Do pathogen organisms cause disease?

The backbone of “mad-sin” is structured around a pathogen that causes health problems which we have named diseases.

Whenever there is a symptom showing up, indoctrinated health “experts”/doctors start their search for a pathogen that causes this health issue.

If there is an issue with digestion, depending on a symptom, there could be blame placed on some toxic chemicals, but first of all, doctors focus on biological pathogens like bacteria, fungus, and parasites.

If nothing is found, depending on symptoms, the culprit will be selected as a genetic glitch, autoimmune problem, or the tricky/nonexistent virus.

If some microorganism is found, the entire health issue is blamed on it and the war on the “pathogen” organism is unleashed. The entire array of toxic chemicals are pumped into the body to eliminate this pathogen to destroy it so that healing is achieved.

Sadly, healing is never achieved, just the disappearance of symptoms which is mistakenly interpreted as an achievement of healing.

What was achieved was only a suppression of symptoms, which, when toxic elements are used, has a completely different way of action from the one we are being told during our indoctrination.

I have explained before that when we treat an infection with the Colloidal Silver, the “pathogen” organisms will be destroyed, but the inflammation and all of the symptoms of an “infection” will remain for some time as if nothing was achieved by utilizing the Colloidal Silver.

On the other side, when an antibiotic is applied, the symptoms go away even though the pathogen is still there. This is why we are being told to use the antibiotic for a minimum of 7 days.

Why did the antibiotic stop the symptoms of the “infection” and Colloidal Silver did not?

What are the symptoms of infection?

They are fever, inflammation, pain, tiredness, and a lack of appetite.

Those are the same symptoms of toxic tissue and toxic blood.

So if tissue is toxic and forced hydration takes place, an inflammation occurs. The forced hydration dislodge cellular toxins into the blood polluting it.

This is what is happening regardless of the presence of bacteria or no bacteria.

The Colloidal Silver will destroy bacteria or fungus if they are present but it is not toxic so the forced hydration continues, the blood continues to get polluted as cells detoxify, and the symptoms of toxic blood persists until the tissue and the blood are cleansed.

The antibiotic, on the other side, because of its toxicity, forces cells to defend themselves from it. They produce stress protein reinforcing their membrane and now no more water can come in and no toxins can come out of cells. The cellular hydration and cleansing process stop and the symptoms of “infection” start to dissipate as the blood slowly becomes clean.

This is a simple illustration proving that bacteria and fungus are not pathogens, they are just much bigger garbage disposal units from the macrophage.

When we have a large chunk of biodegradable stuff in the body, bacteria are not efficient enough. This is where an even bigger garbage disposal system has to be used and that system is the parasites.

When we have a very toxic tissue that is dying and bacteria forms to dispose of it, if it is inadequate, we see necrotic tissue forming since the bacteria had no sufficient capacity to consume it. We then call this a flesh-eating bacteria, suggesting that bacteria has created the problem.

The problem was created by toxicity and bacteria was there to help to eliminate the necrotic parts.

If worms are placed on such tissue, they are much more efficient. They would eat the necrotic tissue and the individual would survive. This is a medicinal treatment from the past. Today, we keep things sterile and if surgically we cannot remove the dead tissue, the necrotic poisons will poison and kill their host.

Where do we see the necrotic tissue?

Often in long-term diabetic people, and in severe chronic cases of skin inflammation.

Those are all patients under a doctor’s care. They are all heavily poisoned by pharmaceutical drugs.

Then we are told that the bacteria is resistant to the antibiotic so the necrotic tissue is spreading.

Warning: Case of Vibrio Infection in Talbot County ...

All lies and misconceptions. Killing the bacteria will help a bit because the bacteria that feed on the decay also eliminate their own toxins into the affected area contributing to the overall toxicity of the lymph and blood.

Long-term diabetics end up with such a bad blood circulation that tissue starts dying. Many of them develop necrotic tissue because of it. Often the problem starts when they injure themselves or they are bit by an insect. The wound does not close, and it starts to get larger and “infected”.

Antibiotics do not work because of the fact that the entire area is very toxic, inflamed, and cells are closed down already.

The Colloidal silver will destroy the bacteria and often the wound will close, but the necrotic tissue continues spreading and amputation is the only way out.

This is what your doctor will tell you, but is this true?

You know, if I ask this question, the answer will be no, we do not have to amputate the necrotic limb, we can save it but not with antibiotics or any other toxic mad-sin poison.

We can save the limb or organ by implementing the SHP.

Hydration, detox, and change of diet, and implementing Dr. Beck’s blood electrification/pulser.

I have helped several people to save their limbs after they have been sent to the operation table.

Those people had no more feeling in those limbs, totally unresponsive, and everything has changed sometimes within the first 10 days on the protocol.

My experiences have convinced me that what we call the pathogen organisms, are nothing more than a garbage disposal system, and instead of placing our focus on them, we should help the body to detoxify and the “pathogens” will vanish by themselves.

DSC_0179 (2)

after two weeks on the protocol

Havier leg 2

During the healing, people often comment that the fungus went away but then reappeared. What should they do?

There are two stages of increased blood toxicity during the healing process. They are marked by increased blood toxicity and this is when symptoms of “infection”/toxic blood and forced hydration are the most prominent.

The first one is when the hydration of the blood commences, and the other is when cellular hydration starts and cellular toxins are released into the blood.

The symptoms often surprise people and they run to their doctor only to be given antibiotics which will stop the hydration and healing process, and the symptoms will ease down or go away, but no healing is achieved.

Because of the false science, we are indoctrinated with, doctors misinterpret the symptoms and the only way they can react is by medicating the hell out of a patient because this is the only thing that they have learned in the medical indoctrination center.

If you want to live, keep away from your doctor.

Love and light to us all.

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