The great awakening

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As the number of people who have been injured by the depopulation jab is rising, it is more and more difficult to keep the information under the carpet.

People are noticing what is going on.

Because of being pressured into accepting the jab, many doctors and nurses are taking a stand, openly refusing to be jabbed.

While all they had to do is to jab someone else, it was ok, but now, being forced to accept the jab, changes things a bit.

Doctors and nurses were prohibited to talk about the adverse reactions the jabbed people had but as the pressure increases, the truth is coming out.

This jab is now unlocking the dark secrets of mad-sin. It is being exposed that a great majority of oncologists would refuse to take chemotherapy and radiotherapy that they are recommending to their patients.

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There are very few health professionals that were openly talking about strange changes in the treatments of people with the flu symptoms, and with any health problem.

Protocols were implemented that make no sense and are exactly the opposite of what was done before.

People were intentionally and very obviously treated the wrong way so that they do not survive, and doctors knew it and did not care.

Here is one honest nurse revealing what was happening in hospitals:

The mad-sin has gone from the occult poisoning of the patient to the right out murdering with no remorse. All that matters is the money that they were receiving for each covid declared death.

Doctors and nurses may say that they did not know better in the past, but now, there is no excuse and every health professional that is jabbing people and even encouraging the depopulation jab, has to be made responsible for their actions.

The intentional poisoning of people through mad-sin interventions and especially through vaccination has been a very lucrative practice and was being used to make people sicker, more toxic, since the beginning.

Those making vaccines, especially the “viral” ones knew what they were doing. There was no virus so how could have they made an attenuated viral vaccine?

Here is just a bit more information about the dark mad-sin:

The lid has been blown and the truth is pouring out.

As the moment of the crash of the old system is nearing, the tension is at its highest.

Do not give in. Hold the light.

The good has won and those who are not aware of it are now in fear more than ever before.

The Red October is approaching rapidly.

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Make sure that you have some cash on hand and food and water because, during the crash, you may have to stay indoors for your own safety as a fury will strike when people discover the truth how those that they have trusted have planned to eliminate them.

Those of you who have been jabbed and are awakening, follow the SHP and cleanse. I believe that the Self Healers Protocol is the best way to detoxify one’s body on the cellular level.

The confusion was necessary because it was the only way that a very powerful enemy that includes some extraterrestrial intelligent beings can be destroyed.

Keep faith. We are at the end of the old toxic system, and a bright future that is above anything we can imagine is about to start unfolding.

Hold the light



Christ consciousness

Love and light to us all

Can grease be substituted with oil?

Vegetarians and vegans are taking over the world.

They are infiltrating every nation the same as communism because they are promoted by the same source.

The indoctrination centers/schools are spreading those ideas, and children gable them like honey.

Since “science” is used as an excuse to promote false theories, everyone coming out of the schooling system was prepped to follow lies.

Since the school obtained science becomes the accepted “truth”, everyone who has a diploma is handicapped/blindfolded and is the last one to accept the real truth when it is presented, no matter how logical it is.

This is the reason why there is not any substantial change between allopathic and alternative medicine.

The basic accepted truths are the same.

We can see this clearly when we take fat as an example.

The allopathic doctor will tell us not to ingest animal fats because they cause cholesterol buildup, and it is better to use plant-based oils.

Exactly the same will be repeated by the alternative medicine practitioners.

All supplement pushers are flooding you with information about which oils are the best for our health and for what reason.

All we hear is omega this and omega that while the truth (animal fats) is demonized because both, the allopathic and the alternative mad-sin experts have their minds poisoned with the fraudulent information obtained through the “final scientific studies”.

Fortunately, our perfect body can manufacture what it needs as long as it is not being poisoned and prevented from doing so.

The liver will transform glucose into fat and create cholesterol in any amount necessary, but when we eat incorrectly, and through direct intervention (vaccines and pharmaceutical poisons), an interference is done which the autopilot of natural healing/genetic system, has a hard time to override.

As soon as the body figures out how to counter toxic elements, doctors change the prescription/poison.

Diet plays a crucial role in the state of health being.

Through my articles, I explain how we have been hijacked into accepting plant food for our own nourishment.

The Bible explains that the forbidden food is what took us out of Eden, but it is not just the starch/glucose/carbohydrate/sugar.

The wrong oils play an important role as well.

With the exemption of coconut and palm oil, plants produce non-saturated omega oils.

Whenever there is hydrogen missing in the molecule of oil, a double bond of carbon is created that bent the oil molecule. This makes the oil less compact, more liquid, and at the same time, it makes the molecule susceptible to oxidation.

The double bond can be easily filled with oxygen which makes the oil rancid/toxic.

This reaction of oxygen bonding to the carbon in the molecule of fat is made easier if the oil is heated in the presence of oxygen.

This is exactly what happens in our warm bodies.

This type of science is being ignored and omega oils are being promoted in both, the allopathic and the alternative mad-sin.

Here is a video sent to me by my dear friend Blazey in which Clif High mentions the bad influence of vegetarian diet and vegetable oils on our health and responses.

Clif High is here talking about different life forms in the Universe and how we, humans, were created which may be disturbing to many people who are not aware that there are other intelligent life forms in the Universe and on our planet as well.

Do not take anything you hear as a truth or as a lie. Use it as information which you will be filing, and in the future, you can use this information when your brain is calculating and deciphering.

The more information we have, the better chance we have of discovering the truth.

To make it easier for those who are not interested in the alien stuff, on the mark of 15 minutes, Clif is explaining the confusion with our nobility and the reptilians.

If you are interested in why there is a war on a white male going on now, go to the time marker of 23 minutes. It is irrelevant if what Clif is saying is true or not. The “nobility” thinks that this is true and this is why the white male is being demonized and attacked.

