Let’s go quantum III. Is a picture worth a thousand words?

There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Is this saying correct?

I think that it is greatly understated.

Every picture ever made started first as an inspiration. There are thoughts behind it. Those thoughts are of multiple ideas and emotions this is why we stand in front of a picture and admire it subjectively not knowing the exact thought it took to create it.

We wonder and give our emotional response to it.

We can use the written word as an example. The written word can be looked upon as a picture, but we know the meaning behind this image, it is a picture we understand.

Do we really understand everything that the image of a word is commuting?

When we read a book, we use our own imagination to draw the picture behind it not being aware of the emotions the writer had while creating these images/words.

There are people capable to read through their chakras. They do not have to open the book to read it. Simply by placing their chakra sensor (their palm, foot, underarm…) on the book, they know everything that is written there, but they also capture the energy behind it knowing what was the writer thinking while creating these images/words and sentences.

To understand this, we have to go quantum.

Why quantum?

Because everything starts there. The quantum field of energy is where everything is created before it becomes manifested through our senses into what we call our reality.

The creative process starts with an idea. The idea is a thought. The thought is an electromagnetic field of energy. This electromagnetic field consists of energy which through intent becomes processed by a computer/calculator/brain and manifested through the sensory elements of our robot/body which turn it into our physical experience of what we have named reality.

This means that every picture ever created has to contain all of those elements.

We are not talking only about the written text, or a painting of Vincent Willem Van Gogh.

Everything we see is created the same way including what we see when we open our eyes, the “reality” itself.

By snapping a photograph, we have captured one of the images that our brain has expressed through its sense of vision/light, not realizing the vast amount of other information behind it.

We can admire the beauty of what we see in the photograph, but we have no idea where was the photograph taken and what was the intent of the photographer while taking this photo/image because all we focus on is the visual frequency.

It is like projecting light through a prism, fracturing it into various colors, and then focusing only on one of the colors ignoring the rest. Instead of being aware of the colorful spectrum experiencing a rainbow effect, we see it as a red flash.

This was just a very simplified explanation to make the point, but every image contains complete information about its creation. 

Some native tribal people do not like their photos to be taken because they say that they take a piece of their spirit with them.

Is this the true reason, or is it maybe that as you are snapping their picture, they are thinking how good you may taste, and if you are aware, you may catch it when looking at the photograph?

Our physical reality is a holographic one that consists of pictures flashing a million times a second. Through our robot’s sensory electronics, we have a complete awareness of frequencies that are involved and programmed to present us with this experience.

Although there are many more frequencies present, we cannot experience them because we are not programmed for them and because we have been deliberately influenced by fake programming to ignore and fear those frequencies/experiences.

How many times have we been told by religious manipulators that the voices we hear are the Devil talking, and not to listen to them?

Yes, our brain will respond to electromagnetic waves in the way it was programmed and since it is programmed to communicate with the soul for guidance, it can be manipulated if the source of the information comes from some other entity or mechanical device.

Our religious leaders do not want us to communicate directly with the creator so this type of communication is vilified.

Our pineal gland is the door for such communication. This is why, through the vaccine and fluoride, the pineal gland is attacked and blocked from resonating.

Many recently jabbed people report that they feel empty. Like their soul has been taken away.

This is exactly what has happened.

Now the question is, can this be corrected, or are those people lost forever?

The same as any other malfunction/disease, we are talking about scurred frequencies while, in the quantum field, the correct pattern of the sacred geometry remains intact.

This is from where manifestation comes and by strengthening the electromagnetic field, we can bring the correct resonance back to “life”.

The same as with any twisted frequency/disease, this can be corrected simply by raising the cellular electric voltage.

I cannot prove this, but the structure of the sacred geometry and our programming makes me believe so.

The “healing bed” technology will bring more clarity to this.

Every picture is loaded with tons of information we are not aware of but the information is definitive. Creation is a progressive movement whose possibilities are infinite.

Before we can consciously step into the quantum age, the errors of the past have to be eliminated. We are now experiencing the death of the old which will lead us into the birth of the new age of the quantum reality/Christ consciousness.

Love and light to us all.

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