Enlarged prostate and prostate cancer

My friend Ricardo asked me if I wrote an article about an enlarged prostate.

I have been mentioning prostate problems often when discussing inflammation, the toxicity of the blood, and cellular dehydration so I thought that I wrote an article on this subject.

Well, I did not so here, I will remedy the issue.

Our science claims that the culprit of prostate problems is not clearly defined so the same as with every other chronic health problem, statistics are used to clarify the issue.

The same as with every other chronic problem, statistics are nothing more than tapping blind in space. When you do not understand the mechanism, you cannot solve the problem.

The usual suspect to blame is age, genetics, and other diseases/symptoms like inflammation and infection.

What causes the prostate to enlarge?

It is inflammation and cellular proliferation.

What culprit causes those issues in the body?

It is the toxic blood and dehydrated and acidic cells.

The toxic blood prevents cellular hydration.

Dehydrated cells become acidic and when forced to perform, a hydration override is activated which I call forced hydration but in medical science, it is labelled as inflammation.

Inflamed tissue increases in size.

Since the cells are toxic, the cellular voltage will be unsteady and drop every time we transmit a thought of the same frequency as the prostate. With a drop in cell voltage below 50% of its capacity, the cell will go into a proliferation splitting itself and bagging as much of the toxic material into the half designated as garbage.

This garbage should be labelled by GcMAF protein so that the macrophage destroys it.

Carboholics do not produce GcMAF protein so the garbage remains stuck to the cell increasing the overall size of the tissue/organ.

Enlarged prostate squeezes the urethra making urination difficult.

Doctors are trained to use beta blockers and steroids to tackle the inflammation which will reduce the size of the prostate, but the overall problem remains and as the toxicity of the body increases so does the size of the prostate, and the suppression of inflammation is not going to produce results.

 This is when surgery takes care of the problem and of the prostate, debilitating the patient. Problems in erection often present themselves as the consequence of the butchery/surgery.

Men, that are more sexually active have to produce more lubricant so the prostate has to work harder. This debilitates the prostate on the cellular level causing inflammation. Since other sexual organs are also affected, erectile problems show up.

 Often, erectile problems appear before the enlarged prostate creates problems.

If the erectile problems affect the individual hard causing him to “lose his sleep” over it, the constant transmission of the ”sexual” frequency will cut the energy supply from the heart to the prostate and the lack of energy supply will cause uncontrollable cellular proliferation which we call a tumor/cancer.

Not only the prostate and penis are involved and resonate with similar frequency. Pelvic fascia and muscles can also be involved and cause thickening and growth into a tumor.

No bacteria or fungus are involved in this situation but they can feed on those bagged garbage cells. As soon as doctors find any microorganism, they put the blame there and attack it with a toxic antibiotic poisoning the entire body.

Once an individual is in fear, the overall energy of the body drops causing a very weak immunity to resist wrong frequencies making the body susceptible to “diseases”.

If the fear of dying becomes strong, this affects the structural frequency, and bones become affected by proliferation. This is how prostate cancer spreads to bone cancer.

Here is my video on this topic

Rumble           https://rumble.com/v1hphqb-enlarged-prostate-and-prostate-cancer.html

Bitchute             https://www.bitchute.com/video/tLdIIHIuKBsu/

Now, that we understand the underlining cause of enlarged prostate cancer, we can easily tackle this health issue.

Now we know not only that we can easily prevent this health issue, but we can also as easily heal it and return the prostate to a healthy state.

All that we have to do is follow the SHP.

Knowing makes the fear manageable. Having faith, eliminates al problems.

You chose your path.

I recommend, using every tool available because it is very difficult to reprogram our mind, and suppress the already accepted programs.

Love and light to us all.

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You can start contacting me through that email as well.

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