “upgraded”.

We have been told about this through the movie industry. All alien attacks were shown in the form of an octopus or a squid, which is exactly how the graphene oxide appears in the blood.

It has no intelligence. It is self-conscious as everything else, but has no intelligence although we refer to it as artificial intelligence. It is energy-driven and amplifies electromagnetic fields. It cannot replicate itself.

Since it is highly electro-conductive, it is drawn towards the area of the body with higher electromagnetic fields. The more active is an organ, the stronger the electromagnetic field it radiates.

This is why the injected graphene is found concentrated in the brain, heart, and sexual organs of sexually active people.

Wherever it is, it amplifies the electromagnetic fields which is not necessarily good. It actually causes spontaneous abortion and changes in the menstrual cycle, making it impossible for women to procreate.

This is the reason why the Grays, cannot replicate and need humans to do so for them.

This was destroying the past civilizations and whenever an attempt was being done to stop using this goo, a battle has occurred and the dark forces empowered by the goo have won.

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This time around, the most powerful and experienced souls have offered to help in overpowering the artificially manipulated people and to eliminate this evil goo from this planet and the entire Universe.

Many have offered to help but only a few, the most experienced souls have been chosen to do this job since it is a very difficult task to do and many of the chosen ones have caved in not being able to take on the force of evil.

This is why we see so many suicides.

Self-destruction has almost occurred in the 60s in the conflict between the USSR and the USA. John F. Kennedy has managed to prevent it but his attempt to tackle the evil has failed although the resistance continued to grow under the symbol of Q.

Until the 1980s, our civilization was still on the path of self-destruction.

It was in the mid-1990s that it was becoming clear that the survival of the human race is possible but with a large loss of human life because people were so indoctrinated that they will put their own life on the line defending the evil that is enslaving them.

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Miraculously, people have started awakening and the occurrence of a major disaster started diminishing. The longer we have managed to prevent a major disaster, the more people were waking up and the consciousness of awakened people was returning to their hearts.

Month after month, the situation was improving, the plan of liberation was being adjusted and the seemingly impossible became our reality.

The good has won over the evil with no significant loss of human life and no significant damage to our planet Earth.

It makes no longer sense to prolong the awakening because people are dying from the jabs, so the final military action can, and was implemented although the media is not reporting on it.

Any moment, the military/Alliance/White hats/Q, will take over the News Broadcasting and the truth will be revealed for all to see, and it will be very difficult to bear for most people.

Why is this event so important, and why are all extraterrestrial nations here observing and celebrating our victory?

This article is becoming too long so the answer will be revealed in the following post.

Love and light to us all.

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