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Myelopathy is a disorder that results from severe compression of the spinal cord.

It is prevalent in the elderly and we are being told that only “decompression surgery” can alleviate this problem.

Myelopathy can occur in any area of the spine and has a different name depending on where in the spine it appears.

As we age, inflammation, arthritic illness, bone spurs, and the flattening of the spinal discs between the vertebrae can put pressure on the spinal cord and the nerve roots. Myelopathy typically develops slowly as a result of the gradual degeneration of the spine.

We are being told that myelopathy is caused by chronic inflammations like rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis. This is why it has been labeled as an autoimmune disease.

We are told that a herniated disc can cause it, and some spinal injury.

Because of the spinal disorder, the nerves become compressed which creates symptoms.

Those symptoms are neck, arm, leg, or lower back pain, tingling, numbness or weakness, difficulty walking, loss of urinary or bowel control, and issues with balance and coordination.

So what are doctors told, how to treat and cure this health issue?

Nonsurgical treatment for myelopathy may include bracing, physical therapy, and medication. These treatments can be used for mild myelopathy and are aimed at reducing pain and helping you to return to your daily activities.

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The medication is basically anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers.

There is no wonder why the symptoms increase and the deterioration continues until the patient loses control over his/her body.

As truth seekers and followers of my work, after hearing the symptoms and the cause, you immediately understand where is the problem coming from, and what to do to stop its progress and even reverse it into a healing process.

Why is there compression of the spinal cord?

Because the spinal discs are dehydrated, they are not lubricated so they start to grind away.

As the spinal discs become thinner, the nerve passages become smaller and compress the nerves.

As I always point, toxic blood is the cause and when the spinal discs are dehydrated on the cellular level, so is every cell in the body.

This is why arthritis shows up. The cartilage becomes softer, loses tension, and easily becomes deformed/herniated, and since there is no lubrication, it heats up and wears off.

At the same time, the dehydrated muscles lose their tension which changes the posture.

The dehydrated muscles of sphincters that close orifices become weak and incontinence shows up. People lose control over their bladder and anus.

Reflux shows up but this happens earlier so nobody connects it to the same problem.

In medical school, we are being told that myopathy ( a muscle disease), has nothing to do with myelopathy.

Well, I am proving that this is not so. The two so-called diseases are one and the same affecting different groups of cells and show different symptoms but they are both caused by the same culprit: toxic blood.

Because we are misinformed in the school, we believe that the loss of control over the sphincter muscles is a neurological problem when in a fact, it is a problem that is caused by cellular dehydration of the muscle and its bad performance.

We are purposefully lead in the wrong direction not to be able to resolve any issue, and what we are being told to do is exactly contrary to what should be done.

This is how we are trained to harm our patients.

Nowhere is this more visible than now during this plandemic.

When people had the flu, doctors were immediately prescribing ibuprofen and anti-flu medicine but from the time the plandemic was promoted, a new set of rules was rolled out and the gullible “experts” eagerly have embraced them knowing that the new rules make absolutely no sense.

Instead of suppressing the symptoms, doctors were encouraging them to flare up and then using symptomatic drugs and Remdesivir, they were actually causing people’s deaths.

This is well documented and heads are going to fall once everything is brought to the light.

So much evil for a bunch of zeros. Being it 20 000, 30 000, 40 000… who cares, they are just zeros.

It is amazing how a bizarre and plainly stupid script was spread throughout our planet in a matter of days and before one can blink their eyes, the entire planet was in a lock-down because several people had flu and a couple of them had died.

Nothing that hasn’t happen every year.

Even now I receive almost daily articles from my friends that are written about doctors who are awakening where they are saying how this coronavirus is a regular flu virus failing to realize the full truth.


What will happen when grumpy cat is non-existent anymore ...

Viruses do not exist. It is all about toxicity and the depopulation jabs/vaccines, which are loaded with such toxins.

The test kits have some of those toxins as well.

How can any doctor call himself/herself a specialist when they are running tests for something that was never proven to exist.

What are they testing for?

Do they even know what they are doing? Do they know how to screw a light bulb?

I wonder.

People were scared into accepting those toxic jabs and now, of course, all jabbed people are testing positive to the poison that they were injected with. They are COVID positive.

Any surprise there?

Not if you have the capacity to think clearly.

I had to finish this article with the covid farce because it was the play designed to awaken us, and it is heartbreaking to see how many doctors are still asleep.

There is nothing new to be said about how to prevent and heal myelopathy.

Follow the SHP and please accept the guidance of someone that has a first-hand experience with healing to guide you and to explain your symptoms.

Of course, you can always count on my help.

Love and light to us all.

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