If you have trouble visualizing a “Mantoid”, watch the movie The Predator with A. Schwarzenegger.

Predator Character Figurine. Large scale, extremely detailed and realistic Predator movie character figurine on a sophisticated toy and model store stock photo

On the mark of 53 minutes, Clif talks about a nervous system and the myelin coating which isolates it. Here we go into the importance of fats.

In 1h, 15-minute mark Clif is mentioning that we are being degraded through the wrong food.

That is something that I am pointing to for many years.

Clif explains that vegetable oils do not create myelin protection over the nerves which is true, but our liver manufactures the necessary fats from protein and sugars we eat.

The problem is that insulin creates disturbance and combined with phytotoxins, we dehydrate our bodies causing inflammations, toxicity… which weakens our body.

Clif is another individual that is talking from his experiences and putting things together.

Most likely there are mistakes, we all do make them but at least he is not hung on faulty indoctrinated science, and the same as I, he admits when a mistake was done, learns from it, and goes on trusting his experiences and making sense of them.

I hope that you will find this interesting as I did.

Love and light to us all.

Do you have a relaxed brain?

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When we listen to our experts, our body is a very complicated thing and it takes a well-educated professional to keep it in the proper shape.

We assume that hospitals are healing centers where sick people enter and healthy people come out.

All that sophisticated equipment, highly educated experts, and 24-hour observation and care give us an inside of how much love and care is given to make us heal.

The health professionals/doctors are so eager to make us healthy that they will not take a no for an answer. After all, they know the best what is wrong with our health, and they are the only ones that can heal our ailing bodies, the law tells us so.

Incredibly, people know all of this and still refuse to get jabbed with the depopulation jab even when their doctors are telling them how important those jabbs are to keep them safe as long as they are not around the non jabbed people because those may infect them.

If this sounds a bit confusing to you, well, you are not the expert. Only health experts understand this, and journalists, and the Hollywood celebrities and entertainers, politicians, policemen/women…

So, when you get jabbed and you feel sick, do not worry about it, it is good for you.
After all, a similar thing happens when you eat your healthy meal of cooked vegetables.
You get bloated, your stomach becomes noisy, gas starts coming out of your body with a stench that can kill you but, nothing to worry about, you know that you ate a healthy meal. Your food expert/dietitian has told you so.

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After all, everyone knows that legumes are the perfect health foods. As the slogan goes, “with the fart to a good heart”.

Legumes are so good for our health that the top brands of dog foods are based on them and the result of this is increased numbers of sick dogs, but who’s counting. Statistics can’t be trusted, we are all aware of that.

We have been educated to know the truth the way it was presented to us.

There is an atom and an electron. The electron is orbiting the nucleus of the atom.

There is a Sun. Planets are orbiting the Sun. One of them is our planet Earth.

For some reason, planet Earth is flat. We have awakened and since we know we are being lied to, this is a logical conclusion.

Because we are awakening, we are now dividing ourselves into the round and flat Earth believers but we all know that the coronavirus is infecting us causing plandemic, although this or any other virus was never found, seen, or proven.

We all subject ourselves to testing for something that was never confirmed and we are accepting that there are various variants of this elusive virus occurring whenever another restriction has to be implemented.

Tapping further into this idiocracy, we have “proven” that spike proteins are protruding from the elusive virus that no one has ever seen.

We can prove the spikes but not the virus.

Unfortunately, I am too stupid to understand this sophisticated science so all I can do is laugh at it.

Here is a beautiful song that was written by my friend describing our times.

People are losing patience and nerve.

Many of those who were resisting, now fiddle with the idea to get it “over with”, and just get jabbed to get back to their “normal” life, totally accepting the status of being treated as slaves.

What is very disappointing to me is seeing smart people arguing about the shape of our planet while being sedated over the lies of the plandemic and capitulating under the pressure of fear of losing their slave obligations/jobs.

Thanks to Mark Dice, that makes me laugh exposing the sheepish attitude of people that cannot help themselves. They simply cannot exist if there is no shepherd to lead them.

A relaxed mind creates a simple reality.

It is obvious that many people have absolutely no clue of their imprisonment, so it is to be expected for them not to have a clue about what is going on in the world around them.

Sadly, they are participating in the most phenomenal time humanity was ever part of, and they are completely oblivious about it.

At any moment their world will crash and they will be obligated to watch and see the truth.

Their relaxed minds will be zapped with a beam of reality. I cannot imagine the shock this will have on them.

A bottle of champagne is cooling down in my refrigerator for way too long, but I can smell the disclosure coming. The time has come to get strawberries.

For those who are awake, and there are not many, I salute you for resisting the tyranny, for being strong, and for holding the light.

Love and light to us all.

Slowing down the cleansing process

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The title of this article may sound strange.

Why would anyone want to slow down the cleansing process?

This question I am going to follow with another question which is, what can happen if the body is very toxic, and it goes into a detox process?

We know that the longer we live, the more toxic we become, and I have mentioned several times that once one chronic symptom shows up, the body is already very toxic.

The more toxic is the individual, the stronger symptoms of flu will have during the detoxification process, and deaths are not excluded.

Every year anywhere between 24 and 62 thousand deaths are being blamed on the flu in the USA.

If you are following my work then you know that there is no such thing as a virus. All those deaths are caused by the rapid detoxification of very toxic individuals.

Because of a sudden energetic shift and drop of cellular voltage, toxins that were stored within the cells are being released. Blood’s toxicity shoots over the body’s capacity to eliminate it and the system chokes.

Often, in an attempt to help the patient and to eliminate the “virus”, doctors implement toxic symptomatic remedies/medications which further raise the body’s toxicity and become the drop that spills the coffee.

