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For many years I am educating people about the falsehood of allopathic medicine, the supplement industry, and alternative medicine.
The scientific truths/lies behind all of them are the same.
Searching for a solution using the same knowledge that has created the problem leads you nowhere.

Many times I tried to show the health ranger Mike Adams, and Food revolution’s Ocean Robbins the mistakes in promoting supplements and probiotics, and I was ignored. Dr. Mercola instead of having a discussion has banned me from posting on his phony money-making health/supplement site.
Recently I wrote articles about the phony science behind the BioTRUST or as I call it the BioFAKE
false propaganda behind their bogus products. 

BioTrust Ageless Multi Collagen Protein a 5-in-1 Collagen Pulver, 5 Collagen Sorten (I, II, III, V und X), hydrolisierte Kollagen-Peptide, grasgefüttertes Rind, nachhaltige Fische, Huhn und Eierschalen-Membran

Today I have received an article from my friend Peter about the scientific discovery of a gut bacteria that can dissolve arterial plague.

Scientists are surprised that the bacteria is exactly the same one that is causing ulcers and inflamed appendix, a gram-negative anaerobic Bilophila that is also blamed to be the culprit to bowel diseases and intestinal cancer.

Basically, what is happening is this.

“Scientists” are surprised that the bacteria that are present in the intestinal gut flora of the meat-eating people are actually making those people healthy by neutralizing potentially toxic elements of the digestive process of meat.

As I have pointed out, the bacteria are consuming our garbage and the symptoms of a disease are caused by garbage detox and not by the bacteria.

First of all, the theory behind the arterial plague formation is wrong and I wrote about it many times.

Here is one of the articles about it:

The second and most important misconception is that eating meat is toxic to humans.

In this article, you can see that even the cow craves animal protein.

Instead of relying on observation and use their experience as a tool for discovering the truth, scientists are clinging to their school-installed “scientific truths”, to try to find an answer to the problem at hand.

This is like trying to pass through a stone wall by banging the head on it.


Instead of realizing the benefits of the animal protein loaded diet, scientists are now trying to develop a probiotic-based on this beneficial bacteria.

In other words, do not eat meat because it is bad for your health. Eating meat will cause heart and circulation problems. Eat grains and vegetables and supplement the missing bacteria through probiotics.

No gut bacteria will survive an environment that will not support it.

Probiotics do not work since the gut bacteria will rapidly readjust to the existing environment.

The only way to have the correct gut fauna is by eating correctly.

Maybe, just maybe, what we are being told by our experts is incorrect?

All those people who had switched to the Keto diet are showing improvement in their health, but who cares, the science is proving them wrong so we have to continue looking for some other solution. Maybe the new Bilophila probiotic will be the solution? You really think so?

You are a self-centered disconnected zombies who are calling themselves doctors and scientists?

I wrote this article to open the eyes of those who are still believing that we have to follow what the science is recommending, the way we are told by our politicians.

Well, if we do this, watch what can we expect next?

To those of you who are following my work, everything is clear, and for those who do not know what to think, here is the truth about a virus.

A virus is an energetic shift that triggers cellular cleansing. The more one is toxic, the more their blood will become polluted in this process. The symptoms of most diseases are symptoms of polluted blood and its cleansing process.

Since the virus does not have a physical form, it cannot be tested chemically.

Every claim that one has tested positive or negative is a lie. You cannot physically test for something that does not have physicality.

Can you be tested for pain or sadness?

RNA of a virus does not exist. This means that nucleic acid sequencing cannot produce any result. It is all a sham.

Tony Husband cartoons from Punch magazine | PUNCH Magazine ...

It is time to imprison all those who tell lies and enforce oppressive measures on the unsuspected population.

Are you ready to accept the truth?

Are you ready for disclosure?

Love and light to us all.

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