Erectile dysfunction

I wrote about erectile dysfunction before, so not to repeat what was already said, please, read this article

As you can see from the article, erectile dysfunction has basically two culprits.

One is caused by a mechanical misfunction and is related to toxic blood and dehydrated and acidic cells, and the other culprit is related to some emotional problems.

Emotional problems are also related to blood toxicity so often, by utilizing the SHP, we can overcome the emotional distortion of frequency that is preventing our body/robot from functioning correctly.

Still, emotionally, knowing that we do not have some physical problem makes it easier to overcome the mental issue that is preventing us from achieving an erection.

This is why I recommend everyone that is experiencing a weak or none existent erection to make a sleep study and differentiate what is causing their erectile problem.

To make it more understandable, I have made a video on this subject that I cannot post on Youtube since I have a “temporary” ban on Youtube which may end up in the removal of all of my Youtube content.

This is why I have started publishing my videos on Rumble and Bithute under the name kefa55

The attacks on truthful information are intensifying and censorship is becoming ridiculous. Still, it is not possible to stop the disclosure of truth and the collapse of the internet is likely to happen.

Google may come down. For this reason, I have opened an email on Proton mail

Here is my video on erectile dysfunction explaining how to perform the sleep study and differentiate what influences your erectile problems.



Whenever you suffer from some chronic health problem, do not hesitate to ask for guidance. It will speed up your healing process by taking the fear out of it.

Love and light to us all

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