What is so special about these times we are living in?

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In the previous article, I have explained the situation on this planet and how it relates to the situation in the universe.
I have explained that the Biblical God and Curran’s Allah were invented by man in his own image.
Some people who hold religious views sacred will attack me. I am used to be attacked and I understand the confusion, just please, do not reject the opportunity to heal yourself because you think that I am an atheist.
I am not an atheist. I am a spiritual man who is looking to help everyone who needs my help regardless of their political or religious views.

I was asked to give my opinion on the present situation, and I know that some people will be reading this and be able to finally make sense of the bits and pieces that they have heard but could not connect.

The way I see things happening is based on the information that I have heard and experienced through various sources and spiritual Ayahuasca ceremonies.
I share them because they strongly resonate with me and make sense.
This is why I always explain that things work in a certain way.

The purpose of these articles is to keep us focused, out of fear, and empowered for the greater good.

We have been enslaved by the Anunnaki.
The Anunnaki collaborators (human traitors and conspirators) who had learned the truth and instead of sharing it and using it to empower and to free humankind, they have used it to dominate over it.
Those people I refer to as the Cabal/Illuminati.

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The origin of evil on this planet comes from the Anunnaki, but it was spread by the Cabal and other secret societies which have now all joined together in an attempt to prevent human liberation.

The liberation from the evil is extremely difficult because the evil is supported by the Anunnaki and a modified race of warriors by the black goo which makes them cruel and inhuman, separated from their hearts.

These detached, half robotized creatures reinforced with the black goo are creating problems in the whole Universe. Those are some of the Anunnaki, some humans, and I am sure there are fragments of many other nations and life forms that have joined this evil because the sensation of power is like a drug. One who is on it never has enough of it.

The decision was made to use Planet Earth in an attempt to conquer this evil.

We are experiencing this battle firsthand.

We are now actively participating in a historic event in which the creation is purifying itself from the mistakes of the past.

The forces of good have won this time, and what we are experiencing is just a sample of what was prepared for us to go through so that those who are still sleeping are given the opportunity to wake up.

Winning the war was difficult and could be achieved only through deception. This is why very few understand what is going on.

Why is this victory so important, and why are all nations of our Universe here observing it and celebrating our victory?

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What I am going to reveal now, may not be correct, but it is the best that my mind can come up with considering the information that is given to us, and this is what resonates with me.

Some facts first.

Everything is going in cycles.

One cycle has 24600 years of which half cycle is dominated by the female construct and the other half by the male construct.

Every change of cycle is followed by cleansing, reparation, and an upgrade which we have named “Evolution”.

Since electromagnetic fields are changed, everything shifts including the poles on our planet.

Because we often implement what we have learned in the previous experience, sometimes the new cycle starts with such a difference that it is best that the creatures do not physically participate in it.

Whenever you reprogram your computer, you have to shut it down before you reboot it with new programs and activate it.

This is exactly how things are done in the Universe.

The planet shuts down. The electromagnetic field is lost. With it, everything disappears/darkness.

Then a new program or an update is installed and the power is put back on, the system is rebooted but it is different from the one that was before.

Since the memories have been lost, a guide is provided to reintroduce us to the new program.

The entire Universe cannot be unplugged at once, because there would be no backup drive that can be used to reboot it. This is why the changes occur at different times so one change can be rebooted from another place that is not under evolution at this time.

Since evil is rampant in most of the Universe, a plan was made to free one planet which can then be then left powered while the rest of the Universe can be unplugged, cleansed, and then rebooted using the active planet as the memory drive for the reboot.

Winning over the evil was very difficult but it is not the end of the war.

Approximately 4 years ago, an electromagnetic grid of sacred geometry was constructed around planet Earth. It is 100 kilometers above the Earth.

The purpose of it is to hold Earth’s electromagnetic energy in and prevent it from radiating into the Universe. Drunvalo Melchizedek is one of those who were involved in its construction and he calls it a grid of Christ consciousness.

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We are now in the time of a great upgrade/evolution but as far as I understand it, this is going to be for the first time that we are going to go through this rebooting process completely consciously.

This will be a very strange and painful thing to go through, but we have agreed to it to be able to finally rid the entire Universe of the evil we had just cleansed our Earth from.

The entire Universe will be unplugged from the electromagnetic field so that it can be cleansed of evil, and then it will be upgraded the same as we will be upgraded, with the new program before it is plugged into the electromagnetic field again, and manifested.

By not having an electromagnetic field for 72 hours, the old information will be lost. To be able to reboot, the information of the upgrade has to be loaded so if the entire Universe has lost the information, this would not be possible and the creation process would have to start from scratch all over again.

This is why the grid of Christ’s consciousness was created so that those who will be left on the planet Earth can maintain the electromagnetic power by “holding the light” while the rest of the Universe goes through the cleansing that we have done here already.

Once cleansed, it will be loaded with programs. Our genetic material will be used for this purpose so that the past creation is no lost.

As I am always pointing up that genes are electromagnetic records of experiences of creation, from the very beginning up till now. When we are unplugged, the information is lost and it has to be uploaded from the part of the Universe that was powered during this process.

Since the evil was running rampant through the Universe and always have managed to sneak into every new reboot, this is why the Earth had to be cleansed and stay energized while the rest of the Universe is unplugged and cleansed. Then the information to reboot the Universe will be taken from the genetic material that we are preserving so nothing is lost.

Then everything will be upgraded and the Universe will be energized again and appear in our reality.

This is why I believe that we are going to go through the upgrade consciously and witness the transformation as it is happening.

What a great privilege it is to be here keeping the “grail”, and becoming the creators of the New World.

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I know, this will make no sense to most people that are reading this article, and there is no way to verify if this is the truth. It is what I feel and the information that I have acquired points to this conclusion.

This article will resonate only with those who are ready and there are many on the way who will be benefiting from this information.

We have to cleanse if we want to be the ones holding the light during the process of transformation which will be soon, I believe within a year, but then again, as the timing goes I was always wrong so take the timing with a grain of salt.

Those of you who think that I have gone crazy, please do not reject my work. Use the SH Protocol and cleanse. You will greatly benefit from it in every way possible.

Love and light to us all.

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