Fear and medical tyranny

Fear is the cause of why are we living in slavery willingly not even realizing our position.

Because of the fear we look for someone to protect us. For the sake of fear, we give our rights away. Because of fear, we become ill. Fear turns us into slaves.

We allow others to dominate us because we feel safer when someone else makes decisions and then we blame them because they misuse the power they have over us, the power we have given them because of being fearful to make the decision ourselves.

Because of fear, religions were created as the first way of controlling people.

Then the Kings appeared we had to serve for “protection”.

Then, political organizations surfaced, and every new development brought harsher and harsher restrictions.

The few that we have empowered to dominate us formed an alliance to be stronger. They have disarmed the population and only their personal guards are allowed to be armed. Not to be so obvious, those personal guards are named the Police and we are told that they are here to protect us.

Show me a crime and I will show you the Police department that is involved in it.

As popular discontent grew, the government started to arm all governmental organizations from postal workers to tax collectors because there was rising discontent so more “dogs” are necessary to keep the sheep in line, but very few of us were aware of the true power that was given to health workers until now.

Because of fear, people have generally obeyed doctors’ recommendations and willingly allowed to be poisoned not realizing what is actually going on.

Since the poisoning was slow, people accepted what they were told. Basically, you are old, this is why you are sick, and all that we can do is to “prolong” your life by medicating you, which is what we are being told by our “health gurus”.

Because of the slow indoctrination, people accepted all lies no matter how ridiculous they are because brainwashing is implemented on them their entire lives. They become slow-cooking frogs.

It was enough for 7 months of daily discussions on the Tel lie Vision that one big plane can take down the strongest metal-made buildings to accept it as an obvious thing that will happen when shown. This is why the lie of the destruction of the World Trade Centre by a plane was so easily accepted.

One manipulation was not that obvious and had caused billions of premature deaths worldwide, and this is the trusted medical system.

Nothing has ever brought more misery and death than doctors bowing in front of fraudulent science, pledging allegiance to the Devil itself just for the sake of money and prestige.

I used to think that generally, doctors are meaning well but are victims of fraud, but this has changed through my experiences trying to show them the truth and after experiencing the results, their decision not to use the truth because this would have meant the end of their Goose with golden eggs, have changed my mind.

This covid plandemic has revealed their true color. Without their compliance, the plandemic would have been impossible. Every single covid test is a fraud, every ”proven” covid positive is a fraud, and every single covid death is a fraud.

The statement that covid vaccines kill more people than covid itself, or that the vaccine lowers the intensity of covid, those are all false statements.

The same goes for the swine flu, avian flu, dengue, herpes, pox… and name it, all are lies, they do not exist.

Every viral disease is a manufactured lie and even now with this disclosure, the great majority of health professionals still talk about covid as if it exists.

Why is this still going on?

Because of money.

There are two of my clients that have experienced the empowered medical system attempting to take their freedom away.

Mrs. T. had saved her husband’s life because she was informed and strong enough to stand her ground after her husband was literarily kidnapped by the ambulance and forced to go to the hospital.

Mr. M. is a tall overweight gentleman that slipped in the bathroom and could not get up. Mrs. T. was not strong enough to help him so a 911 call was made. The police showed up with the ambulance and instead to help Mr. M. they forcefully put him into the ambulance and took him to the hospital against the wishes of Mrs. T.

 In the hospital, Mr. M was pronounced sick with high BP although his BP was 70 over 140, just elevated. He was diagnosed to have sepsis although no fever or any sign of sepsis was present and an array of medicaments was thrown at him which Mrs. T. did not accept so she was ordered to leave the hospital. This gave her no other choice but to call the police so finally she was permitted to stay and continued to press for her husband’s release from the clutches of the medical tyranny.

Mrs. T. told me that even though the situation was terrible, she had to smile on several occasions as what the doctors were saying was exactly what I am writing about, the doctors’ total ignorance of understanding the human body, and creating disease out of the thin air just to sell drugs and hopefully score on covid since the covid test is still a must, to help control the plandemic of course.

Finally, after hours of fighting with the corrupt system, Mrs. T. and her husband were released from the hospital with the diagnosis of a urinary tract infection, which Mrs. T. knew was bogus and it was just an excuse for this horrible mistreatment.

Forgot to mention that this has happened in Texas USA.

If you think that what I am saying about viruses is impossible, here is a video of another awake individualhttps:

Another case was with Mrs. P. and her husband, but the article is already getting to be too long so I will skip the details.

The medical system of the USA has been turned into the government’s hands and the same as with everything else, what government touches turns to sh*t.

The bigger the government, the crappiest becomes the country. The larger the government, the more restricted laws are passed. Welcome to democracy.

I believe that you can see what is going on, but do not worry.

What happens when the chess game is over?

The loser’s Queen goes down.

Well, the London bridge is down, the Queen has fallen. Now the truth can be told.


Love and light to us all.

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