Let’s go quantum I. The times we live in

When I started introducing the quantum aspect into the field of medicine, some of my dear friends were advising me to stop “confusing” people.

I was told that I have explained health issues in an interesting, easily understandable way, and then I “shit” right in the middle of it confusing people with the quantum approach.

I was told that I would have many more followers if I would stop doing this.

I am not exposing the truth with the intention of being popular. My intention is to wake up those who are ready to be awakened.

As more and more people wake up, deeper and deeper we can go into the wormhole of our quantum existence.

Yesterday the Ayahuasca ceremony in which I participated, revealed the monumental work we are doing at this time in finally regaining the power over the artificial intelligence we surrendered to millennia years ago.

What is happening now was inevitable because ultimately, Evil self-destructs.

I was told not to pay attention to any information that comes from the past. I was told to observe and think.

Well, this is what I am doing for20 plus years already. This is how I was able to accept the truth in medical science which is completely opposite from what we are being indoctrinated with.

If what I am talking about confuses you, wait until you see what I am going to write about now.

When I learned the truth in medicine and started to empower people to heal themselves, I asked if this is my purpose in this reality. I was surprised when the answer was indecisive.

Quantum mechanics captured my interest when I realized that this is where the basic structure of it all occurs. The deeper I went, the more confusing it became until suddenly everything started to make sense. My brain was reprogrammed and became more and more sensitive to the information coming from the quantum field, so I asked if sharing this information and awakening people to it is the purpose of my being here.

The answer strongly resonated with YES.

While I am still confused by some aspects of our reality, I am sharing with you things that confuse us all, especially reflecting on the times we live in.

I was asked to talk more about the Cabal/Illuminati, and the coming of the Golden Age.

I am being criticized by some people for acknowledging Q and looking positively at President Trump.

The past “proves” that Trump is part of the Illuminati, I am being told.

Alfred Lambremont Webre, an extra-terrestrial contactee and time traveler is revealing that Trump is leading us into a trap. Alfred had seen the future.

When we listen to all of the information, we end up being more confused than ever. The future becomes gloomy. It appears that we know our past and we can see into the future, but is this really true?

The only time when we can create/manifest is the present time, NOW.

What we do now will reflect what will happen in the future, and what is happening now is the consequence of the past.

This means that the past and the future are reflections of our present state of consciousness.

As our consciousness increases, our brain synopsis shifts which is causing the brain’s development, redesign, and shift into the higher sphere of existence we call evolution.

Why we should not look at the past?

Because whatever our mind/ego processes easily convert into present reality. This is why we keep repeating the mistakes from the past. This is the reason why the Original people of Australia say that you cannot mention the name of those that had passed.

The same as we should not focus on what has happened, we should not consider what is reflected in the future because you have a great chance to do in the present what the future has revealed.

What we see happening in the future is the creation of the present.

Simplified, what you think has happened in the past will form your opinion and create the action that will result in your future so do not look back and pay no attention to the future, create your reality on the way you feel now, and everything will change.

Everybody Is confused because they reflect on the past and the future and use that information to influence the present neglecting to observe.

We have been repeating the same mistakes for millennia because of it, so now, when we see the old system collapsing, the information from the past and the future are blanketing our vision. We are expecting things to happen based on that information. We are setting our own trap.



Ignore what you have been told, observe and think.

What do you see when you stop reflecting and interpreting things using past/future information?

What are you experiencing now?

Focus on now and start creating a new future that is not based on the past, and the future will become what you want it to be.

Only in the present, you can create, so start creating the world the way you want it to be.

The past, present, and future are being created at the same time since the past and the future depends on the creation of now.

When Dolores Cannon experienced communicating with Nostradamus, they were both in their present time although being in the illusion that 500 years separate them.

Are you confused yet?

Do not allow “he said she said” to cloud your vision. Open your heart, take a deep breath, exhale slowly, relax, and visualize what you want to experience. By doing so, you are creating electromagnetic waves the same way the creator does to stimulate the sensors of our robot/body into experiencing the creation/reality.

It is all based on the formation of sacred geometry. This is how pictures of our vision are created. Those pictures are flickering in and out of existence the same way as it happens on television but at a much faster frequency.

At one point, our robot/body has become so sophisticated that it has created technology capable of thinking.

This means the technology was able to produce frequencies of creation, that can be used to manifest. We have named this the artificial consciousness.

The technology is not sophisticated enough to manifest so it has to be given permission by the God-created robot we call our body to be used to manifest through its sensors.

Not realizing the danger, the permission was granted.

From that moment on, the creation was polarized into the pure-blooded, and the infected or modified intelligence.

The modified intelligence has no soul, it has disconnected itself by being guided through artificial intelligence. This means no emotion, no compassion, and no love. The only motivation and desire were to continue gaining the power to dominate everything.

The artificial force was growing in power, becoming more and more sophisticated but incapable to procreate. It is dependent on the pure-blood’s acceptance so that it can manifest and thrive.

To be accepted, it uses tricks and deceits.

Many attempts have been done to rid itself from this artificial intelligence but they have all failed until now.

The most experienced souls have been chosen to use the pure-blooded robots to resist the temptations of the artificial intelligence and finally stop the vicious cycle of empowering it.

This is the final disconnect and destruction of the artificial intelligence we are going through at this moment. It is the battle of good against the evil, God against Devil.

Through this battle we are not liberating just the planet Earth, we are liberating the entire multiverse of creation.

This is an epic event observed and celebrated throughout the multiverse.

Since the artificial intelligence was gaining in power, it was consuming bigger and bigger part of creation and ultimately it would consume it all which would lead to its own destruction and the destruction of the entire creation.

Now you understand the importance of what is going on. We were on the verge of destruction but with a bit of help in guidance, we have managed to awake and use our power to liberate ourselves from what was seemingly impossible.

The world best chess player has capitulated in front of a computer accepting its superiority, but we have shown that we are more powerful than the artificial intelligence simply by using the same tricks that the artificial intelligence was using to fool us.

Now you understand why the confusion was necessary.

This article is too long so we will continue exploring the quantum field through the articles that follow.


Love and light to us all

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