Why are some toxic medicaments like Ivermectin, ibuprofen, antibiotics.. easing the symptoms of the flu?

Cells of the body want to prevent those toxic medications from entering into the cell so they produce stress/heat proteins and reinforce their cellular membranes.

In this way, cells prevent the blood and lymph from entering them and bringing the toxic medication with them, and at the same time, the existing cellular toxins stay trapped inside of cells and stop further blood pollution.

The blood slowly gets cleansed and the symptoms of flu disappear.

When cells are clean, no matter what type of stress we are exposed to, no cellular pollution will be released into the blood, and no symptoms of flu or any other disease will occur.

Knowing this, we would love to cleanse our cells so why would anyone ever want to stop this process?

Well, since we are being lied to and our health professionals are giving us all the wrong instructions and further are poisoning us with a toxic medication, as time goes on, we become more and more toxic on the extracellular and intracellular level.

The more toxic we are, the stronger detoxification symptoms we will experience once when our body starts detoxifying itself.

There are many detoxifications triggers one of which we call the virus because we do not know how else to explain the flu symptoms.

I wrote an article about it so I do not want to elaborate on the topic of a virus.

The focus of this article is on the detoxification process that was triggered and supported by the implementation of the Self Healers Protocol (SHP).

Since many people who are deciding to follow the SHP are very toxic and medicated, they experience strong cleansing symptoms.

The symptoms mostly consist of headache, nausea, diarrhea, fever, sweats, muscle pain, joint pain, skin sensitivity, water retention, increased blood pressure… but in very toxic individuals, symptoms may be scary, and also involve heart arrhythmia, tachycardia, dizziness, difficulties breathing, cloudy mind…

Why do such symptoms occur?

Every disease is related to toxicity and since what we refer to as a disease is nothing more than a symptom or symptoms of toxic blood and its detoxification, such symptoms are to be expected in very toxic individuals when the SHP is followed.

I do not want to scare you. A great majority has moderate symptoms resembling the flu but in very toxic individuals who have been medicated for a long time, strong symptoms may occur.

The alarming symptoms are debilitating water retention, very high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, difficulty breathing, nausea, coughing…

I say alarming because they scare everyone. We are being told by our docotrs that as long as we keep the bodily functions in “normal” parameters we are ok.

This is why the only thing that doctors are focusing on is to “normalize” the blood pressure, normalize the heartbeat, the hormone levels, and all of the other values doctors check their patients for.

We are instructed to ignore what the body is doing and to simply label it with a symbol we call disease.

Those symptoms cannot be avoided if we want to allow the body to heal itself.

To be able to cleanse, the body needs to be fully loaded on plasma, this means that the volume of the blood in the body has to be optimal which was kept artificially low by the doctor so that the blood pressure does not increase when the blood vessels become dry and rigid.

Of course, once you start hydrating the body, the blood pressure will increase and it can be extremely high in very dry and toxic people.

We can openly say that every individual with a chronic symptom has compromised blood circulation. This is why symptoms such as water retention and increased blood pressure often occur.

This is why I recommend that elderly and chronically ill people have a consultation before implementing SHP, and allow me or someone else who has been through this to guide them.

Water retention, high blood pressure, and cardiac arrhythmia are what scares people the most and sometimes a medicinal remedy has to be used to help the body at the beginning of the detox period.

Since we are talking about hypertension and water retention, we have to slow down the hydration of the body with plasma and to force detoxification with low plasma levels, a diuretic has to be used.

Sometimes the family decides to stop the cleansing process because of fear and this is dangerous because now there is elevated blood toxicity and depriving the body of plasma will trap those toxins in the blood causing health problems.

Remember, you never want to deprive the body of plasma. It has to be able to cleanse those toxins out, but if you want to stop the detoxification process, you force the cells to close down and stop cleansing themselves. This you can achieve with the same drugs that stop the flu.

Often, by implementing a diuretic, the cells are forced into shutdown, and the symptoms calm down.

I hope that this information will not scare you from implementing SHP.

So far, medicinal remedies have had to be used only in several of my clients, but this is for you to know how to handle the situation and to remember that you never try stopping the cleansing process by plasma deprivation.

You do it the same way as your doctor does it. By poisoning your body.

The difference is, that you do not deprive salt and water to your body, and you are allowing for the blood to be cleansed. That makes a huge difference. This is the correct way how medicinal remedies should be used.

Love and light to us all.

Goiter, hypo&hyperthyroidism

When we have a weight problem, being it overweight or underweight, the thyroid gland becomes the target of our suspicion.
Thyroidal hormones control cellular metabolism so whenever there is some issue with weight, the thyroid gland becomes the obvious target.

Since doctors do not understand the human body nor do they understand nutrition, they reach for pharmaceutical poisons. After all, this is where the money is.
Healing the patient would have been disastrous. It would lead to a decreased number of clients.
Fewer clients, lesser income, and no pharmaceutical perks, those luxurious cruises doctors became so fond of.

So, medication becomes the solution, and the permanent application of medicinal remedies creates a permanent client/patient.
The more doctors there are, the number of patients increases exponentially.

Doctors are the experts in the issues of health so what they say becomes the law, literally.
Just observe what is happening now with the non-existing virus. The doctor declares that a face diaper is obligatory to protect us from the non-existent virus, and the police are there to break your bones if you do not obey.

So, when a doctor tells you that you need hormonal therapy because your thyroid gland is not producing enough of the thyroidal hormone, or it is overproducing it, you better do it or else!

To sound knowledgeable, the good doctor will explain that you have a genetic glitch, or you are low on iodine, or your immune system got crazy and it is attacking its own organ, and there is nothing else to be done but to supplement the hormone in the case of hypothyroidism or to poison the thyroid with nuclear radiation to lower the hormonal production.

