Why are doctors confused when it comes to diet?

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What does it mean to be healthy?
Are we healthy when we are feeling good, when we have no pain when we are happy or are we healthy only if the chemical analysis of our blood and urine show that all of our chemical parameters are optimal?

If it is the first, then every individual that is in love is healthy.
If it is the second, then the more educated you are, the more you will be confused and in doubt.

Why is this so?

Through our indoctrination process, we have been made to accept certain “truths” that are nothing more than manufactured lies. One of the biggest lies that is kind of revealed in the Bible is that we have been expelled from Paradise once we started eating the forbidden “fruit”.

Although it could have been fruit, banana for example, the historic artifacts left by Sumerian culture, point that the forbidden food was the one given to us by those who from the Heaven came and showed us how to cultivate and prepare grain as our food.


For a banana to become the forbidden food, the banana has to be exposed to heat so that the cellulose that envelopes the glucose/carbohydrate bursts which expose the dietary glucose making it absorbent.

Things are different in the case of grains.

In grains, the cellulose that separates the glucose from animals is forming a tough shell. As soon as this shell shatters, a white powder appears. This white powder we have named starch but in fact, this is dietary glucose that is ready for absorption, no heating is necessary.

Glucose is the primary fuel that is used by cells of plants and this is the reason why plants accumulate it wherever it is the most important for the plant to benefit from it.

We find it packed in the roots of plants, and in their seeds from which a new life begins.

Since plants procreate through seeds, they protect them with various toxic elements to prevent animals from eating them.

This is why grains and legumes are the most toxic sources of dietary carbohydrates to animals and humans alike.

As scientists or as educated people, we “know” that glucose is the primary fuel that our cells use for energy production. Every doctor has been indoctrinated with this lie.

Why is this a lie?

How can glucose be the main energy source for animals and Humans when neither of them has any storage for it.

How can you have a car that runs on gasoline/petrol and not have any gas tank in it?

The super educated will immediately jump at the opportunity to express their vast knowledge in this field claiming that animals have an animal type of glucose called glycogen which is the reserve of glucose in the animal body.


To those I say, go back to school and learn about glycogen, or simply, read this article:

A couple of days ago I have received a video of Dr. Robert Cywes who is puzzled by his findings and the research he does on people who eat a carnivore diet.

The big mistake in his research is that he clings to the indoctrinated false science telling us that glucose is our primary cellular fuel.

I did not have time to look further into Dr. Cywes work but I can bet that he also suggests that salt is to be avoided since those are the two major brainwashing ingredients that keep doctors from realizing the truth.

As a scientist, Dr. Cywes compares the blood results of carboholics with the blood results of the meat-eaters, but are the meat-eaters eating only meat, or are they predominantly meat-eaters?

What else are those meat-eaters that he follows eating and drinking?

Do they consume enough minerals/salt?

Do they drink enough water, are they consuming any toxic/medicinal remedy like caffeine, turmeric, garlic, paprika…

I know only one chemical, deviation of blood chemistry in meat eaters and this is elevated cholesterol to approximately 240 mg/dl, and please spare me the nonsense of the “bad” and the “good” cholesterol.

The uric acid the Dr. Cywes is so confused about is easily eliminated from the blood through filtration but only when enough plasma is available.

Within three weeks we can bring down the blood levels of uric acid simply through correct hydration without any changes in diet.

When we do analysis, we can not focus on only one thing and disregard the rest.

This is why the SHP has two major parts. One is the correct way to hydrate, and the other is the correct diet.


There should be a third part to it which I often mention whenever I go into quantum mechanics, and this is our mind.

For our mind to accept the brain’s calculations, the brain has to calculate fast and show the results of its calculation, but how can that be possible when we have reprogrammed our brain to use glucose as its principal fuel.

Since the time we have started poisoning ourselves with carbohydrates/dietary glucose, our brain has the correct amount of energy only when we are eating. The longer is the period between our meals, the more our brain starves and the slower it calculates.

This was the main reason why the Anunnaki who from Heaven came have fooled us into consuming the “forbidden food” dietary glucose, given to us initially through the consumption of grain.

The great majority of people are glucoholics, whose brains are underpowered most of the time, not capable to calculate and simply conform to what they are being told.

This is what has made the awakening process so difficult and slow.

We would have never put ourselves into this situation if our brain was functioning correctly.

Follow the SHP, hydrate, cleanse and reprogram yourselves.

You will be able to enjoy this victory over evil much better once you fully understand the depth of the change we are witnessing at this moment.

The Red October is here and the Hell broke loose. The evil is being destroyed never to return.

Love and light to us all.

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