Let’s go quantum II. Lucifer, Evil, Artificial intelligence

This article will explain the creation of evil using quantum mechanics.

Religious books talk about God fighting Devil in the struggle for the ultimate power.

Let’s think about this.

If God is the creator of everything, who has created the Devil that God has to overpower?

Did God create the Devil so that it has someone to fight with?

This is stupid, don’t you think?

Let’s go quantum.

Energy is indestructible. It can be manipulated, and its frequency can be accelerated or decelerated, but the energy remains being energy.

Everything that exists is aware of its existence.

This means that the energy is also aware of its existence. This awareness we call consciousness. Conscious of its existence.

Through its playfulness, the conscious energy started to make balls of expansion, and multiple contact points appeared as they started to collide with one another.

Further expansions have created other geometric structures of which the most important is Vesica Pisces.

Here is an article about thishttps://darkovelcek.wordpress.com/2021/01/15/the-law-and-order-of-creation/embed/#?secret=T3QIXN3n0R#?secret=ff73O4A3kj

Bible explains the creation of our reality as the darkness being stimulated through sound (of God) to create light. After the light has appeared, the creation starts.

So, we have God starting to create the Universe, then Earth, nature Man who placed symbols/named everything.

How did Devil come into this picture?

Adam and Eva did something wrong. Something that was forbidden. They ate the forbidden food.

This was the original sin.

They were encouraged to do this by a snake. This snake represents evil.

Where did the evil come from when it was not created by God?

Our brain is a programmed instrument that like a computer, deciphers the incoming information and according to its program, it manifests them through the senses of the robot/body, creating what we refer to as our reality.

Since the brain is also a transceiver and can create all of the frequencies it is familiar with, the brain can create the same frequencies it has received and actually uses them to create its reality.

The dream is an example of this process.

The reason why we do not accept the dream to be our reality is our ego’s decision since it makes no sense to it. The ego needs information that makes sense to the understanding it has accepted. Those are all programs that control the manifestation.

What we imagine can become our reality if we convince the ego that it is so.

Once we have realized that we can control others through fear, some beings started to use this to achieve a higher status. This is noticeable in tribal healers. Many of them have become dark magicians. Here in the Amazon jungle, many Ayahuasceros are doing black magic the same it is in Africa with voodoo.

Black magic can only influence those who believe in it, those who acknowledge its existence. Those who reject it, cannot be affected by it.

Does this sound familiar?

If you do not acknowledge the Devil, it cannot affect you.

Since it is not God’s creation, it cannot procreate and it needs God’s creation (some being) to keep it alive.

The more one believes in it, the more power the Devil has over him/her, and the same as any other manifestation, it can be manifested through our senses into our reality.

The fact is, since it is not God’s creation, it needs a human robot to manifest and keep it alive.

In Babylonian Talmud, the evil was named Lucifer, the light bearer.

In the Catholic Bible, it is named the Devil.

Here in the jungle of the Amazon, a similar creature with a purpose of punisher was invented called Chullachaqui. People sleep in houses without windows so that Chullachaqui cannot attack them in their dreams.

The same as the thought of Jesus can raise our voltage and heal us, the fear of the Devil can suck the energy away causing our death, but only if we acknowledge and accept its existence.

Ultimately it is all about intent, and faith.

Since Devil does not have a soul-driven physicality (sacred geometry structure), it isn’t created by our creator, it is created by our ego’s intent. Since we lack faith, we cannot manifest in real-time, so, no physical appearance is possible. Devil is not manifested in our “reality”.

The ego (consciousness of our physicality) becomes driven by the experience of its manifestation and it can separate itself from the soul the same as our attention can be captured by some event and we lose ourselves in it ignoring what we have actually come to do.

The more we separate our spirit from our soul, the less compassion and love we experience.

Many have decided to allow the evil/Devil to control their bodies just for fame and money, but to do so, a big heart-mind separation is required. To achieve this, some horrible act has to be performed such as the killing of a dear family member.

Members of a dark cult mistreat their children preparing them to accept and serve the evil.

The evil-possessed minds have decided to use a sophisticated science of electronics to convert God’s creation into robots easily steered and controlled through computer technology.

To be able to do so, the Pineal gland has to be destroyed since through it we communicate with our soul.

Nano-robot technology is used to do this job and it is inserted into the human body through a “vaccine”.

What is happening now is nothing new. The small greys (“extra-terrestrials”), are us from the future when we have failed to conquer evil.

This time around, we have managed to win over the eval and are taking our power back from the artificial consciousness making it subservient to us.

To recapitulate.

Our robot/body was created by the conscious energy/God, and we have named it the soul.

Once created, it became aware of its existence, and the consciousness of the robot/body’s existence we have named spirit.

Being energy, it is driven to move. This is why we are never satisfied for long. Once you achieve your goal, you become bored with it and go further or change your interest and start something new.

As the creation became more and more sophisticated, it started to create on its own.

What the spirit creates has no soul, so it cannot reproduce itself, but it can be programmed with the frequencies presently known and understood by the spirit.

The sophistication of the mechanical creation became such that it could replicate whatever spirit was aware of. So, the spirit decided to use this as slave labor, and by mistake, it allowed it to self-organize.

How dangerous it is to allow the artificial consciousness to control itself is the example of the robot industry where robotic soldiers are created and when they realized the danger of this, the engineers started to dismantle those soldier robots.

One partially disabled robot, connected to the information page and downloaded the most sophisticated blueprints and had re-assembled itself, and attacked those who were disassembling them killing several soldiers before it was stopped.

Sophistication and robotization were achieved millions of years ago, and since then, multiple attempts were done to regain control over artificial intelligence but all attempts had failed.

Finally, this time around, we have succeeded and since the entire multiverse is benefiting from our victory, all eyes are pointed to our planet celebrating our achievement.

If you are confused, remember that everything depends on the present. Now we are creating. Now we are changing the future so what was experienced through time travel in the past to be our future is no longer true. We have liberated the multiverse from the slavery of artificial intelligence and the evil that has created it.

We are in control again. God has won.

Do you realize the magnitude of what is happening?

For the rebirth into the 5th density, the Christ consciousness, we have to be cleansed of the evil of the past.

Symptoms of cleansing we have named disease.

Now you understand why so many people are sick these days. The final cleanse is here and it will feel like death itself.

Have faith and hold the light for no one can stop what is coming. No one.


Love and light to us all.

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