To show off its expertise, he/she will throw some big words like a Hyperplasia, Congenital, Grave’s disease, Hashimoto’s disease… and now when you are properly scared and confused, the doctor offers a miraculous solution, supplementation with artificially created hormone.

Often there is a visible swelling on the throat that has a more frightening effect and you are told that you are suffering from goiter.

Now, those of you following my work know instantly that there must be something wrong with the body’s environment.

Our genes respond immediately to changes in the environment and present cells with a working blueprint they have to follow if they want to survive in this new environment.

When we look at the situation this way, everything changes. The family genetics become less problematic.

And when we realize that inflammation is not caused by the fight of our body with a pathogen and instead, it is just forced hydration, the culprit immediately switches from a pathogen organism to a toxin.

Using this knowledge, we are going to come to different conclusions.

For one, we are gaining weight because of the wrong food we are eating.

This means that no caloric restriction is going to help us counter the consequences of the wrong diet.

This wrong food provides the wrong fuel to our cells and forces the cells to make changes.

Points: Letters of the week, October 12

Those changes allow the survival of our cells but at the same time, it creates problems on many levels.

The body has to adjust to this incorrect environment so it changes hormonal signaling.

Since the cells cannot function correctly in this improper environment, extra toxic garbage is being produced that has to be eliminated.

On the other side, since we are being educated not to consume salt, the body becomes low on plasma which means, the blood volume is low. No proper cleansing can be done which increases gradually the toxic load of the blood, and subsequently, on the cellular level.

Internal organs become affected on the cellular level and those organs that have to work harder become more affected on the cellular level.

One of those organs is the one that is directly involved in cellular metabolism and that organ is the thyroid gland.

Since the thyroid gland has to produce more hormones, it increases in its size, and if it becomes critically acidic because it will not hydrate since the blood is toxic, a forced hydration/inflammation sets in increasing its size even more, and our experts have named this Goiter.

Now, instead of placing the focus on cleansing the blood and the cellular structure, and correcting the diet, our medical geniuses are correcting the hormone levels which our genes have deliberately altered to help the body dealing with the present situation.

So after our health wizards successfully adjust the hormone levels, the health of their patient goes to Hell, but don’t worry, the hormonal levels are perfect.

Since a culprit has to be found, doctors are instructed to blame low iodine. Low levels of iodine are being blamed and iodine supplementation is forced on us through iodized salt which becomes toxic.

If the individual has problems of being thin while eating a lot, we blame it on the thyroidal hormone overproduction so we are instructed to poison the thyroid gland with radioactive iodine, instead of correcting the environment.

Such a procedure is normal because every intervention of a doctor is based on the poisoning of the body to “help it to heal”.

Can you see the absurdity of the modern allopathic “mad-sin?”

So, how do we heal our body when we are being told that our health problems are caused by the diseased thyroid gland, and we are given medication to counter the problem?

First of all, change and correct your diet, load up on plasma (diluted seawater or water with not refined and not iodized sea salt, and then drop every medicament and supplement you have been given by your mislead poison provider/doctor.

You cannot heal while you are poisoning your body and as I have explained, nothing is wrong with your body other than the environment which you have changed in the wrong way by consuming incorrect food.

The other thing that you must do is to increase the blood’s plasma levels by drinking plasma and utilizing sea salt on your food generously.

Stop consuming iodized salt, and let go of hormonal supplements, you do not need them, and they will prevent your body from healing itself.

Not a single individual needed any supplementation while it was healing itself from “thyroid problems”.

Here is one eye-opening information.

Plants use cyanide in a similar way as animals use cholesterol.

For example, animal based vitamin B12, cobalamine, plants base on a cyanide and it is called cyanocobalamin.

Cyanide is a highly toxic compound to animals and humans and it is part of most plant based vitamins and proteins, and it is know poison that causes goiter.

Why do not people know about this?

Simply, follow the SHP and allow your body to heal.

Love and light to us all.

Shining a light on water

Our brother Peter has sent me Dr. Thomas Cowan’s video in which Dr.Cowan talks about the miracle of water.

It s an excellent video and I highly recommend you to watch it.

The same as most scientists, Dr. Cowan analyzes objects from the finished product down what we call back-engineering. When things are done in this way, there are always things that are not answered because of a missing link.

It is like building a house from the roof down.

I am going to try to fill in some of those missing links by building them from the foundation and up.

Dr. Cowan explains how water is constantly being created new from atoms of hydrogen and oxygen, and that the atom of hydrogen has isotopes that determine the structure and the quality of water.

The proof that new water is being created we can see by analyzing how the amount of water on our planet is increasing with every evolutionary shift on this planet.

We find man-made structures in various depths in our Oceans, and a lesser amount of the land with vaster oceans, but the question is: is the water being created daily as some scientists suggest?

If this would have been the case, everything would have been steadily sinking, and this is not what is happening.

Another question is: is the water created under the pressure of the weight f the stone, or is it created by merging the hydrogen that is radiated from our Sun, with the oxygen from our planet, and is this fusion occurring in the lower atmosphere and contribute to the cloud formation?

Dr. Cowan explains how new water is being created within the tissue of living beings.

Well, there is no pressure involved there, so is pressure necessary to create the new water?

Here, the creation of water is being explained as a chemical conversion of sugar into energy, CO2, and water.

The third source of the creation of water is our RNA/DNA.

The DNA water is then used to explain the formation of the biological structure of living things.

Dr. Cowan explains that by mixing water with sand, you can mold it and create forms.

This is what I call simple reasoning, but then he said that consciousness can be involved in the creation of forms. This is where Dr. Cowan hits the truth button.

Now, we are going to peel away from the indoctrinated science, and we will go and build our castle/ water, from the foundation and up.

To do this, we have to go quantum.

