Pain is the ultimate sensor of awareness

Since everything is fractal in nature, when we want to understand something, often it helps to observe another seemingly unrelated thing which then brings more clarity to the overall concept of things.

The above sentence may not be easily understandable so let me go directly into an example.

The big scare these days is the COVID /19/20/21/Delta…influenza pandemic.

We are being told that this pandemic was caused by a virus that sheds spike proteins.

During the medical indoctrination, we are being lectured that the virus is a single strain or a ribonucleic acid RNA.

This RNA cannot procreate so it enters a living cell and kidnaps its RNA with which it bonds into DNA and as such, now it can procreate. Now it becomes problematic and causes disease.

Since it has its RNA, it can be sequenced and verified through a specifically designed test which proves the existence of this specific RNA.

At the same time, this RNA can be isolated, cultured, attenuated, and be used in the creation of a vaccine that will boost bodies immunity towards this particular RNA blueprint.

The function of RNA is to provide gene sequences for protein synthesis. This is how we can recognize it.

There is just a small hitch in this.

There was never any viral RNA sequence isolated and proven that it does what the virus is being blamed for.

So what are the viral tests all about?

Well, they are fake science. Are you surprised? I am not.

If the viral RNA was never proven and isolated, what are viral vaccines all about?

How can you make an attenuated virus if you have never found any viral RNA/virus?

If the RNA virus sequence is known, then we can create an easy spectrography test and easily verify a viral presence.

Since we do not have any RNA proof of a viral existence, all viral diseases are diagnosed only based on symptoms and not on the isolation or the proof of the actual pathogen.

Let’s use Rabies as an example.

If the virus was the cause of rabies, as we are being told, then taking a sample from the area of a bite (source of infection) would provide us with the RNA of the virus. We could identify it, and make a positive diagnosis.

This is not the case. We have to wait for symptoms to appear before we can be certain that we are dealing with rabies. There is not a test available to prove the existence of the rabies virus.

How can we all of the sudden have a COVID test kit?

There is not a test kit available for any virus but all of a sudden, there is one for the COVID?

What is this test identifying when the viral RNA was never proven to exist?

We can make a comparison with other very similar “viral” diseases such as are the Mad Cow disease, and Kuru.

They all affect the nervous system.

They are blamed to be caused by a misfolding Prion protein, and the culprit is blamed to be a genetic marker and a virus.

Something has to be there to send the misinformation to genes that give the blueprint to the cells about what protein they should make. and since we cannot isolate it, we fake it.

Genes do not make mistakes, they respond to the environment so if something is wrongly created, there is something wrong in the environment where the cell is living.

Cabal is exceptionally good at faking things, false-flag operations, lies, wars, and terror.

Rockefeller foundation, big pharma, WHO, Fauci, SARS, Dengue, HIV, COVID…

Since the virus could not be identified, the brain tissue was dried up, pulverized, and reintroduced into a body to stimulate the body to create a defense mechanism against whatever it was that has created brains deterioration.

This is how the Rabies vaccine was created.

We still do not know what is the culprit in Rabies. If we would know, we could save people who were diagnosed because of their symptoms in the late stage of the disease.

Could it be a misfolding Prion protein?

If so, why is it misfolding?

What stimulates protein formation is genetic stimulation and genes respond to their environment. This means that the environment in the blood has to change, but then, why does it affect only a certain tissue, a nerve tissue in this case?

Well, again we have to go quantum. It is all about the frequency.

Now we have sophisticated, very sensitive equipment that can capture the frequency of thought. This should be sensitive enough to capture all frequencies of the desired tissue.

Once we do this, we can compare it to the vibration of the same type of tissue in a healthy individual and we are going to be able to isolate the wrong frequency that is causing the signal that stimulates genes to give the information on the wrong folding protein.

Such equipment already exists, so why is it not being used?

Why do the lies continue?

Lies, deceit, and murder are the weapons that the Cabal uses to keep people in fear and compliant.

As long as this is working, and people comply, why change anything?

People are witnessing vaccinated people dying and getting sick, but they are still lining up to take the shot.

What does it take to wake people up?

Well, the body is using the pain as the ultimate signal that finally forces us to make a change.

Pain is the only thing that can overpower fear.

No matter how much you fear death, when pain is inflicted, you wish for the death to come so that the pain stops.

This is exactly what is happening now.

The more people resist change, the more pain will be inflicted on them until finally they wake up and make the necessary change.

The awakened people are not in fear. They know what is happening. They have changed and are not in pain.

Only those still sleeping are in fear and the pain is building up.

How much pain will it take for them to accept the change?

I believe that we are there.

Change or die, there is no other solution.

This is a divine plan that is being controlled by the divine consciousness.


Love and light to us all.

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