Vaccines and the immune system

Everyone and their grandmother are talking about AIDS-like symptoms of a destroyed immune system that is caused by the depopulation jabs.

Even the awakened doctors are saying that the vaccines are debilitating the body’s immune system.

Those statements are bogus and incorrect.

The jabs are not destroying the immune system of the body. Doctors simply do not understand the body. I realized this when helping AIDS patients.

Supposedly, their immune systems were destroyed, but they have all recovered by utilizing the SHP.

How is that possible?

Is it possible to test the efficacy of the immune system?

What brings the conclusion that an immune system is weak?

 What is this diagnosis based on?

Here is an official statement about what is a primary immune deficiency.

“Primary immunodeficiency —is a weaken immune system, allowing infections and other health problems to occur more easily”.

Symptoms telling us that there is an immune deficiency is a frequent reoccurrence of colds, skin infections, ear infections…

Blood disorders like low leukocyte count, anemia..

Inflammation/infection of internal organs

Autoimmune disorders.

Everyone that follows my work immediately understands that all of those symptoms are related to toxicity and the detoxification process and have nothing to do with the functioning of the immune system of the body.

I have debunked Autoimmune diseases as a figment of imagination. They do not exist and here is why.

So, if autoimmune diseases do not exist and they are blamed on the improper functioning of the immune system of the body, is the immune system responsible for the health issues that arise from its deficiency, and does a deficient immune system even exist?

The double and triple-jabbed people are showing skin problems, inflammations, increased rate of cancer growth, and the appearance of new tumors.

We are being told that the reason for this is suppressed and injured immune system of the body due to the jabs.

What is this immune system we are talking about?

If you ask a doctor, the immune system consists of white blood cells and immunoglobulins which are typical proteins that form against a specific allergen/foreign protein.

I have explained that the white blood cells are a garbage disposal service that cannot work correctly if the garbage is not marked.

The marker for garbage is a protein called GcMAF which glucoholics are not producing. This makes everyone who eats dietary carbohydrates vulnerable. The garbage and tumors are not marked for destruction so our macrophages do not have a clue that they are garbage and do not act against them.

I never see anybody mentioning this very important fact.

Some scientists like David Noakes, have started to profit from producing GcMAF and supplying it to cancer and autoimmune disease patients for a great profit, but their operation was raided and destroyed and they were persecuted. They did not get into trouble because they did something wrong, but because the GcMAF had to remain under the carpet, hidden from public view.

The fact that a simple change in diet will stimulate the GcMAF production in the body had remained a secret, so very few are familiar with this detail.

Still, even the GcMAF is not strengthening the immune system of our body.

There is only one factor that lowers and strengthens the immune system response and this is the electric voltage of our cells.

Since our reality depends on the brain’s interpretation of frequencies, any change of vibration will result in a change in the way we perceive our reality.

Toxicity will increase cellular acidity and prevent them from holding an electric charge which will drop their voltage.

If cells receive electricity from the heart, their frequency will remain strong. The stronger the voltage, the more difficult it is to change the cellular frequency.

When cells are acidic/toxic and they receive a small amount of electricity from the heart because the brain is transmitting the frequency on which particular cells vibrate, this will drop the cellular voltage and make the cells vulnerable to a vibrational shift under the influence of the wrong vibrating elements in our auric/energetic field.

The strongest effect on brain energy consumption has fear. This is why we are exposed to fearful situations daily. Stress and fear are the factors that lower our immune system reaction.

All the other symptoms like skin infections and everything that is now being labelled as symptoms of virus infection are just symptoms of toxic blood and its cleansing, caused by the poisons in the depopulation jab/vaccine.

Jabbed people that are low on blood plasma cannot eliminate those poisons through urination and defecation so they detoxify through their skin developing toxic skin bubbles we have named Monkeypox, and doctors blame them on a compromised immune system of their bodies.

It is time for the entire medical system to collapse. It is not worth a penny.

Welcome to disclosure.

Love and light to us all.

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