In the quantum field, there are no particles. It is just energy vibrating in various frequencies.

The waves of frequency have an orbital nature. Their collision forms contact points which become the base of the sacred geometry which then becomes the source of our “reality”.

For the energetic structure to become the visible reality, light has to be created so that the reality can be seen.

The light is a product of the sacred geometry when Vesica Piscis is formed, so it is part of the quantum field but only in the waveform.

Vesica Piscis - IN-LIGHT-MENT

To convert the light into a particle, a program is needed, and this program is installed into the brain.

Now we have the consciousness of the creative energy and the consciousness of the creation/brain.

The brain creates forms and shapes, presents them through our senses and the visible shapes we then try to analyze them by breaking them down into ever smaller pieces of which the smallest piece we have named photon. The photon is the single particle of light from which everything is formed.

Once we understand the basic creation, now we can build on it, so, let’s build the water.

We are told that to make water we need two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen.

We are told that the hydrogen has isotopes and it can be heavier because it may contain neutrons or two which will then change the weight of the water.

In the quantum field, no particles exist so what are atoms?

Atoms are energetic vibrations of particular frequencies with their corresponding electromagnetic fields. They can have stronger or weaker fields/movement, and higher or lower vibration/frequency.

Translated into the world of articles, the frequency will determine the nature of the atom, and the strength of its field will determine its electromagnetic force.

Hydrogen will represent the frequency and the strength of its electromagnetic field changes its weight/gravitational field. This is what is the difference between hydrogen, deuterium, and tritium. The stronger impulse, the stronger will be the electromagnetic field and the heavier will be the atom/object.

Dr. Cowan is demonstrating the water-created double helix. This is just an image.

A Russian scientist PeterGariaev demonstrated that if the Earth’s creative vibration the Schuman frequency is introduced into the water, DNA is formed.

Our brain produces the same frequency and we have named it the alpha brain waves.

Water is the representation of the quantum energy field of consciousness expressed in the field of particles where we can see how frequency produces sacred geometry, light, electromagnetic field, and life itself when it is being influenced by sound frequency.

Understanding the frequency, we can clearly see that everything there is, is conscious energy in a spectrum of various frequencies and strengths of the vibrational field and it all starts with the conscious energy of self-awareness of the creative energetic quantum field.

No, water is not what creates life. Water is what life has created, and life is the conscious energy of I am.

This is why everything is alive, everything is part of the creation, conscious of its existence, created by the I am of the conscious energy.

We are the part of the I am that is, was, and always will be.

We are the creation and the creators, and we use our brains to manifest what we create.

The only restriction to our creativity is the lack of ideas.

As we become aware of the real mechanics of manifestation, our experiences will be more fun and beautiful.

We are entering into a new world of infinite possibilities and instant manifestation.

Welcome to the fifth-density.

Love and light to us all.

Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath is nothing new. Most elderly people are experiencing it, and it is often present during a variety of sicknesses that involve lungs or blood.

I have decided to make an article on this topic because the nonexistent coronavirus is being blamed for causing it and this is so dangerous that it causes death because not even health experts like our doctors know how to handle it.

An extraordinary humanitarian that was very dear to me, Robert David Steele, was recently murdered by professional killers called medical doctors because of shortness of breath, so I have to tell you the truth about the causes of shortness of breath so that you do not make the same mistake seeking help from those who are trained to harm us.

There are many reasons why shortness of breath appears.

The shortness of breath is a result of an increase in the relative pressure of CO2 in the blood. This means that the relative pressure of oxygen is low and fresh, oxygenated air, has to be supplied so that the exchange of gases can take place.

If the blood is low on red blood cells, or if an obstruction will prevent the blood or airflow into the lungs, shortness of breath will be experienced.

People with asthma are well aware of it. So do people who suffer from bronchitis, cough, flu, and many other health problems, but because of the scarecrow named coronavirus or Wu-flu (COVID 1,2,3, delta, gamma, zeta, ditu, ritu…), I am going to clarify what causes the shortness of breath using the passing of R.D. Steele as an example.

Mr. Steele, like most people, had a poor diet and was dehydrated. His appearance was the proof of this.

He was swollen, had a loss of hair, was overweight, did not exercise, and was stressed.

This is the same condition that many people are living in, but Robert D. Steele was participating in a very exhausting tour so his energy levels became very low and a simple energetic shift will be enough to put his body into a defense mode.

Since he was very toxic on the cellular level, this mild shift, the cause of which could be some bad news, a chill of an evening breeze or a shower, a sudden surprise…) made his body to cringe.

Since his cells were very toxic, a substantial toxic load was released from his cells and has polluted his blood.

As he was low on blood plasma, his blood had difficulty cleansing. Most of the cleansing had to be done through the mucous tissue so nausea, diarrhea, fever, phloem, and mucus showed up as the symptoms of this event.

Just look at the symptoms and the symptoms of flu and you will find them to be identical.

The sudden increase of blood’s toxicity has lowered the electric conductivity of blood making the blood particles drop magnetic repulsion even more and the appearance of thrombus/small coagulates appeared.

Now add together the toxic blood with reduced electromagnetic potential, congested lungs full of toxic mucus, stuffed air passage, problems of blood circulation and it is very obvious why the shortness of breath had appeared.

How can we stop this process?

We can prevent further seepage of toxic stuff from cells by forcing the cells to reinforce their membranes. This will be achieved with any stronger poison such as are antibiotics, ibuprofen, anti-parasitic drugs, alcohol… which forces the cells to create stress/heat proteins.

Another help can be provided by helping the body to remove a lot of carbon and CO2 by increasing the relative pressure of oxygen in the body. Since the lung passages are closed, respirators will not do much, but oxygenation by MMS, chlorine dioxide, ozonated water… will achieve miraculous results.

