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Approximately 15 years ago I have started giving lectures about health. I was teaching about the importance of structured water, sea salt, and the dangers of dietary carbohydrates/starches in our food.

There were very few people willing to try the SHP (Self Healers Protocol) especially because of the salt issue, but also because of the issue of cholesterol.

Very few people had wanted to hear anything about the dietary carbohydrate, this issue was simply neglected.

Those people who were suffering from a chronic health problem and nothing they have tried was helping them, gave SHP a shot, and miraculously, they got better but many of those doing the Protocol ended up with an oral issue. The main oral problem was a tooth abscess.

An abscess is formed when a colony of bacteria becomes encapsulated preventing the bacteria from spreading, and destroying it with the white blood cells. This creates a lump that is often painful since it involves inflammation and swelling.

How Can You Cope with a Tooth Abscess?

Everyone that has some issue with their teeth like caries, broken tooth, or inflamed gums, has created an easy opening for bacteria to penetrate to the rut of the tooth. Once there, they will multiply and create colonies. Our immune system is not functioning correctly, and the macrophage is not attacking the bacteria because the bacterias are not marked by the GcMAF immune marker.

Usually, a month and a half on the Protocol and a tooth abscess showed up.

The tooth mechanics are indoctrinated into dealing with such a problem by taking out the tooth so that they can apply an antibiotic to the abscess. My clients were losing some of their teeth and I had to figure out why is this happening and how to solve this problem.

The reason why the abscesses were occurring was the absence of the GcMAF protein and this is caused by the genetic cellular reprogramming.

When the dietary glucose blood levels increase (because we eat starches), the vibration has changed and this forces a change on the genetic level. Now our cells instead of producing GcMAF, start producing nagalase.

Nagalase is a necessary enzyme for the manipulation of cellular glucose. Since the same genes are involved, the cell can either manufacture GcMAF or nagalase. It cannot do both at the same time. What cells will manufacture depends on the gene whose blueprint they are reading from.

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Once the nagalase blueprint is read, the cells will produce the nagalase instead of the GcMAF immune marker, and our body will not be able to mark anything for destruction. This is why the bacteria and fungus, and tumor included, can live in our body without being challenged by our immune system and destroyed.

Once when the dietary carbohydrates stop flooding the blood since my clients stopped eating dietary carbohydrates, a genetic recalibration took place and cells started to manufacture GcMAF protein again.

When GcMAF started to mark the bacteria, the white blood cells started to attack them, and the abscess was formed wherever there was a bacterial colony.

Antibiotics could not be used with the SHP because it would prevent cellular hydration. This is when I have become aware of the nanoparticle colloidal silver.

From the moment my clients started using this colloid, the tooth abscesses had stopped appearing. The colloidal silver had destroyed the bacteria before the cells had re-calibrated themselves and started to produce GcMAF.

Now when the recalibration is completed and the GcMAF floods the blood, there are no more bacterial colonies and the abscesses do not form.

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Since our mouth is covered with a mucous tissue that has a glomerulus that cleanses the blood, during the blood cleansing procedure, especially if the blood is very polluted, we can see some symptoms there.

We can notice our oral cavity being red, inflamed, and wet since it is producing more mucus. This mucus is full of toxins and often can have a color and smell bad. It all depends on the type of toxin that is being expelled from the blood and the surrounding cells.

By using the colloidal silver the way it is described in the SHP, we help the hydration and the cellular detox of the mouth, and the symptoms if they do appear, vanish quickly.

The formation of mucus is always related to a detox process.

There is a narrative being spread by some alternative medicine gurus and vegans and vegetarians that milk is responsible for increased mucus production and this is the sign that it is not healthy for our consumption.

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As you know now, this is contrary to the truth.

If you start to produce mucus after drinking milk, this is a sign that you are low on blood plasma. This means that you are low on minerals and dehydrated. As soon as plasma (in this case the milk is plasma because it contains minerals), entered your blood, the blood started to cleanse, and being very toxic, the mucous tissue becomes involved. This is where the sudden increase in mucus comes from.

If you are well hydrated, your blood is clean and no detox will happen after you drink milk. No detox, no mucus.

Whenever you are dehydrated on the cellular level, your mouth tissue will be affected. It can become inflamed, it can have lesions and ulcers.

Another sign of chronic dehydration of your gums is when your gums start to recede. The tooth mechanics do not know why is this happening. They say, the same as a physician, that this is the sign of old age.

Now you know better. Hydrate with plasma, cleanse, eat correctly and you will heal.

Holding a sip of colloidal silver in the mouth for 10 minutes once or twice a day will ensure oral health. Even if an abscess occurs, the colloidal silver will help in its destruction but as I have mentioned in my previous articles, the colloidal silver does not stop the cellular hydration. It does not interfere in the process of forced hydration we call the inflammation. This is why the pain will persist until the affected area is clean and healed.

Why I am emphasizing this? Because people are under the impression that nothing is happening since the pain is still there and they grab hold of antibiotics to do the job.

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The antibiotic will stop the inflammation and the pain will subside but the toxic stuff will remain to turn the abscess into a chronic issue.

Remember, antibiotics do not heal, they contribute in the creation of chronic health issues. Since doctor’s actions are not helping the body to cleanse and heal, they create chronic health problems.

As the number of medical doctors is rising, the pharmaceutical industry is flourishing, and chronic diseases are spreading like a plague.

The crown virus plandemic is the best example of a doctor’s incompetence but it is forcing them to realize that there is something very wrong with the science they promote.

It is time to wake up.

Love and light to us all.

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