Relation between the metabolic syndrome and diet

Cardiovascular “disease” is rampant and affecting the ever-younger generation.
Some certain signs and symptoms are commonly associated with cardiovascular deterioration.
Those symptoms are obesity, high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, high serum triglyceride, and elevated serum cholesterol.

Those five symptoms, or when at least three of them are present in one individual, this state have been labeled with a symbol we call Metabolic Syndrome.

Doctors are trained to address each of those symptoms individually.
Every one of those symptoms will be medicated.
One toxic remedy will be given to lower the blood pressure, another medicinal thing to lower cholesterol, another to lower the blood sugar…

Since those are all toxic poisons, they will disturb the stomach so another toxic remedy is to stabilize the stomach. All of them together will increase the overall toxic load of the blood, and create digestive problems and symptoms including stopping the cellular hydration.

Since doctors are not given the correct information, instead of healing, they promote diseases by increasing the toxic load of the body they are trying to help.

There have always been doctors who had realized that there is a problem with nutrition and if nutrition is corrected, much better curing results can be achieved than by using medicinal remedies.

Many of those doctors instead of using pharmaceutical poisons, reach to natural remedies/medicinal plants, not realizing that there is not much of a difference in which way you poison the body. Medicinal plants are just as toxic as pharmaceutical poisons/drugs.

The only difference is that medicinal plants are not being implemented daily for a long time, so the toxic impact is lower.

Since the basic thinking behind medical science is the same, there is often just temporary improvement before things worsen.

In this video, Dr. Pradip Jammadas is explaining the metabolic syndrome, and high blood pressure and how to go about it the “natural” way.

At the very beginning, he makes statements that we are being indoctrinated with and I have debunked through my work.

He says that elevated blood pressure can cause heart attacks, arteriosclerosis, strokes, blindness, vascular diseases, kidney failure…

He is correct that hypertension is misunderstood because everything he had said so far is wrong. He is blaming symptoms for causing other symptoms.

He is saying that as a cardiologist he sees patients when they already have organ damage. Well, people come to see a doctor when there is something wrong with them, this should not surprise him.

Dr. Jammadas is stating that kidney failure and tumor are secondary expressions of elevated BP.

He is saying that by lowering the BP with medication, the “secondary diseases” can be prevented.

And then comes the jam: if you reverse the metabolic syndrome, you will lower the blood pressure naturally.

Now comes a bit of truth. Dr. Jammadas states that through a change of diet, we can lower the metabolic syndrome and the blood pressure will go down naturally.

The only problem is that he himself has no clue what is the correct diet. He keeps blaming obesity to be a huge problem. Another wrong statement.

Those who do not understand what is going on, reach for the statistics. Oh, 80% of obese people have metabolic syndrome. Fat must be the reason behind it right? Wrong as always.

I cannot continue debunking those false claims one by one because this article will be too long.

Those of you who are following my work can clearly see the absurdity of his claims.

Again, I am not picking on Dr. Jammadas. He is just being used as a symbol of the medical false interpretation of how the body works and what the symptoms that we have named diseases or syndromes actually are, and what causes them.

We do not have to know the blood values to be able to lower blood pressure. We do not have to know the levels of cholesterol, triglyceride, and insulin in the blood to be able to heal.

All that we need is to understand our body and know what fuel it is programmed to use, and fuel it with the correct fuel/diet.

When you do not know how the body works, you will blame the increased levels of triglyceride and cholesterol on the animal fat you eat.

Since triglycerides and cholesterol are fats, you automatically focus on the meat in your diet. This is what I call childish reasoning, and this is what most doctors do.

Do not eat pork and eggs, is their instruction.

Everyone familiar with my work knows that fatty food has absolutely nothing to do with the level of cholesterol in our blood.

High levels of blood cholesterol and triglycerides are strictly related to carbohydrate diet, and so is the presence of insulin.

Cut carbohydrates out from your diet, and your “Metabolic Syndrome” will vanish.

Why is fasting so effective in restoring our health?

During fasting, you are not poisoning your body with carbohydrates and the body has to switch its cellular metabolism back to fats. Your cells become powered by your stored fat, the metabolic syndrome goes down, and you feel better than ever before.

Well, this is a great way to make some order in your body but what if you are skinny and you have metabolic syndrome?

We do not have to do any fasting to be able to put our cells into the ketogenic state. All that we have to do is to cut out processed foods from our diet.

Dr. Jammadas is correct on this, he is correctly pointing to glucose and sugars to be the problem but I am sure that he does not consider the cooked vegetables to be a processed food.

Also, he puts the fructose in the same basket as the glucose because he completely ignores the GLUT sugar transporting mechanism.

Dr. Jammadas correctly states that the destruction of the body of people that run on sugars (glucoholics) is the result of high insulin blood levels.

Now you can see how doctors destroy our health by poisoning us with insulin as an excuse to control our blood sugar.

Dr. Jammadas is a good doctor that correctly helps his patient although many of his statements are incorrect.

It is very difficult to see things correctly after we have been brainwashed by the indoctrination mechanism of our schools.

This article again explains why is the SHP so effective in the healing of our body.

Love and light to us all.

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