Should unvaccinated people be avoiding the vaccinated ones?

Several of my friends have asked me this question.

My friend Cris is dating a girl that just got vaccinated. He loves the sexual aspect of their relationship so he wants to know how to protect himself.

My answer was: “change your girlfriend”.

Although this would be the best solution, there are family members who got themselves jabbed, they may have kids, so this makes things a bit more complicated.

What would I do if my wife got jabbed, let’s say that she was forced into it?

This now becomes a fight for survival.

Immediate detox, and blood analysis.

Definitely no sex and kissing.

Since she is properly hydrating daily, her body would have eliminated most if not all of the toxic elements that are in the vaccine.

Checking her magnetic status, and blood to see if any geometric pattern is forming there.

A couple of days ago we have been visited by dear friends who do not believe in anything I have to say.

They have been jabbed I believe twice. I had to hug them, but after they left, I washed my hands and changed my shirt.

This may sound paranoic, but seeing what is in those jabs, makes my skin curl.

My wife and I are going through a pretty strong detox that is mostly involving our sinuses, throat, and lungs.

I was just finishing with detox when it hit me again after the visit of our friends.

Is this related?

Maybe yes, maybe not. No one can tell for sure.

Since both of us are hydrating well, the detox is doing its job and a ton of mucus is leaving our bodies.

I do not have a microscope to be able to examine what is going out so I rely on the symptoms of a detox, and they are pretty strong.

I know that we are not talking about any spike proteins.

It is all about the toxic stuff that is in the jab, its electromagnetic shift and shift in vibration, but as we know now, the self-assembling artificial intelligent bots are reassembling, growing, breaking down, and regrowing.

Although they cannot procreate as living God-created creatures, they suck the energy of their environment and use it to assemble themselves. They can last forever.

As I am writing this, my dear friend from New Zealand sent me this video.

As you can see, the information is there and spreading. So, if you love to play Russian roulette, take the jab and pray that you have received the placebo/saline solution.

I do not understand those who are accepting the jab under the excuse that they would lose their jobs if they refuse to be jabbed. How can they feed their family?

Well, who is going to feed your family when you become incapacitated or dead after you take the depopulation jab, and this is exactly what this COVID vaccine is all about.

As I am saying from the very beginning of the madness, viruses do not exist.

This is an attack against the people.

Since the virus does not exist, the media is used to spread lies and fear and make people compliant in accepting the jab/vaccine.

The jab is the poison named COVID 19.,2025,x0,y333&width=3200&height=1680&fit=bounds

Hospitals and many doctors are compliant in spreading the lies of people dying from covid and receiving 20-40 thousand dollars for every certified death involving covid.

This is why everyone that has died is labeled as dead from covid. Even if one dies in a traffic accident.

Through my work, I am showing you how doctors are educated in creating diseases and murdering people and not in healing them, but what is happening now with this plandemic, is exposing this in a very obvious way.

A blind man can see what is going on.

The fact that so many doctors had willingly been jabbed shows us how mislead they are.

We are in the darkest days but the light is penetrating.

All this suffering is necessary for people to snap out of the hypnotic state they are in.

The awakening is taking place as the old system is taken apart.

Be patient and hold the light.


Love and light to us all.

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