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People became fascinated with computer technology, the vast information we can tap into, and the speed with which the information can be accessed.

Not only that heavy books are no longer needed, but the new technology is also making many things obsolete. One can replace a heavy set of keys, leather wallet, road maps, address-book, and many other necessary items with a small chip that is inserted into the body so that it cannot be forgotten or stolen, and everything that you may need in your daily life will be instantly accessed.

This is exactly what we are told and demonstrated through advertising and many people are eagerly lining up to be chipped, but the enthusiasm to be chipped never reached the expected level.

The easiest way to make people accept something is through the implementation of fear.

Since vaccines can prevent the spreading of disease (at least, this is what we are being told and groomed to accept), a fierce disease has to be created which would make vaccination the necessity and the obvious way of stopping the spread of the disease.

Since the vaccine does not perform the way we are being indoctrinated to believe, the cause of the disease has to be something that cannot be proven or dis-proven. This is why the virus has to be used.

How does one spread hysteria about something that is not happening?

By lying and spreading lies through the media, advertising, and the entertainment industry.

People are being poisoned through their food, drinks, sound, and the emotion of fear.

When their bodies start to detoxify, if bacteria or fungus are not found, the virus is being blamed.

My friend Katy has called me recently. She was in pain. Her whole body was hurting. Her joints, kidneys, muscles were painful. She had a strong headache and fever.

The first thing that comes to mind is the corona woogey-bogey and the fear increases the symptom manifestation and the sensation of the pain.

I have explained to her that those are symptoms of her cells releasing their toxic load.

Her blood had suddenly become very toxic and since blood plasma is low and the fear has lowered her energy levels/cellular voltage/immunity, she is experiencing the manifestation of what her mind is expecting to happen.

I have told her to increase the amount of plasma she is drinking, drink a sip of nanoparticle colloidal silver every two hours to increase her blood electroconductivity and to bundle up and sweat.

My explanation was not enough for her to calm her fear so she went and had her blood tested.

The result was the medical version of the truth. She had a disease called “dengue fever” that is caused by, you have guessed it, a virus.

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How do those doctors know that it is a virus? Because of the symptoms that she was experiencing and the elevated level of the white blood cells and her protein marker in the blood’s sediment

When she came back into her house, she did what I had originally suggested and within several hours she felt much better.

I was surprised that the diagnosis was not the corona-19. This is because the doctor was not involved. She had her blood tested in a lab and the lab technician had analyzed the blood results.

The fear of the “plandemic” has to remain because people have to be lead into the super-humanity, the Human 2.0, and the easiest way to make people get there is through the new “COVID vaccine”.

Today’s computers can already read our minds and we can communicate with them with no problem. This means that the implementation of the chip is not necessary, so why do they want to chip us so badly?

Once chipped, we lose control over our bodies. We become robots that can be externally controlled.

The COVID chip/virus, directly attacks our mind, our chromosome 8.

Some of those people who were chipped say that they have lost their souls. They have lost God.

Do not allow fear to control your action.

Under no circumstances allow being vaccinated.

We are in the last battle and we are winning.

The deepest hidden evil is surfacing to the light.

Now it is being illuminated.

Once illuminated, the evil will perish in the light.

We all want to see justice being served and the guilty punished.

This is the old paradigm speaking.

Remember Jesus Christ. It is no longer an eye for an eye.

We are ascending to the Christ frequency. Now it is the left and the right cheek time.

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Yes, some people will be punished but if we want to change our reality, we have to change the way we think.

Revenge leads to another revenge.

Accept, forgive, and let go.

Many health issues are nothing more than an energetic reflection of emotional trauma.

As long as we hold onto those emotions, we continue to be sick. Acknowledge, forgive, and let them go. Replace them with love and you will heal, raise your frequency, and ascend.

Love and light to us all.

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