Tinnitus, insomnia, headache, Alzheimer’s…is inflammation to blame?

I wrote about tinnitus before and the reason why I am returning to this topic is the advertising of the supplement pushers I have received in my email.

It was the advertising for the “perfect brain nutrient” concocted from several medicinal plants that will stop tinnitus and other diseases caused by an inflamed brain.

The advertising starts with an obnoxious video but luckily there was a transcript that I could skim through fast to get to the point.

In a nutshell, there are several health issues caused by brain inflammation of which tinnitus could be one of them.

In the advertising, they claim that all tinnitus is caused by an inflamed brain which is false.

The claim that their product is healthy food for the brain and this is why the brain inflammation stops because the brain was missing the ingredients their product brings is false.

Yes, inflammation of the brain can cause a variety of health issues, depending on which part of the brain is inflamed and in what state are the correlating organs that this part of the brain is influencing.

What causes the inflammation?

Dehydrated and acidic cells whose performance is dependent on having an adequate level of plasma will be forced to absorb some plasma even if they do not want to absorb it themselves.

An override system is installed in our robot/body that is designed to work as an emergency mechanism, and we have named it inflammation.

I wrote many articles about inflammation and here is one of them so that I do not have to repeat myselfhttps:


Inflammation is not a result of some missing ingredient in the brain, it is the result of blood toxicity which causes cellular refusal to hydrate itself. Every toxic element, if found in the blood, will prevent cellular hydration and this includes all medicinal remedies, pharmaceuticals, and naturally occurring in plants.

Once we know the truth, in which way can a medicinal concoction that was created by mixing several medicinal plants of which some are neurotoxic help the cell with hydration to eliminate the need for inflammation?

The medicinal plants that are used are

Skullcap which sedates neurons,

 Hawthorn, contains flavonoids that relax blood vessels and act like beta blockers

Cowhage, a neuron suppressor that makes the brain lethargic

Rhodiole, which has similar effects as Cowhage, is a neuron suppressor.

This mixture of natural poisons, since they are neurotoxins means that they penetrate the brain’s blood barrier and increase the brain’s toxicity to a level that stops even the forced hydration because it is too toxic for the brain.

Yes, this toxic drug will prevent inflammation for a while and at the same time stop cellular hydration of the entire body, and the same as any other medicinal remedy cause chronic health problems in the future of which tinnitus is one of them.

As dehydration of the blood in the body intensifies, so does intensify blood toxicity. As the blood becomes overly toxic, toxins end up in the lymph and ultimately inside organs that are supplied by the lymphatic system.

The brain is one of those organs.

The toxicity prevents cellular hydration so mechanical override has to be implemented, and inflammation occurs.

Yes, we have numerous medicinal poisons that will suppress inflammation. The most popular are steroids and they will work on the brain the same as the naturally composed medicinal concoction they have named  Silencil.

So, we can continue with the medicinal poisoning, or we can hydrate the blood and trigger the cleansing response which will eliminate toxins from the body and allow the proper cellular hydration to take place which will eliminate the need for inflammation.

Well, there is no money to be made in healing, this is why poisoning is the preferred action supported by our fraudulent science.

Instead of poisoning yourself with medicinal remedies of any kind, use the SHP and heal yourself.

Love and light to us all

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