Oxygen versus poison


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The disclosure is accelerating.

I have received an excellent video that discloses many truths about the coronavirus which I highly recommend for everyone to see.

With this article, I want to point to some details where my opinion differs a bit from the narrative in this video, but those differences in opinion do not change the fact that we are being lied to and that this current plandemic is a manufactured hoax.

As you can see, the difference in opinion comes right at the beginning, with the title itself.

The video title is Potassium versus poison, and what is stated in the video is correct with the minor but crucial missing information which is the mechanism of how the potassium enters into our cells.

In my book The Owner’s Manual For The Human Body, I explain that the cellular potassium is being manufactured within our cells through the process of cold fusion.

In this process, an atom of sodium/kalium is fused with an atom of oxygen and the result is an atom of potassium.

This information is crucial for understanding why the oxygen therapy is so successful in reversing many health issues of different origins.

Now you can better understand why is the SHP (self healers protocol) so successful in recovering health.

The necessity for sea salt as the source of salts and minerals, the ionized water and breathing exercises for increased oxygen levels in the body, blood electrification to increase the cellular voltage, and the process of potassium manufacturing is set into motion.

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Since the potassium is slightly larger from the openings in the cellular membrane, the potassium becomes trapped within the cells. This increases the density of the cellular plasma which engages the cellular osmotic pump. Cells start hydrating themselves.

Salt + O + E = potassium = hydration = cellular cleansing

Do you understand now why we are being educated to avoid salt, to fear oxidative stress, and avoid exposure to the Sun?

Do you understand why we are forced to wear masks? It does not matter what mask you slap on your face as long as it traps CO2 and prevents the oxygenation of your body.

Do you get it now why chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, and the ozone are bashed by the media and the medical industry?

Medical educational program + student = brainwashed misguided repeater of misinformation/doctor.

Fortunately, some of us are waking up to the truth but changing the implanted information is a difficult process.

The more we are indoctrinated, the higher education we are given, the more difficult it is to accept the truth once we are exposed to it.


Do not pride yourself on how well-read you are. Intelligence is way more important.

Can you think for yourself?

Are you able to reason?

Do you trust your intuition/spirit?

The bacteria eat the garbage in our bodies. What makes us sick, the bacteria, or the garbage?

The abundance of life is directly related to the availability of food.

The more food there is, the more predators there will be.

The more garbage there is, the more garbage dwellers there will be.

Should we dispose of the garbage, or should we fight the garbage dwellers?

Can you think?

No viral RNA was ever found yet we have accepted that it exists.

How can you test for a virus if you have no proof that it exists?

What are you testing for?

Do you have dengue, COVID, herpes… or are you simply detoxifying your body?

Are you capable of reasoning?

Can you think or did the “education” get the best of you?


Nourishing ourselves on carbohydrates forces our cells to utilize glucose as their source of energy.

When our cells do this, the levels of the cellular CO2 are increasing. This creates the need for higher relative pressure of oxygen in the blood, yet we are forced to prevent oxygenation by covering our faces with masks.

Exercising forces us to breathe deeply. This increases the relative pressure of oxygen in our blood, yet we are told to stay at home, do not move, hibernate.

The fear is an energetic sponge. The energy is electricity.

The low voltage prevents the occurrence of cold fusion.

No cold fusion, no potassium, no hydration, no cleansing.

As the toxicity is accumulating in the body, germ level increases but no signs of disease appear until the body starts to cleanse itself.

Is the cause of the symptoms of disease a bacteria, fungus, virus, or are the symptoms of disease caused by the toxic load that is being expelled from the body?

Is it possible that what we refer to as pathogen organisms are just a triggering mechanism for the cellular cleansing of our body/disease?

The colloidal silver destroys all pathogen organisms but it is not toxic and it does not prevent cellular hydration.

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When we experience a symptom of disease blamed on bacteria (for example toothache), and we hold the colloidal silver in our mouth, the bacteria will die within 5 minutes but the toothache/symptom of the disease remains because the cleansing continues and it involves some forced hydration/inflammation. This will persist until the area is cleansed/healed.

When we take an antibiotic, the pain stops rapidly but not all bacteria are destroyed.

The symptoms of the disease are gone because the cleansing has stopped under the influence of a toxic antibiotic even that toxicity remains and some bacteria survive.

What causes the symptoms of disease?

The bacteria or the process of detoxification?

What are doctors fighting, the disease or the self-healing process?

Can you think?

Can you accept the truth?

Are you ready for the disclosure?

Love and light to us all.

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