Health is knowing and caring

Medicine or fraudulent business?

It is heart breaking when you realize that after all those years in school and all those thick books that you have read and the sleepless nights that you have spent studying to obtain the knowledge and the title of a doctor you realize that you do not know how to cure anything. That all your knowledge is just symptomatic, oriented to alleviate discomfort and the pain but does not address the main problem and definitely does not cure. Why is that? I say it is a conspiracy. We are misled to believe in things that bring money to those involved and we are not given option to decide which way to go.
Our body is composed of trillions cells. Every cell is individual organism that has its needs, its happiness and sadness same as we do. Those cells communicate and cooperate functioning as one which enables us to be alive. If the cells are happy and healthy, we will be as well. Actually we get sick only because some cells have malfunctioned. Isn’t it than logical that we have to understand our cells to understand the disease? So what do you think how many semesters are devoted to learning about cells in medical school? “0”. I learned more about the cell in secondary school then in medical university, isn’t it strange?
Almost 80% of our body is water. Water is extremely complex element with unique properties and it is a liquid crystal capable of retaining memory. Its function in the body and in our cells is diverse and crucial. So how many hours we spent learning about water “0”
Messaging between our cells and between our brain and organs is mostly through lite and electromagnetic impulses. As lite beings we are dependent on our electromagnetic potential. Our cells are electromagnetically layered and so are our organs. After all we are just energy so how many hours did we spent learning about our polarity and electrical dependence, “0”.
I can go on and on by I think that you got the picture.
Through my articles I will shed a lite on health and diseases explaining in plain language how to regain health. No doctors or remedies of any kind involved. The mystery of heeling is patented in our cells themselves and only they can cure themselves and subsequently our body.

Why are we getting sick?

As we have moved away from the nature and created our new, concrete and steel world, we had to adopt a new way of living and providing to support the change. In the search of cheaper and more durable foods, we started to modify them. As the food industry grew, so did its power. The search for quality was replaced with the search for profit as what happens with every type of industry. Unfortunately for us this greed for money and power got deeply rooted in the pharmaceutical and the medical industry as well.
To make the matter worst Illuminates realizing the potential it has for benefitting their cause, infiltrated the three industries and start to use them as a major tool for achieving their cause which can be summed up as the World domination and population reduction.
Our food has become more and more toxic, deliberately poisoned. Same goes for our water supply and the environment as whole. None of it is circumstantial, all of it is deliberate and all of it is easily correctable and preventable but first we have to be aware of these facts.
We the doctors are miss-educated and without realizing we spread the misinformation to the public. To be able to understand what is wrong with medicine I had to disregard my knowledge and reeducate myself. In the process I realized that all that we are thought in schools and universities are lies. Higher the education tha bigger is the disconnect with reality.

As far as our health goes it is simple “DETOXIFY”



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