LIVING ON AIR (bretharianism)

There is a talk that we are soon going to stop eating and that we will be getting our nutrition by gazing into the Sun.

Some claim that they are living this way already. Is this even possible???

But her latest obsession, Breatharianism, is taking it one step too ...

For most people even the thought about being able to live without eating is imaginable but there is more and more interest in this type of living. Understanding that our food is being tampered with makes living without the need of food interesting solution. Unfortunately as always when something new comes about there are profiteers ready to cash on it. Without enough of knowledge they often make suggestions that harm unsuspected public sometimes causing injury or death.I do not want to name names but this has happened even in bretharian circles.

I am using the mane breatharian as a general reference to living without food but there are different claims and techniques that people are using. Most breatharians use breathing techniques and meditation claiming that this nourishes their bodies and food is not needed.

Other do Sun gazing claiming that the light is necessary to provide the nourishment as it brings in the necessary frequencies to sustain the life.

Some say that meditation by itself is sufficient to get the life energy (prana) flowing and no further nourishment is necessary.

There are those that can provide example for each of those claims so who is correct?


So far only Indian yogi was successfully tested and proven to be living without ingesting any food or water for extended period of time. And as we talk about yogis I have to mention that they can be buried underground for a week and survive like nothing has happened. So why can some people survive without food and water and others die days after water is denied to them?

The clue is in the Bible. Adam and Eve were instructed not to eat and they could have lived forever but as soon as they chose to eat their lives were cut short. They became mortals.

We had a choice to live in pure bodies for as long as we wanted to live. When our cells are living in the clean environment they can live forever. What we call reality is just holograph made of photons (light). As such it is kept together by electromagnetic impulse. This impulse is created by a thought. This is how we were created and this is how we create. Only we do not call this creating but manifesting. It is the same thing. This means that we are just sophisticated virtual reality holographs that posses strong emotions and have sensors for them so that they can experience whatever is happening in the game. We are also equipped with frequency generator that is capable of creating (manifesting) and this is our brain. The question is “why does this holograph depend on food for energy”. Well, it does not. The only reason we depend on the food,water oxygen… is because we think we do need them. This is a part of the program in this game called “life on planet Earth”. In fact as holographs we do not need anything, we are self sustaining toroidal fields of energy. Simply by thinking that something is necessary it becomes necessary. You are always right. This is how placebo and nocebo work. Your belief will make you strong or weak, healthy or sick, alive or dead.

As long as you think that you need to do this to achieve one or other thing, you need to do those things. It is simple as that.

Many say “i try not to eat and my heart start racing, blood pressure drops I feel I will faint….” You can say I believe but do you?

Jesus said “if you would believe you could move mountains”.  To BELIEVE is our biggest problem.

To stop the dependency on food we have to override the food program and this is very difficult to do. Yogis achieve this by slipping into meditative state. There they get in touch with themselves and truth is being reveled to them. This requires years of practice and determination so do not think that some bogus regime of month of fasting will reprogram your body to a new level of understanding.

Now we are in times of frequency raise and things are happening much faster. Still understanding and discipline are needed for such a change.

I often say that ” CHANGE IN DIET IS NECESSARY. IT IS MUCH EASIER TO START EATING CORRECTLY AND CLEANSE SO THAT WITH CLEAN BODY AND CLEAN CELLS WE CAN EASIER RAISE FREQUENCY AND ACHIEVE HIGHER STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS.”. Not only that this is easier but it is much safer as well. Unfortunately great majority of people are still sleeping and even this is to much for them to bare.

We are awakening and we are realizing that whatever we were told is incorrect. Even the Ayurveda diet and herbal medicine have faults. New knowledge is being reveled and this is just a taste of what is coming our way.

Open your hearts, take everything in without judgement, let of the old and embrace the new for the World as we knew it is forever gone.

With love for the creation I thank for the opportunity I was given to experience it and benefit from the experience.

This is the reason we are here so take  advantage of it and enjoy the ride.



Retard, cretin, mongul and worse. Labels all of them upon a group that are now more commonly called “special”. But are they “special”?

 Is this just not a thinly veiled re-marketing of their condition so as to make us feel more able to ignore their true issues? After all, the cancer industry has managed to get many women to shave their heads in support for the draconian poisoning of chemo & radiation touted as a therapy and convince people that patients are actually happy whilst their poisoned (often to death).
Could there be more to these conditions and syndromes? Are the “symptoms” screaming to those with eyes to see?

In this show our panel will share the deeper, underlying reasons as to why these conditions exists, and what’s really causing them and how they CAN be helped.
So join us as we Get Down To Basics


presented by:

India Irie,  Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Cary Ellis,as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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7Rbs8l1388767311Recap after the show.

As the suppressed knowledge is surfacing and the dots are being connected completely new understanding of medicine is taking hold. We cannot blame the genes for problems anymore because now we know for sure that genetic expression is changing constantly and those changes are influenced by the environment itself.

Here we are examining so called “Down syndrome”, debilitating dis-ease caused by manifestation of 21st chromosome and we are told that this is it. Nothing can be done but there is no history of this problem in the family. “Freak of nature?” . Nature does not get freaky, nature fallows its laws. So what law was broken for Down syndrome to manifest?

Examining the symptoms manifested in children affected with Down syndrome we immediately notice that they resemble symptoms of dehydration. Dehydration is closely related to toxicity, actually toxicity is caused by inability of the organism to cleanse and rid itself of toxins. To be able to cleanse, organism needs water. As it is being cleansed it is loosing water so the water has to be in abundant supply during the cleansing period.

The other component in hydration is the ability of the organism to absorb and hold that water. This is done through the help of electrolyte sodium-chloride (salt). As with every other disease cleansing should be the first step for achieving recovery.

Second group of symptoms involved in children with Down syndrome are related to iodine deficiency, This deficiency could be the result of inadequate intake of iodine through food or water but more often it is a result of inability to connect iodine to the iodine receptor in the cell. What will prevent iodine to bond with its cellular receptor is a presence of another halogen element like chlorine or fluoride. Are you getting the picture???

It is not only possible to help children with the “Down syndrome” but the condition can be healed completely if properly treated at the early stages.

For more info, listen to the show or read my book.

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