Even simple thing as is drinking sea plasma will force a detox of the blood and elimination of symptoms so why is our friend Robert David Steele dead?

Because not a single thing that would help him was applied, instead, more toxic drugs that are promoted by Mr. COVID himself the little evil man Fauci were used to finishing his life.

We have to see to it that every doctor that is involved in this planned genocide is being arrested.

Do not worry about not having doctors available in hospitals because most of them will be behind the bars. They do not know how to help you, they only know how to poison you without you being aware of it.

Heaving them behind bars would actually be a relief and lives saved.

I wish that more of our brave patriots and humanitarians would be aware of the truth and follow the SHP, healing themselves instead of further poisoning their bodies through useless supplements and fraudulent procedures of our allopathic and alternative “mad-sin” practitioners.

Please, anyone who has contact with any truth-seeker, bring their attention to the SHP so that they can benefit from it.

No virus exists. It is all about toxicity and most of it is spread through vaccination.

Open your eyes, especially you, my colleges, and stop poisoning yourselves and others.

Learn the truth and free yourself from fear.

The time has come for the truth to come out, the freedom is here, open your arms and embrace it.

Love and light to us all.

Families are torn apart

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Divide and rule is the oldest trick in the book of war.

This is the famous principle of Niccolò Machiavelli, and it is being implemented heavily now.

Such practice is not just used to destroy the enemy, it destroys the society and family.

The basic force that is involved here says it all.

The consciousness of physicality is influenced on one side by the brain’s duality and rational thinking, and on the other side, there is the unity of the heart.

Our mind/ego fears every change. Fear is an emotion that is created by the brain.

It is there to keep us safe and careful.

To be able to do so, the ego is often explosive and aggressive. It all makes sense when we find ourselves in life-threatening situations, but since the ego is also self-centered, it can easily make wrong decisions as it wants to dominate at the same time as it wants to protect.

The more we allow to be ruled by our brain, the more in fear we are, the more explosive and violent we become, and the separation from the heart increases.

This is the reason why opinionated people like to enforce their views onto others.

They think that they are righteous while it is just the opposite. Their views become the only truth they are capable to accept, and the fear of not succeeding is making them aggressive and violent.

We can use the current situation of vaccines as an example.

People that are in fear of the virus, are desperately trying to protect themselves.

The fear is preventing them from rational thinking.

We have mild flu that is blamed on a highly infectious virus that was not discovered yet, but there are several variants of this non-existing virus that are very deadly.

Who writes this script?

If I would start watching such a movie, I would have left the theater. It is a senseless script, yet people are buying it as if it was a cat’s miau.

We have now a not only polarized nation, we have polarized families.

Those who are scared are accepting vaccines, wearing masks, keeping distance, which is ok if this is what calms them down, but the effect of self-righteousness is making them aggressive towards anyone who does not share their opinion.

Now we have family members who have accepted vaccines because they are being misled and frightened beyond belief, demanding that the rest of the family members get jabbed so that they feel safer.

Rational thinking is out the window.

If you have been vaccinated, you did this so that you are protected from the virus, yet you demand others to be jabbed. Why exactly if you are protected?

Fear knows no reasoning. Three jabs, five masks, visor, Hazmat suit, and distancing will not make such people feel safe unless everyone follows the TV propaganda.

Stupidity knows no boundary and combined with fear spells disaster.

Many family members are accepting the jab just to have peace in the house.

I wonder, what is the reaction of those who have been putting pressure on other family members to get jabbed and the family member became sick afterward, or dies?

Does anyone feel responsible for their action especially when we are talking about nonlethal flu and severe symptoms that many people experience from the jab?

I can somehow understand the people here in the Amazon jungle. They can barely read and believe everything they are told, but I know many highly educated people, many doctors, as well, who are as dumb as a doornail.

All they know is how to read and follow instructions.

Unfortunately, such people are the ones that are placed in the position of power to dictate what is to be done and how.

Fraudsters like Biden and Harris were allowed to be paraded as the President and Vice President to show people how manipulated they are, and still, it is taking them forever to wake up and realize what is going on.

I wonder if those two fruitcakes know how to tie their shoes, people dislike them, and yet, they have voted them to lea them?

Whenever I think, this must be it, people have awakened, and then I watch a new video of Mark Dice soliciting people, I realize how miraculously lucky we are that there were enough awakened people because the majority are pure zombies, and there is absolutely no chance for them to wake up.

Those zombies are the ones that are uninterested to find the truth so considering those zombies and those who are scared shitless, it is a true miracle that we have managed to free ourselves from evil.

This just shows us how weak the evil truly is.

Those of you who are scared of the nonexistent virus, unless you tackle your fears, no one can help you but please, stop pushing your fears onto others.

Showing Fear Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from ...

Fear is not a virtue you should be proud of.

It shows everyone how weak you are, and if you are in fear and you are religious, it shows that you have no faith, you are bowing to your God because of fear, this is why you kneel in front of him.

I do not bow before God. I stand tall the way I was created to be because I have faith in a loving Creator.

There is still a lot to learn and this is what makes living such fun.

Love and light to us all.

I have just received the news of Robert David Steele’s murder by the medical mafia.

We will miss him.

What is so special about these times we are living in?

DID YOU KNOW Sacred Geometry is the most studied subject ...

In the previous article, I have explained the situation on this planet and how it relates to the situation in the universe.
I have explained that the Biblical God and Curran’s Allah were invented by man in his own image.
Some people who hold religious views sacred will attack me. I am used to be attacked and I understand the confusion, just please, do not reject the opportunity to heal yourself because you think that I am an atheist.
I am not an atheist. I am a spiritual man who is looking to help everyone who needs my help regardless of their political or religious views.

