Millions of people cherish a garbage science

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As I have opened Youtube to relax and watch Benny Hill, a video that has over a million views catches my eyes.
The title of the video talks about 10ffods that will keep arteries clear and maintain great heart health.
I could not resist not opening it and here I am face to face with the promotion of toxic stuff for people to eat to be healthy.

Here, you can watch the video and if you are familiar with my work, you will laugh at just about every statement in this video.
What is sad about it, is the sheer amount of truth seekers that are being misled and drawn deeper into the darkness.

Here, I will make a comment on some of the false statements in this video.

The first thing was mention of flaxseed oil as a super-food while in the fact, flaxseed oil is toxic. It was originally used to make varnish. Then it was purified and suddenly became a super-food. Another lie that is being promoted for its nonexistent health benefits, while it is actually toxic.
The same as it is with Himalayan salt.

Green tea is another one. It contains caffeine and it is toxic, but it is promoted as a super-food.
I had helped two clients to heal from leukemia that was caused by overdosing on green tea.
As soon as their bodies have cleansed and the toxic green tea was removed from their menu, they healed.
Also, plant-based polyphenols are one of those things that prevent cellular hydration in humans and animals.

The statement that when we eat fats, this puts arteries in a state of shock is ridiculous, but it is wildly repeated all over the place. Animal fats are the healthiest thing to eat, this truth, very few are promoting.
So what exactly are walnuts protecting us from?
All lies.

Nitrates are having positive and negative effects. Beets have a medicinal effect so they are definitely not healthy unless you are cleansing something.
The relation between heart health and beets is concocted.

The statement that fish oil decreases the pluck buildup in arteries is another lie.

Beans are not heart-healthy food. The saying “with fart to good heart” is ridiculously false. Legumes are very unhealthy to eat. They create digestive problems resulting in bloating.
Beans do not decrease the cholesterol in the body, if anything, they increase it since beans harm our health, and cholesterol is created to fix it.
The claim that they lower blood pressure is absurd.

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Flavanoids may decrease inflammation because they stop cellular hydration. They are so toxic that cells refuse to hydrate if they are in the blood so even when they desperately need water and forced hydration “inflammation” is triggered, cells stop hydrating if flavonoids are present.

Citrus fruit is acidic. Acids meltdown mineral and grease buildup.

Turmeric is preventing cellular hydration as well because of its medicinal/toxic action.

It does not prevent the arteries from hardening, Turmeric does just the opposite.

Cinnamon is just another medicinal/toxic remedy and causes cellular dehydration and not what is parroted in this junk video.

Oats, another junk food. It causes colics in horses. It is a grain, and grains are the worse source of dietary carbohydrates that cause unimaginable problems in our health including a genetic misalignment.

Plant fiber is nondigestible and poses no health benefits other than purging.

Everything that is parroted about the benefits of plant fiber is false.

Everything that is said about animal fats is totally wrong and actually contrary to the truth.

Saturated fats are the healthiest fats to consume. They have nothing to do with the pluck buildup, just the opposite.

Almost all the foods that are mentioned to be avoided are actually the only food we should be eating.

Here I am talking about full-fat milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, fatty meat including cholesterol, they should be the staple of our diet.

This junk video is a typical example of our school science which is indoctrinating us into a society of misinformed slaves which gullible people are copying and like parrots spreading around through countless articles and videos like this one.

Millions of people are chewing it up, searching for truth, and being deceived through lies.

This is the reason why the truth is being rejected. How can veggies be toxic when they are the “healthiest food” on this planet. This video and many other videos like this one are “scientifically” proving that veggies are healthy.

This is the reason why almost everyone has a chronic health issue. The entire world is accepting this “healthy” diet that this video promotes, and the science that goes with it.

Are you ready for the truth?

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Well, the truth bomb is about to be unleashed.

People have a hard time accepting the truth about diet, I wonder what impact the truth bomb will have when the atrocities and the alien presence will be revealed.

I have my champagne ready, but I doubt that many will celebrate.

They will be shivering from fear and disbelief.

Please wake up.

This is the last opportunity to jump from the sinking ship.

Love and light to us all.

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