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There is no doubt that as time passes, we are becoming more civilized.
We tend to think of it as being more advanced and therefore more knowledgeable and more aware of the truth. After all, science is progressing and with it, our knowledge is expanding.
 We understand more and we use this new understanding to better our lives.

We tend to look at villagers as being less knowledgeable and more primitive and as far as the tribal people are concerned, we assume that they know nothing and are ignorant. They did not go to school, they are not civilized, they are not aware. In one word, they are stupid.

I often point to the fact that we are living in the world of opposites. Our schools are not centers for education. They are indoctrination centers where we are taught how to be civil, obedient.

We have been indoctrinated into servants, slaves to a small group of people who control our lives through deceit, lies, fear, torture, and murder. I guess that civilized stands for being more docile and more compliant to the elected ruling class.
These selected people belong to secret societies that have merged and we refer to them as the Illuminate or the Cabal.

Here is their plant with which they will achieve their goal:


The more civilized we are, the more disconnected we become from the truth, from our spirit, and ultimately from ourselves.

The more we read, the more we study, the more we know, the more disconnected and more stupid we become because we are being indoctrinated with lies, but because those lies were presented to us by people with authority, we accept them as truths and we trust them more than we trust the reality that is unfolding in front of our eyes.

What we see does not matter because we “know” the truth.

This article is inspired by a comment on one of my posts that I have recently received.
This is a part of that comment:

“Thank you for your wonderful articles. Your work really helps make sense of a lot of things. I’ve been confused about the vegetarian/vegan issue for a long time because people who preach ascension and 5D all insist on veganism to “raise your vibration”. It seems to me that the New Age movement is Luciferian and a lot of people have been seduced into some spiritual brainwashing. I think a lot of channellers are actually in contact with negative entities preaching a false light or are actually being tricked with a voice to skull technology. What is your take on ascension? And how can we separate the truth from the lies on this front?”

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Having received a medical education, I use health as a tool to break the chains of slavery the Cabal had imposed on Humanity.

The source of my knowledge/understanding comes from the divine intervention and not from those ” truths” that I have received through my education/indoctrination.

I was indoctrinated to believe that salt is toxic for the body, that it destroys our kidneys, increases blood pressure, and causes water retention.

I was educated to fear the Sun and to protect myself from its harmful radiation.

I was educated to reject animal fat and protein since they make us fat, acidic, and sick.

I have received the approval of successful brainwashing called Diploma in the field of health and now I can be a licensed distributor of medicinal poisons with a title of a Medical Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Now I am licensed to poison animals but the most dangerous animal is the Human.

To be able to help and to heal my clients, I actually have to do the opposite of everything I was told to do to “cure”.

I do not have to practice medicine, I have received the knowledge and the understanding of our reality through observation and the guidance of a spirit. I know how it all works and here I will give a brief explanation.

Our reality is our mind’s acceptance of the brain’s calculation of possibilities and probabilities, and the most logical and expected outcome/expectation.

Our brain receives the information through vibration which we call a frequency.

Basically, the only thing that is real (that exists) is the energy in a variety of frequencies which the brain presents to us in the form of senses and light (as the matter) according to its understanding which is based on programs that the mind had accepted as its truths.

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This may sound stupid and unbelievable and it takes an awaken person to grasp it. This is why I was introducing you to this reality step by step and now, some of you can understand what I am talking about.

Many people are being misled, and many are lying just to present themselves more relevant. This is obvious especially amongst those who call themselves Light-workers.

Many are meditating and channeling but all they do is manifesting their own beliefs and indoctrinated “truths”.

How many times have I talked to a vegan or vegetarian who has claimed to be in perfect health just to discover that they had some health or digestive problems and had to eat some fish or eggs to get better.

As soon as they felt better, they had switched their diet back to the “healthy diet” that had made them sick before.

Does this make any sense to you?

To them, it makes perfect sense.

They are not capable of thinking, they can only repeat and find safety from their own insecurity within the crowd of Like-Minded people who share the same opinion/knowledge.

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Often I hear from channelers that we have to stop eating meat and eat vegetables if we want to ascend because we have to become lighter.

Some well-known channelers are even saying that we had become so sick that we can no longer tolerate the food of gods: grains.

After all, Jesus Christ had multiplied bread and wine to nourish its people.

Grains are being portrayed as a healthy food. Another opposite.

Grains were introduced to our diet by the Anunaky, those who came from Heaven. Those who decided to make us stupid so that they can enslave us.

Gods have nothing in common with God although the Bible mentions them in the same breath.

Your priest drinks red wine and eats a piece of bread as part of the ceremony in remembering Jesus Christ.

The wine is his blood, and the bred is his body.

Who sacrifices a body to gods, drinks human blood, and eats human flesh as a part of a ceremony?

The members of the Cabal, and their God is Lucifer, the illuminated one.

Who is the Pope?

Whom does he serve?

Are you able to think?

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God is nirvana,a tranquility of conscious energy. It does not require sacrifices. It thrives on harmony.

Since the true reality is composed of energy in various frequencies, when those frequencies are well synchronized, they make beautiful music.

It is like a huge orchestra. Every cell, every tissue, every organ is vibrating and creating beautiful music. We are healthy and happy.

It is enough for one violin to be out of tune, one string of that violin is not tuned correctly and the sound of the violin and of the entire orchestra can become distorted and awful to listen to.

This out of tune frequency is the result of a slight change in frequency which our brain will interpret according to its programming and show it to us as a defect, as an anomaly, or as a disease.

Nature, everything that God has created is beautifully synchronized. When we eat our food the way God has made it, we are taking in the synchronized frequencies and all is good.

When we change those frequencies, the possibility of problems occurs.

How can we change the frequency of our food?

By heating it up.

How do we know that the frequency of our food has changed?

The food has changed its color, consistency, taste, and smell because our brain is programmed to present us those changed frequencies in this way.

Those altered frequencies may influence changes in the way our cells will vibrate but only if the vibrations of our cells and organs are unstable.

They become unstable when the electric voltage/immunity drops.

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What creates the drop of the cellular voltage?

An overly acidic or overly alkaline environment that is caused by toxicity and the increased levels of CO2. This is caused by a lack of plasma (water and minerals) and insufficient levels of oxygen.

This is achieved through a chronic poisoning of the body.

An instant drop of the cellular voltage can be achieved through stress and fear.

The fastest way of re-establishing harmony is by raising our cellular voltage by letting go of the fear, by laughing and celebrating our life. Feeling good about the food we eat and the life we live.

Now we are being forced to cleanse all bad frequencies. The Evil is coming to the surface to be illuminated and re-tuned. This is creating chaos.

Everything is fractal. The out of tune frequency = toxicity = pain = fear = chaos = storms = earthquakes = cosmic disturbance’

Let go of the fear. Trust the changes of frequencies we are exposed to as the recalibration, tuning to a different melody, a new reality.

Let go of the old and accept the new.

Bursts of high frequencies > planetary alignment > re-tuning frequencies > cleansing > healing > harmony > peace/nirvana

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The new is not created, we are creating it at this moment so be careful of what you wish to be your new reality.

I know what my new reality is.

It is love and harmony with everything that surrounds me.

Love and light to us all.

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