I was asked to give my opinion on the present situation, and I know that some people will be reading this and be able to finally make sense of the bits and pieces that they have heard but could not connect.

The way I see things happening is based on the information that I have heard and experienced through various sources and spiritual Ayahuasca ceremonies.
I share them because they strongly resonate with me and make sense.
This is why I always explain that things work in a certain way.

The purpose of these articles is to keep us focused, out of fear, and empowered for the greater good.

We have been enslaved by the Anunnaki.
The Anunnaki collaborators (human traitors and conspirators) who had learned the truth and instead of sharing it and using it to empower and to free humankind, they have used it to dominate over it.
Those people I refer to as the Cabal/Illuminati.

Pin on People news

The origin of evil on this planet comes from the Anunnaki, but it was spread by the Cabal and other secret societies which have now all joined together in an attempt to prevent human liberation.

The liberation from the evil is extremely difficult because the evil is supported by the Anunnaki and a modified race of warriors by the black goo which makes them cruel and inhuman, separated from their hearts.

These detached, half robotized creatures reinforced with the black goo are creating problems in the whole Universe. Those are some of the Anunnaki, some humans, and I am sure there are fragments of many other nations and life forms that have joined this evil because the sensation of power is like a drug. One who is on it never has enough of it.

The decision was made to use Planet Earth in an attempt to conquer this evil.

We are experiencing this battle firsthand.

We are now actively participating in a historic event in which the creation is purifying itself from the mistakes of the past.

The forces of good have won this time, and what we are experiencing is just a sample of what was prepared for us to go through so that those who are still sleeping are given the opportunity to wake up.

Winning the war was difficult and could be achieved only through deception. This is why very few understand what is going on.

Why is this victory so important, and why are all nations of our Universe here observing it and celebrating our victory?

Alien Images · Pixabay · Download Free Pictures

What I am going to reveal now, may not be correct, but it is the best that my mind can come up with considering the information that is given to us, and this is what resonates with me.

Some facts first.

Everything is going in cycles.

One cycle has 24600 years of which half cycle is dominated by the female construct and the other half by the male construct.

Every change of cycle is followed by cleansing, reparation, and an upgrade which we have named “Evolution”.

Since electromagnetic fields are changed, everything shifts including the poles on our planet.

Because we often implement what we have learned in the previous experience, sometimes the new cycle starts with such a difference that it is best that the creatures do not physically participate in it.

Whenever you reprogram your computer, you have to shut it down before you reboot it with new programs and activate it.

This is exactly how things are done in the Universe.

The planet shuts down. The electromagnetic field is lost. With it, everything disappears/darkness.

Then a new program or an update is installed and the power is put back on, the system is rebooted but it is different from the one that was before.

Since the memories have been lost, a guide is provided to reintroduce us to the new program.

The entire Universe cannot be unplugged at once, because there would be no backup drive that can be used to reboot it. This is why the changes occur at different times so one change can be rebooted from another place that is not under evolution at this time.

Since evil is rampant in most of the Universe, a plan was made to free one planet which can then be then left powered while the rest of the Universe can be unplugged, cleansed, and then rebooted using the active planet as the memory drive for the reboot.

Winning over the evil was very difficult but it is not the end of the war.

Approximately 4 years ago, an electromagnetic grid of sacred geometry was constructed around planet Earth. It is 100 kilometers above the Earth.

The purpose of it is to hold Earth’s electromagnetic energy in and prevent it from radiating into the Universe. Drunvalo Melchizedek is one of those who were involved in its construction and he calls it a grid of Christ consciousness.

Earth's Grids And Portals - In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical ...

We are now in the time of a great upgrade/evolution but as far as I understand it, this is going to be for the first time that we are going to go through this rebooting process completely consciously.

This will be a very strange and painful thing to go through, but we have agreed to it to be able to finally rid the entire Universe of the evil we had just cleansed our Earth from.

The entire Universe will be unplugged from the electromagnetic field so that it can be cleansed of evil, and then it will be upgraded the same as we will be upgraded, with the new program before it is plugged into the electromagnetic field again, and manifested.

By not having an electromagnetic field for 72 hours, the old information will be lost. To be able to reboot, the information of the upgrade has to be loaded so if the entire Universe has lost the information, this would not be possible and the creation process would have to start from scratch all over again.

This is why the grid of Christ’s consciousness was created so that those who will be left on the planet Earth can maintain the electromagnetic power by “holding the light” while the rest of the Universe goes through the cleansing that we have done here already.

Once cleansed, it will be loaded with programs. Our genetic material will be used for this purpose so that the past creation is no lost.

As I am always pointing up that genes are electromagnetic records of experiences of creation, from the very beginning up till now. When we are unplugged, the information is lost and it has to be uploaded from the part of the Universe that was powered during this process.

Since the evil was running rampant through the Universe and always have managed to sneak into every new reboot, this is why the Earth had to be cleansed and stay energized while the rest of the Universe is unplugged and cleansed. Then the information to reboot the Universe will be taken from the genetic material that we are preserving so nothing is lost.

Then everything will be upgraded and the Universe will be energized again and appear in our reality.

This is why I believe that we are going to go through the upgrade consciously and witness the transformation as it is happening.

What a great privilege it is to be here keeping the “grail”, and becoming the creators of the New World.

"label/The Anunnaki" - Humans Are Free

I know, this will make no sense to most people that are reading this article, and there is no way to verify if this is the truth. It is what I feel and the information that I have acquired points to this conclusion.

This article will resonate only with those who are ready and there are many on the way who will be benefiting from this information.

We have to cleanse if we want to be the ones holding the light during the process of transformation which will be soon, I believe within a year, but then again, as the timing goes I was always wrong so take the timing with a grain of salt.

