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The available written material like  books and booklets are exchangeable

for contributions.


                  “The Owner’s Manual For The Human Body                          28.50 $ US.

This book introduces you into completely new understanding of how the body

functions. It discloses errors of modern medicine and false knowledge our

schooling system promotes.

                “The Resonance Of Nutrition”                                                  26.60 $ US

In this book I explain digestion and I point to the errors we commit when we

analyse the nutritional values of the food. It points to errors in nutritional

recommendations and explains the reasons why we contract chronic diseases

and obesity.


                   “The Self Healers Protocol                                                         22.00 $ US

You may found recommendations in this protocol of the wall measuring

them by standard adopted norms. This is why I recommend you to read

“The Owner’s Manual For The Human Body” first and use this protocol as

a guide in your healing and rejuvenation process.

                     “Pulser for Health                                                                     23.70 $ US

In this booklet I explain the basics of human electrical body and how does

electric and electromagnetic stimulation influence healing by utilizing

the instruments of Dr. Robert Beck.

Donations are done through the PayPal account.


Please specify what book or booklet you are requesting on your order slip.

Thank you fro the donations. They help me to continue with my work.

Feel free to share them but remind people to send donations.

Love and light to us all.


Payment in $ US.


Thank you for making the decision to take charge of your own health and pleas share the results with me.

Feel free to contact me if something needs clarifying or if you wish to be guided..

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  2. Pauline de Groot

    I have sent an e-mail with the required comment ( 🙂 about why i want to please receive your book. I do not detect how I could contribute the money without the use of Paypal, which I do not use anymore. My credit card however would work fine. Can you tell me how to obtain your book “The Owner’s Manual For The Human Body“ ?
    thanks for your answer, pdg

  3. The paypal contribution site is 1) not in English and 2) not linked to any specific product or amount. Surely there is a better way to do this – such as click through with this information already loaded.

    1. Ian, there is a indicator saying Spanish. You click on it and you can chose any language you want brother. This is how PayPal does it.
      Sorry for the inconvenience brother.

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