The great awakening

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As the number of people who have been injured by the depopulation jab is rising, it is more and more difficult to keep the information under the carpet.

People are noticing what is going on.

Because of being pressured into accepting the jab, many doctors and nurses are taking a stand, openly refusing to be jabbed.

While all they had to do is to jab someone else, it was ok, but now, being forced to accept the jab, changes things a bit.

Doctors and nurses were prohibited to talk about the adverse reactions the jabbed people had but as the pressure increases, the truth is coming out.

This jab is now unlocking the dark secrets of mad-sin. It is being exposed that a great majority of oncologists would refuse to take chemotherapy and radiotherapy that they are recommending to their patients.

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There are very few health professionals that were openly talking about strange changes in the treatments of people with the flu symptoms, and with any health problem.

Protocols were implemented that make no sense and are exactly the opposite of what was done before.

People were intentionally and very obviously treated the wrong way so that they do not survive, and doctors knew it and did not care.

Here is one honest nurse revealing what was happening in hospitals:

The mad-sin has gone from the occult poisoning of the patient to the right out murdering with no remorse. All that matters is the money that they were receiving for each covid declared death.

Doctors and nurses may say that they did not know better in the past, but now, there is no excuse and every health professional that is jabbing people and even encouraging the depopulation jab, has to be made responsible for their actions.

The intentional poisoning of people through mad-sin interventions and especially through vaccination has been a very lucrative practice and was being used to make people sicker, more toxic, since the beginning.

Those making vaccines, especially the “viral” ones knew what they were doing. There was no virus so how could have they made an attenuated viral vaccine?

Here is just a bit more information about the dark mad-sin:

The lid has been blown and the truth is pouring out.

As the moment of the crash of the old system is nearing, the tension is at its highest.

Do not give in. Hold the light.

The good has won and those who are not aware of it are now in fear more than ever before.

The Red October is approaching rapidly.

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Make sure that you have some cash on hand and food and water because, during the crash, you may have to stay indoors for your own safety as a fury will strike when people discover the truth how those that they have trusted have planned to eliminate them.

Those of you who have been jabbed and are awakening, follow the SHP and cleanse. I believe that the Self Healers Protocol is the best way to detoxify one’s body on the cellular level.

The confusion was necessary because it was the only way that a very powerful enemy that includes some extraterrestrial intelligent beings can be destroyed.

Keep faith. We are at the end of the old toxic system, and a bright future that is above anything we can imagine is about to start unfolding.

Hold the light



Christ consciousness

Love and light to us all

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