Those of you who think that I have gone crazy, please do not reject my work. Use the SH Protocol and cleanse. You will greatly benefit from it in every way possible.

Love and light to us all.

Shedding some light on the confusion

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This article is for those who are aware, at least partially, of what is going on, on our planet.

Since it has to do with our health, I am going to explain things in a logical way as I understand them to be.

To get a grasp on the present situation, we have to understand who we are, what is our purpose, and what is this thing we call our reality?

Through my quantum articles, I explain the process of creation, which is mentioned in the Bible as well.

Nirvana/energy without a purpose/darkness > sound/voice of God/intentional disturbance of the energetic field > sacred geometry, light/electromagnetism > brain/mind/creation

Since energy is conscious energy, every expression of energy is conscious of its existence.

The brain receives energy in a form of various frequencies through light, sound, and electromagnetic vibration, and according to the program that was implanted into it, it creates infinite possibilities of creative forms. Ego, which is the consciousness of the physical expression then decides what will be manifested as its reality.

Since humans were given the power to create, they were doing so for a long time, but since the mind/ego is self-centered, it was separating itself more and more from the universal consciousness of the I am/creator/the great spirit/grandfather…

At one point, the consciousness of the physicality had created an artificial life form and started to use it to gain more power not realizing that the opposite will happen. This artificial life form was given a name, black goo.

There are two types of black goo.

One is the product of a natural biological decay that contains humic acids and minerals, and the artificial black goo is a graphene oxide that is now being used in the depopulation jabs.

Here is a video that describes the two goos:

Graphene oxide is where the problem lies.

Bible scholars have their interpretation of the stuff so you can hear it here:


Both videos have many truthful facts but I do not fully agree with any of them because I am not using the given information blindly. I am not back-engineering things.

I much prefer to build them up from the scratch and I will only give you some points for you to understand where I am coming from.

To be able to build things from a scratch, I cannot take into consideration anything that was written and told in the past since everything is just a personal interpretation driven by emotion and the understanding of those times.

This is very obvious when the Bible is considered as the source of information because it is heavily manipulated, and what is not written in it, cannot be found there and could be a missing link which is often the case.

The Biblical God, Allah in Islam, is created in our image. It has our emotions, and reasons the way we do. It has nothing to do with the creative essence and has all to do with us, humans.

There could have never been a war between God and Lucifer the way Bible tells the story.

We are the creative Biblical gods, and the Lucifer is our mind that has separated itself from the creative essence of the one I am.

The true Biblical fight between God and Lucifer is what is happening now on our planet.

The mind versus the heart.

The mind is the manipulating, self-centered force of fear, possessiveness, and greed, and the heart being the source of unity, understanding, compassion, and love.

A long time ago, as the mind became focused on its own power to create and dominate, and the possessiveness of the ego, it has created artificial life in an attempt to improve its own abilities. We call this a black goo or graphene oxide.

It was created in an attempt to strengthen the electromagnetic field and make the frequencies of the body in which it is injected resilient to change.

This was achieved but an unfortunate side effect occurred. This side effect was the complete disconnect from the heart/soul of the individual who was “upgraded”.

We have been told about this through the movie industry. All alien attacks were shown in the form of an octopus or a squid, which is exactly how the graphene oxide appears in the blood.

It has no intelligence. It is self-conscious as everything else, but has no intelligence although we refer to it as artificial intelligence. It is energy-driven and amplifies electromagnetic fields. It cannot replicate itself.

Since it is highly electro-conductive, it is drawn towards the area of the body with higher electromagnetic fields. The more active is an organ, the stronger the electromagnetic field it radiates.

This is why the injected graphene is found concentrated in the brain, heart, and sexual organs of sexually active people.

Wherever it is, it amplifies the electromagnetic fields which is not necessarily good. It actually causes spontaneous abortion and changes in the menstrual cycle, making it impossible for women to procreate.

This is the reason why the Grays, cannot replicate and need humans to do so for them.

This was destroying the past civilizations and whenever an attempt was being done to stop using this goo, a battle has occurred and the dark forces empowered by the goo have won.

Female Demon Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors ...

This time around, the most powerful and experienced souls have offered to help in overpowering the artificially manipulated people and to eliminate this evil goo from this planet and the entire Universe.

Many have offered to help but only a few, the most experienced souls have been chosen to do this job since it is a very difficult task to do and many of the chosen ones have caved in not being able to take on the force of evil.

This is why we see so many suicides.

Self-destruction has almost occurred in the 60s in the conflict between the USSR and the USA. John F. Kennedy has managed to prevent it but his attempt to tackle the evil has failed although the resistance continued to grow under the symbol of Q.

Until the 1980s, our civilization was still on the path of self-destruction.

It was in the mid-1990s that it was becoming clear that the survival of the human race is possible but with a large loss of human life because people were so indoctrinated that they will put their own life on the line defending the evil that is enslaving them.

Antifa in solidarity with Anti Racist activists from DC ...

Miraculously, people have started awakening and the occurrence of a major disaster started diminishing. The longer we have managed to prevent a major disaster, the more people were waking up and the consciousness of awakened people was returning to their hearts.

Month after month, the situation was improving, the plan of liberation was being adjusted and the seemingly impossible became our reality.

The good has won over the evil with no significant loss of human life and no significant damage to our planet Earth.

It makes no longer sense to prolong the awakening because people are dying from the jabs, so the final military action can, and was implemented although the media is not reporting on it.

Any moment, the military/Alliance/White hats/Q, will take over the News Broadcasting and the truth will be revealed for all to see, and it will be very difficult to bear for most people.

Why is this event so important, and why are all extraterrestrial nations here observing and celebrating our victory?

This article is becoming too long so the answer will be revealed in the following post.

Love and light to us all.